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Total gastrectomy (removal of the stomach) & cancer recurrence: complete Budwig protocol permanently heals physician's "terminal" cancer

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Part 2: the Budwig protocol healing story

Dr. Siegfried Ernst MD underwent major surgery in 1978 for terminal stomach cancer and in spite of his case being considered beyond hope, miraculously recovered as described in "Hopeless" terminal stomach & intestinal cancer miracle recovery after total gastrectomy. The surgery however had left him with many digestive problems and considerable debilitation, with his medical practice having virtually come to an end.

Two years later he suffered a relapse of his cancer. The chemotherapy offered him extended little hope for survival, and besides being ineffectual, was also known to Dr. Ernst to destroy all quality of life, so he refused. It was at this juncture that he went to talk to Dr. Johanna Budwig.

He decided to strictly follow her dietary advice incl. applying Eldi oil packs to the abdominal area every night wrapped with cloth bandages. After instituting the Budwig regimen and strictly observing it for two years (and subsequently remaining true to the diet 95% of the time such as taking the quark/flaxseed oil mix every day etc.), he was, to all intents and purposes, declared cancer-free five and a half years following his original diagnosis.

When fifteen years after the stomach cancer recurred and the Budwig treatment was instituted, Dr. Robert E. Willner M.D., Ph.D. talked to Siegfried Ernst (as reported in Dr Willner's book "The Cancer Solution"), Dr. Ernst shared that he had had good quality of life apart from some comparatively minor problems with eating and digestion. In fact he had managed to regain a near-totally normal existence by the simple addition of digestive enzymes and other supplements to his regimen.

Dr. Willner comments that practically any individual with a recurrence of stomach cancer will rarely survive a year. Chemotherapy will only gain such a patient negligible time, and chemo's side effects "makes it regrettable". The medical establishment however will dismiss Dr. Ernst's healing as a "spontaneous remission" (although it is unheard of except when such patients opt for simple alternative therapies).

Siegfried Ernst MD gave Dr. Budwig the following written testimonial which was published in her last book "Cancer-The Problem and the Solution".

"I was operated on March 21, 1978, by professor Christian Herfarth, now head surgeon of the Chirurg. Univers. Klinik (Surgical University Hospital) Heidelberg. A large stomach carcinoma had already broadly perforated into the colon and was at the limit of operability. I refused subsequent treatment with cytostatic drugs, and following an extensive discussion with Dr. Budwig, decided to apply her treatment using the oil-protein diet and Eldi oil packs. This regimen led to a gradual and steadily progressing improvement in my general condition, particularly my system's ability to fight viral infections etc. A follow-up examination in July 1983 carried out in the University Hospital Ulm - Department of Internal Medicine - by Prof. Dr. Pfeiffer showed no indications whatsoever of any cancerous activity, so more than 5 1/2 years after [my diagnosis] it can be reasonably assumed that the cancer has been cured. As a doctor I am convinced that for this success to be achieved, my adoption of Dr. Budwig's oil-protein diet including the Eldi oil packs has played a crucial part."

Dr Willner adds in his book "The Cancer Solution" that while Dr. Ernst was undoubtedly grateful to Dr. Budwig, he disagreed with reference to her therapy being complete, feeling that large tumors should be removed without mutilating or incapacitating the patient due to their tremendously toxic effect and incredible drain on the body's protective resources. This is a stance Dr. Budwig herself seems to have tended towards at least in later years, see her reply to the question "Do you think that a large tumor must be operated on?" in Alternative Cancer Treatment Researcher Lothar Hirneise Interviews Dr Johanna Budwig.

Addendum: Judging by some testimonials, a very simple remedy for stomach cancer can be Habanero peppers, garlic, ginger plus emulsified cod liver oil or evening primrose oil.

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