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Why Use Organic Dairy in the Budwig Diet?

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There appear to be three principal reasons why any health- (and environmentally) conscious person following the Budwig diet (or generally interested in eating as healthily as possible while including animal products) might wish to opt for organic dairy and avoid dairy from conventionally treated animals: These are

  • antibiotic residues
  • bovine growth hormone, and
  • ethical considerations.

1. Antibiotics

Conventional milk (and meat) products are very likely to contain antibiotics which harm and destroy the good (beneficial) intestinal flora. This is likely to both impede proper digestion/optimal mineral nutrient assimilation and immune system performance and inter alia contributes to the currently observed Candidiasis epidemic (Candidiasis being defined as "overgrowth in the gastrointestinal tract of the usually benign yeast [or fungus] Candida albicans"). Candida fungus overgrowth has become widespread apparently due to indiscriminate antibiotics use in the food chain.[1]

The overuse of antibiotics also has been associated with the emergence of very dangerous multi-drug-resistant (MDR) bacterial strains.

2. Genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (Posilac)

Conventional dairy products in the US may or do contain bovine growth hormone.[2]

3. Ethics

See Vegan Alternatives.

Further advantages of organic milk and additional considerations

Milk obtained from animals eating organic grass and hay will have a more balanced mineral and trace element spectrum and be richer in nutritional elements.[3] Additionally, organic milk will be free from or low in pesticide residues and other endocrine disruptors.[4]

The very healthiest type of milk would be raw, i.e. unpasteurized.[5]


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