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Children's Parasite Program

Black Walnut Tincture Extra Strength

Children follow the same parasite program as adults through day 5. On day 6, instead of 2 tsp., take the following:

Age BWT ES Niacinamide
Under six months 1/4 tsp. 50 mg
Six months to five years 1/2 tsp. 50 mg
Six to ten years 1 tsp. 100 mg
Eleven to sixteen years 1 1/2 tsp. 500 mg

The niacinamide (not niacin) is to help detoxify the alcohol in the tincture. You may crush it and put it in a spoonful of honey, if necessary. Occasionally a bit of niacin gets into the niacinamide tablet and causes a hot flush. It is harmless and soon passes.

Even though the parasite program is very beneficial to children, who tend to pick up parasites more often than adults, it should not be continued on a maintenance basis due to the alcohol content. Have children deparasitize twice a year, or whenever ill.

In case of childhood cancer, however, a much more vigorous program should be followed. Dosages should be increased until vital signs improve, up to 16 tsp., if necessary. For advice on taking a 16 tsp. dose, see Tapeworm Disease on page 31.

Wormwood and Cloves

Increase dosage one day for each year. For instance a four-year old would follow the adult program until day four, then stop.

Again, it is not advisable for children to be on a maintenance dosage of wormwood and cloves. Taking them during their routine deparasitizing, or when ill, is best.

In case of childhood cancer, it is not necessary to use increased dosages, as with Black Walnut Tincture.

Cleanse Pets Too

Pets have many of the same parasites that we get, including Ascaris (common roundworm), hookworm, Trichinella, Strongyloides, heartworm and a variety of tapeworms. Every pet living in your home should be deparasitized (cleared of parasites) and maintained on a parasite program. Monthly trips to your vet are not sufficient.

You may not need to get rid of your pet to keep yourself free of parasites. But if you are quite ill it is best to board it with a friend until you are better.

Your pet is part of your family and should be kept as sweet and clean and healthy as yourself. This is not difficult to achieve. Here is the recipe:

Pet Parasite Program

1. Parsley water: cook a big bunch of fresh parsley in a quart of water for 3 minutes. Throw away the parsley. After cooling, you may freeze most of it in several 1 cup containers. This is a month's supply. Put 1 tsp. parsley water on the pet's food. You don't have to watch it go down. Whatever amount is eaten is satisfactory.

All dosages are based on a 10 pound (5 kilo) cat or dog. Double them for a 20 pound pet, and so forth.

Pets are so full of parasites, you must be quite careful not to deparasitize too quickly. The purpose of the parsley water is to keep the kidneys flowing well so dead parasite refuse is eliminated promptly. They get quite fond of their parsley water. Perhaps they can sense the benefit it brings them. Do this for a week before starting the Black Walnut Hull Tincture.

2. Black Walnut Hull Tincture (regular strength): 1 drop on the food. Don't force them to eat it. Count carefully. Treat cats only twice a week. Treat dogs daily, for instance a 30 pound dog would get 3 drops per day (but work up to it, increasing one drop per day). Do not use Extra Strength.

If your pet vomits or has diarrhea, you may expect to see worms. This is extremely infectious and hazardous. Never let a child clean up a pet mess. Begin by pouring salt and iodine on the mess and letting it stand for 5 minutes before cleaning it up. Clean up outdoor messes the same way. Finally, clean your hands with diluted grain alcohol (dilute 1 part alcohol with 4 parts water) or vodka. Be careful to keep all alcohol out of sight of children; don't rely on discipline for this. Be careful not to buy isopropyl rubbing alcohol for this purpose.

Start the wormwood a week later.

3. Wormwood capsules: (200-300 mg wormwood per capsule) open a capsule and put the smallest pinch possible on their dry food. Do this for a week before starting the cloves.

4. Cloves: put the smallest pinch possible on their dry food.

Keep all of this up as a routine so that you need not fear your pets. Also, notice how peppy and happy they become.

