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Canine Bladder Cancer

Flaxseed oil & cottage cheese lead to dramatic improvement in dog’s health

The following encouraging testimonial involving a dog with bladder cancer was sent by a site visitor in December 2007 to healingcancernaturally.com. Thank you for sharing, Geri.

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I am writing to add my “two cents” to your feedback. My 13 year old Bichon Frise was finally diagnosed with bladder cancer last May – even though I know she has had it since the October before when I noticed her behavior and weight change dramatically. Unfortunately it took that long to have her correctly diagnosed. Prior to that I was seeing vets who told me that she was just getting old.

Anyway, after hearing the diagnosis of cancer I was frantically searching for a way to help my “Sugar”. I came across a site called Cancer Compass where I saw messages on the site board about the cottage cheese flaxseed oil mix.

I can honestly tell you that even though she has been on prescribed medication for Previcox and Denamarin, it was not until I began giving the cottage cheese flaxseed oil combo that I saw the huge turnaround in my beloved dog. She stopped losing weight, she is spunky and wants to play, her eyes look clear and she seems happy as can be. She has been on this concoction since approximately June or July. Her blood results are great and while I am not sure that she is cancer free I can tell you that her quality of life (and therefore mine as well!) is much improved.

When I came upon your site I was inspired to let you know that this mixture seems to have helped one more little precious pet.


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