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Success Story: Cancer and Ferrets - Adrenal Cancer GONE!

by Robb T.

The following reports on an ingenious variation of the standard Budwig approach (using MSM [methylsulfonylmethane] in lieu of the cottage cheese or quark) which has worked very well on a ferret's adrenal cancer.

Anyone that owns ferrets knows that ferrets get do really bad when fed milk products. Although they 'love' milk products, many ferret owners have found out that they usually end up with a bad case of diarrhea. So in general we do not feed milk products to ferrets.

Ferrets are able to eat some veggies, but are mainly protein eaters. Anyone that owns ferrets also knows that they are very susceptible to adrenal cancer. When they start going downhill from adrenal cancer, their hair starts to fall out, and you end up with essentially a bald looking ferret.

This is quite common and accounts for in my own guestimate about 80% of the deaths out there with ferrets. So when a ferret is old, and its hair starts to fall out, you know that the animal is a write-off.

Our ferret was totally BALD from its neck down to its two front paws. It was bald on the top of its neck back to its shoulders. The patches were growing in size, and I could see that the hair on its tail was starting to fall off. Every ferret owner told us that our family pet has adrenal cancer.

Ferrets are in general fed a high protein diet and if you are a knowledgable owner you usually give the ferret an omega-3 fatty acid supplement (usually ferretone is one such brand).

But for some reason, ferrets still keep coming down with adrenal cancer.

After studying the Budwig protocol we see:

  • Cottage Cheese - Sulphurated Amino Acids = Sulphonyl [SO2] and Protein.
  • Flaxseed Oil - The omega-3 fatty acid source.
  • Fruits - The Vitamin C source.

The 'standard' ferret diet consists of:

  • High Protein Kibble - The protein source.
  • Ferretone - The omega-3 fatty acid source and vitamin C source.

We can see from the above menu that the only thing missing is the sulphonyl.

So with NO OTHER CHANGES IN DIET OR ENVIRONMENT, all we did was add sulphonyl in the form of MSM to the ferret’s water supply.

This did the trick and in 4 weeks the changes in our ferret’s condition were massive and obvious. There is no denying the changes, and it got even my wife to start taking MSM (hates the taste) on a regular basis.

It's been about 7-8 weeks now, and the ferret has grown all its hair back, and has NO VISIBLE SIGNS OF ADRENAL CANCER. Side effects include softer hair, and lots of it. It also appears to be more gentle at play with the other ferrets.

We will be adding sulphonyl to the ferret’s water supply forever so we won't have to go through this again. We will also continue to take sulphonyl in our daily diets.

At our household we humans generally take about 1 to 4 tablespoons (1 tablespoon = 10 1000 mg MSM tablets if my conversion is correct) each day.

Note by Healing Cancer Naturally re MSM dosage for ferrets

While the author does not state how much MSM he feeds to his formerly sick ferret, it would seem reasonable to start by adding small amounts to the drinking water and increase the concentration according to the animal's acceptance and/or improvement. To my knowledge, an overdose (at least in humans) can result in no more serious side effects than diarrhea. In any case, pure MSM being extremely bitter, it seems likely that from certain concentrations onward, the animals would refuse drinking the water.

I've been on it for about 6 months to a year now, and feel great. We buy MSM in bulk. If you are really sick, you may want to ramp your dose up so as to minimize the resulting healing crisis. It is my most humble opinion that 3 tablets a day is not enough!

More information on MSM

Most of my information about MSM comes from an audio called "The MSM Miracle". I found the details on the net about MSM to be fairly sketchy, or hard to locate on the net.

What is it that MSM does. Sulphonyl in MSM is quite simply another protein bonder just like Vitamin C. If you don't get enough Vitamin C, your proteins all fall apart and you bleed to death internally. Doctors call that scurvy.

Sulphonyl is the other half of vitamin C. While vitamin C is responsible for bonding protein in a non-flexible way. MSM in the 'flexible' bond between protein. Some older bottles of MSM that I picked up at health food store simply said 'healthy tissue'. People normally would never connect the dots. Let me explain it in a manner that would 'turn the lights on'.

Let’s explain it this way. It’s like when you’re building a cement wall. If you don't use any rebar or chicken wire, it might need to be 10 feet thick in order to stand up. But if you so much as look at it funny it will fall apart because it doesn't have any strength.

If you have some rebar in the wall, then the wall can be thinned out to 5 feet wide. But if you flex the wall at all it will be brittle and crack. But it will hold together reasonably well.

If you add lots and lots of chicken wire to the wall, then you can make the same wall say only 1 foot thick. You can bend it and it will stay together much better than both previous walls. So this wall that is only 1 foot thick is 'stronger' than the previous two walls.

Now say that some guy is using a pick to take the wall apart. Quite obviously the wall with all the chicken wire and rebar is going to be a lot harder to take apart.

Now let’s say that wall is a lung membrane. Which version of the wall is going to pass out carbon dioxide the best. Which is going to allow the most oxygen back in? Mirror this thought to the membranes in your intestines.

Mirror this thought to a gland that produces enzymes. Everything works on membranes. All the cells pass out toxins, pull in nutrients through membranes. So increased MSM intake over time, results in thinning, more permeable membranes, as the lecture asserts.

Now picture a white blood cell or T cell. If it's made out of rebar and chicken wire it will be able to kill off 10 times the bacteria and viruses of a standard person that is not on regular doses of sulphonyl. These studies were done with Garlic as the sulphonyl source {DMSO}.

Now picture the guy with the pick as being a liver fluke living in the pancreas or some other tissue. Which tissue is going to be 'easier' for the parasite to live in? Now factor in living with the above noted super stong which blood cell nipping at the liver fluke’s heels.

The body is made up of 1/3 of sulphonyl compounds.

"The MSM Miracle" asserts that cancer is nothing more than another form of a sulphonyl deficiency. Meanwhile, we hang out in this area talking about taking our suphurated amino acids, and the dots start to correlate and connect.

So the cottage cheese also contains amino acids. These amino acids are the protein source. So we have the cement entering the body.

When you study what omega-3 fatty acid actually does, we see even more about what Budwig was up to. omega-3 fatty acid is the final part of the humanization of proteins. Unheated omega-3 makes the protein that you eat available to your body so it actually gets to use it. Heated omega-3 fatty acid takes protein AWAY from your body (by releasing free radicals). Hence no omega-3 fatty acid, no available cement! Flaxseed oil provides the critical omega-3 fatty acids, and poof, the cement becomes available.

Even more about what Budwig was up to starts to surface.

We also need a Vitamin C. The fruits and veggies of the diet provided the Vitamin C source. The rebar!

So all that Budwig was doing is making a HIGH QUALITY protein available that is easy to digest, and fix the sulphonyl deficiency in the diet.

It all works the same way from ferrets, to cats, to dogs, to rats, to humans. In the case of my ferret, I didn't use flaxseed oil. I didn't use fresh fruits. I didn't even use cottage cheese! But as far as I am concerned I did a form of Budwig on him! Some may object, or disagree with me on this statement, others may not. It's up to one's own opinion.

Buying MSM in bulk

I just pick it up from a local health food store. Currently prices for MSM where I am is $40.00 CDN per kg in bulk. In non-bulk, I can get it locally from the health food store for about $28.00 per 0.3 kgs. So as you can well imagine the cost drops drastically when you can get it in bulk. But even at non-bulk prices, it is fairly cheap. But of course at the levels that my houshold and ferrets go through the stuff, it could get kinda expensive.

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