Go slowly so the pet can learn to eat all of it. To repeat:

Week 1: parsley water.
Week 2: parsley water and black walnut.
Week 3: parsley water, black walnut, and wormwood.
Week 4: parsley water, black walnut, wormwood, and cloves.

  Parsley Water Black Walnut Hull Tincture Dose Wormwood Capsule Dose Clove Capsule Dose
(Size 0 or 00)
Week teaspoons on food drops on food, cats twice per week, dogs daily open capsule, put smallest pinch on food open capsule, put smallest pinch on food
1 1 or more, based on size      
2 1 or more 1    
3 1 or more 1 or more, based on size 1  
4 1 or more 1 or more 1 1
5 and onward 1 or more 1 or more 1 1

Pets should not stroll on counters or table. They should eat out of their own dishes, not yours. They should not sleep on your bed. The bedroom should be off limits to pets. Don't kiss your pets. Wash your hands after playing with your pet. NEVER, NEVER share food with your pet. Don't keep a cat box in the house; install a cat door. Wear a dust-mask when you change the cat box. If you have a sandbox for the children, buy new sand from a lumber yard and keep it covered. Don't eat in a restaurant where they sweep the carpet while you are eating (the dust has parasite eggs tracked in from outside). Never let a child crawl on the sidewalk or the floor of a public building. Wash children's hands before eating. If feasible, leave shoes at the door. Eat "finger" foods with a fork.

Solvents are just as bad for your pet as for you. Most flavored pet foods are polluted with solvents such as carbon tetrachloride, benzene, propyl alcohol, wood alcohol, etc. Don't buy flavored pet food.

Of the collection of pet foods shown, only two were NOT polluted.

[picture "Polluted and safe pet foods" unavailable]

The two safe dry foods, and one safe canned food.

[picture ""Safe pet foods" unavailable]

Pets add a great deal to human lives. Get rid of the parasites, not the pets, unless you are ill.

Zapping Parasites

Although the herbal parasite killing program is highly effective against parasites, you should also kill them electrically. Each method has its own areas of greatest effectiveness.

You may build a zapper (page 463) or purchase one (see Sources). It is energized by a 9 volt battery. Some people can feel a minor tingling; others feel nothing. After seven minutes take 20 to 40 minutes off. During this time viruses and bacteria will emerge from dead parasites. Zap a second time. Then take another break of 20 to 40 minutes. Finally zap a third time.

You have just killed all the viruses, all the bacteria, and all the parasites including flukes that the zapper current could reach. The few remaining are stuck in gallstones, or kidney stones, or abscesses, or in the bowel contents. Increasing the voltage does not help. Only a 2 tsp. dose of Black Walnut Hull Tincture Extra Strength reaches them in these locations.

Triple-zap daily until you are well.

Notes: A critique of Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark’s recommended method of zapping parasites and other pathogens by Dr. Robert Beck can be read at Physicist Dr. Robert C. Beck Reporting on Total Cancer Remissions through Blood Electrification with Silver Colloid.
A different type type of zapping called Magnetic zapping is described under Home Parasite Cleanse.

To summarize

What you'll need for killing the intestinal fluke is:

  • Black walnut hull tincture, an alcohol extract of the green hull (for alcoholics, a water recipe is given).
  • Wormwood, in capsules.
  • Cloves, fresh ground, together with size 00 empty capsules.
  • Zapper.
  • Optional: ornithine, 500 mg.

Don't wait to begin until you have everything! Start as soon as you get each item! Consider your body like a flower garden. Tiny insects are eating your leaves and petals. They are laying eggs that hatch into hungry caterpillars, spinning cocoons and emerging into new adults continually. You can't wait for anything! You must kill whatever you can as soon as you can in order to save as many petals and leaves as possible!

