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Canine malignant fibrosarcoma cure

After conventional surgery failed, flax oil, quark and “draff” heal a dog’s “incurable” cancer

by Franziska Feldsieper www.mensch-mit-hund.de
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Fyodor is the dog of my friend Michaela. This is the story of Fyodor's cancer cure.

Fyodor, a dog from a Russian animal shelter, was 13 years old when he was diagnosed with a malignant fibrosarcoma in his rib cage. The sarcoma was removed, with the vet pointing out that sarcomas of this type would recur, and advising that next time a rib should be removed simultaneously. Michaela searched the Internet regarding canine fibrosarcoma and all she would find were horror stories. All dogs reported on on the Net died from their sarcoma, the latest after their second surgery.

And indeed, Fyodor's sarcoma recurred just a few weeks following his surgery, with a small bump forming above his ribs. Under no circumstance did Michaela want to see the old dog subjected to another surgery (and even less so having one of his ribs removed), he had already much suffered with the first one. So she searched the Internet for the key phrase „cancer diet“ and kept coming across flaxseed oil and quark. Fortunately she quickly found a small oil mill close by where she lived, which provided freshly pressed flax oil from certified organic seeds once every week. She immediately began feeding Fyodor at least 5 tbs per day (she used the "draff" [probably pressing cake residue] with some oil sold in a jar) and lo and behold, the sarcoma vanished within a few days and hasn't returned to this day. Fyodor is now well into his 16th year. Thanks to his daily intake of flax oil plus quark, he's cheerful and in top form, he loves his walkies and keeps having fits where he will wildly chase across the meadows. It should also be mentioned that during the 10+ years he has been with Michaela, he has been on an all raw diet which is bound to contribute to a dog of his age being so fit. A dog kept on dry feed would have rather slim chances to reach such an age while being so fit, you'd think.

Incidentally, Fyodor has a little bump in his neck which remains small if he gets his daily ration of flax oil. If the flax oil is interrupted for just two or three days the bump will immediately increase in size. We don't have him checked since it can be kept under control with the flax oil.

Another story of note: thanks to flax oil which she's been receiving starting 9 months ago, my dog who's turning 11 in May has become much calmer in her interactions with other dogs. We've noticed some truly astounding change in her character since approx. 6 months time - she's become friendlier and more laid back. I am a dog trainer and very familiar with the behaviour of dogs. I am firmly convinced that this change in character is causally connected to the influence of the oil, since no major changes have occurred in how I treat her or in her immediate surroundings.

I am happy when word gets out among pet owners concerning the benefits of flaxseed oil. Here are some more details regarding our use of the oil:

We buy the freshly pressed organic flax oil in jars, it's called „Peeling“, „secondary plant components with some oil“ and we mix it with quark. If we've run out of "Peeling", we use normal flax oil plus quark and add the ground draff as a powder.

I give my dogs the following amounts of flax oil per day:

Wonda, 29 kg = c. 2 to 3 tbs

Chili, 8 kg = 1 tbs

Winston 5 kg = 2 tbs

Fjodor 25 kg, with a history of cancer = 3 to 5 tbs

Pablo, 23 kg, similar age as Fyodor, also 3 to 5 tbs.

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