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Canine lymphoma healing testimonial

Budwig diet helps heal a scottie’s “incurable” cancer and gives him a new lease of life

by Sergio, Lima, Peru, December 2009. Edited, annotatated & published with permission of the author by Healing Cancer Naturally © 2009. Copyright Notice

My beautiful young scottish terrier was diagnosed with Multicentric Lymphoma, stage 3, over two years ago.

Not knowing what to do we gave him chemo but his vet said that this will give him about a year and that we should look for something else. Since she is a traditional vet but also practises Chinese medicine she was going to look for something to save Wallace and asked me to do the same. I found your website and found out about the Budwig diet and decided to try it. I wrote to you for advice and you kindly answered to try the diet.

A Scottie with lymphoma eats the Budwig diet

I had gotten all the books in English and two months before he finished the chemo he started on the diet. He finished his chemo about a year and a half ago and the tumors had shrunk about 70% but were still there.

The tumors kept shrinking with the diet, and he regained all the weight and hair he had lost. About a month ago his blood tests were normal for the first time since diagnosis. So now his vet says she thinks his lymph nodules may be of normal size. He is full of energy, super happy and as stubborn and adorable as a scottie can be. He is the most popular dog in the neighborhood and loves going to the beach with me when I go surfing. I love my dog very much and I THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART FOR SAVING HIM.

He eats 1.5 tablespoons of oil with twice as much organic cottage cheese a day, half of it in the morning and the other half at night. He eats two thirds of vegetables, beets, carrot, broccoli, sweet potato, beans, pumpkin, peas, etc. and one third brown rice. For protein he eats 1.5 boiled eggs a day and ocasionally fish which he loves. He also eats about a raw carrot a day for snacks. [Sergio wondered if he should lower the flaxseed oil dose at this point and I suggested he look at How long did Dr. Budwig advise a cancer patient to stay on the “strict” Budwig diet & protocol?.]

My scottie before and after

While I have some pictures of him when he was sick you can’t really tell much of a difference, he was thinner and his lymph nodes were big and hard but were well disguised by his long hair. The big difference was that when we went to the park he would just sit there and now he’s walking and running around. He would sleep a lot during the day, now he comes with me to the office every morning and is awake and has a crazy look in his eyes. He is happy, full of energy and playful and above all like a good scottie he lets you know who’s boss at all times. Another change is that before the diet he had a skin allergy, now he is fine, flaxseed oil is good for allergies. His skin and hair are so much better.

I am sure he knows all we did to save him and is very grateful. Please let me know if someone needs information for their dog [please write to Healing Cancer Naturally and I will forward your message to Sergio].

Update 27 April 2012

Sergio writes, "Wallace's vet has treated many dogs here in Peru with the diet and all are cured, he said it worked on all of them....some in pretty bad shape......Wallace is laying by my side listening to the Grateful Dead as I write this and it has been like 5 years since he was diagnosed and there is no trace of cancer....... "

AND NOW - drumroll please

... meet the most popular dog in the neighborhood -


Addendum by Healing Cancer Naturally

In her "Inaugural Disputation" (submitted to the Karolinska MedicoKirurgiska Institute in Stockholm), Dr. Budwig writes on the curative effects of her oil-protein diet: "With Hodgkin’s disease, success is seen quickly, with a rather high degree of certainty, and lasting more than ten and even twenty years." This is the result she mentions in first place, followed by prostate, breast and brain tumors as well as leukemia. It can reasonably be assumed that she listed Hodgkin’s disease in first place because that is where she saw the most spectacular healing effects - in humans, of course, since she didn't write about her diet's effect on pets.

Update 22 October 2017

As Sergio told me today: "Wallace died a couple of weeks ago from kidney failure. He was 13.5 years old. He had all tests done, x-rays, ecography, blood and had no cancer. He is missed a lot by everyone here.......especially me. But he lived a great and happy life full of adventures and love."

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