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Question 130: In Cancer-The Problem and The Solution" Dr. Budwig says she doesn't accept patients with an ileostomy or colostomy bag (intestinal cancer) or women with breast cancer whose arms are swollen. Is her protocol not effective with these malignancies?


No, that's not the reason. The simple reason is that Dr Budwig did not feel like working with patients who required constant care from conventional therapists. Such doctors frequently spoke badly about her diet and tried to dissuade patients from following it. So she often asked people to decide - either work with her 100 percent, or not at all. (credits: Lothar Hirneise)

Also see the answer to the same concern given under Question 63, Testimonials of breast cancer (terminal & other) healed and Hope for Colon Cancer Patients: Cure Testimonial. .

Question 131: Can I use all types of spices?


Dr Budwig loved all spices since they all of them are rich in electrons. (credits: Lothar Hirneise)

Question 132: Why is it important to go for a walk after a meal?


Exercise stimulates our metabolism, we get daylight and our blood sugar level doesn't rise as high as it otherwise would which has a positive effect on the insulin-adrenaline ratio. This advice of course only refers to those able to walk. For tips for those unable to walk, see Dr. Budwig’s Treatment Advice for Very Ill Cancer Patients.

Day and sunlight are vital healing agents, see Hirneise: Who survives cancer and the entire Light section. (credits: Lothar Hirneise and Healing Cancer Naturally)

Question 133: Can I take unflavored, pure whey protein isolate to help maintain muscle strength and size without jeopardizing the diet's effects? I am a fitness trainer with tumors and after eight weeks on the Budwig diet have noticed a significant difference in strength and lost muscle (my daily protein levels went from some 120 to some 43 grams).


According to Dr Budwig, the ratio of amino acids to fats has to be correct (and consequently would be way off by adding whey protein). See Can I overdose on quark/flax oil and dosage.

What personally strikes me is that tumors indicate a "too much" in a person's body and overfeeding any type of concentrate seems to be counterintuitive. Know that cancer has been healed simply by restrictive diets, see e.g. On the anti-cancer effects of a low-calorie and/or ketogenic diet and Dr Eduard Salzborn's cancer treatment.

It's possible that the stipulated need for (animal) protein to build muscle is at least partly a fallacy. The study "Effects of high-calorie supplements on body composition and muscular strength following resistance training" (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12094125) found that once a person's protein requirements were met, the greatest impact on body composition (muscle mass) was exerted by the calorie content of the diet.

Compare Using whey powder/Correct ratio sulfurated proteins to flaxseed oil. (credits: Healing Cancer Naturally)

Question 134: Can I consume both fish oil and flax in the same day (and is there a maximum daily allowance of omega 3s)?


Generally that seems to be fine although Dr Budwig certainly didn't encourage it (see all questions re fish oil in the Budwig FAQ). Her general (and occasionally unspecific) "dosage" recommendations (see Dr. Budwig: The Practical Implementation of My Oil-Protein Diet) are probably what she found worked best for most people. Compare Can I overdose on quark/flax oil?.

Personally I would observe my own reactions if I were experimenting with amounts. Rarely to my awareness do people report an overload syndrome such as addressed in question 86: developing dry cracked skin, joint pains etc. on the Budwig diet. Since flax oil tends to thin the blood, it's also recommended to use less when trying to curb blood loss (such as after surgery, during nosebleeds etc.). (credits: Healing Cancer Naturally)

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