Tapeworm Disease

If you don't improve, in spite of doing everything in this book, and in spite of taking 2 tsp. Black Walnut Tincture Extra Strength twice a day, and in spite of zapping, you probably have tapeworm disease. Tapeworms are much more difficult to kill than other parasites.

There is no time to lose if you have a brain tumor, stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, or are being tube fed. To kill tapeworm stages, it takes a large amount of Black Walnut Tincture Extra Strength. Follow this procedure:

  1. Take 8 tsp. Black Walnut Tincture Extra Strength.
  2. Take three 500 mg. tablets of niacinamide (not niacin) to help detoxify the alcohol in the Tincture.
  3. Rest an hour (optional).
  4. Take another 8 tsp. Black Walnut Tincture Extra Strength.
  5. Take another three 500 mg. tablets of niacinamide.
  6. Zap for seven minutes to help kill pathogens emerging from the dying parasites. Wait 20 minutes and then zap again for seven minutes. Wait 20 minutes and then zap a third time for seven minutes.

Use as much water as desired to help get the Black Walnut Tincture down. Sip slowly to avoid nausea. This remarkable herb is completely harmless, but the alcohol is not, so always take niacinamide afterward. And never try to operate a vehicle for several hours afterward.

If you are not able to zap or take niacinamide, take the Black Walnut Tincture Extra Strength anyway! You can not afford to wait.

This is a one time treatment. Your vital signs should be noticeably better the very next day. After this, continue taking the 2 tsp. dose daily as before.

Even the 16 tsp. Black Walnut Tincture Extra Strength dose does not kill all the latent (sleeping) tapeworm stages in your body. It only kills those that are hatching. Avoid solvents such as benzene, isopropyl alcohol and wood alcohol to prevent hatching any more. Sooner or later, perhaps in two weeks, another one will hatch. If you suspect this, repeat the 16 tsp. dose.

Parasites Gone, Propyl Alcohol Next

Now that you have killed the intestinal fluke and cured your cancer, what's next? Two tasks remain:

1. Stop getting propyl alcohol into your body.

2. Get rid of the heavy metals and common toxins in your body, diet and home. (This is covered in Part Two: Getting Well Again.) This will heal the damaged tissues and stop your tendency to make tumors.

Check all labels for "propyl alcohol, "propanol" or "isopropanol". Throw those products away!

[picture unavailable]

Fig. 14 Some propyl alcohol containing products

Propyl alcohol is the antiseptic commonly used in cosmetics. Check all your cosmetics for the word "propanol" or "isopropanol" on the label. It is usually put on the label, since it is not currently suspected of causing cancer. I don't know if propyl compounds like propamide, propacetamide, propyl gallate, or calcium propionate could be converted by the body to propyl alcohol, so don't take chances. Do not use anything that has "prop" in the list of ingredients. Don't give your discarded cosmetics to anybody. Don't save them. Don't have them in the house anywhere. Throw them out.

Remember, 100% of cancer patients have the solvent propyl alcohol accumulated in the liver and in their cancerous tissues. People without cancer do not have propyl alcohol in their livers. Look at the case histories. Often one spouse has cancer: you can note that she or he has propyl alcohol and the adult fluke in the liver. Ortho-phospho-tyrosine is present in an organ like the lung where the cancer is developing. But the other spouse does not have cancer although he or she shares the parasite. For him or her it is only in the intestine. There are no eggs or other stages anywhere. There is no solvent present!

Here is a list of common body products that may have propyl alcohol in them: cosmetics, shampoo, hair spray, mouthwash, mousse, body lotions, shaving supplies, and, of course, rubbing alcohol. If in doubt, throw it out!

Although body products give us our highest concentrations, propyl alcohol is in our food, too! One primary source is flavor or color. These are extracted with solvents! The concentrate extracted is called a "spice oleoresin." Naturally, the solvents should be removed before the final product is used. But nothing can be removed completely once it is added, so there are regulations governing the amount left. Amounts are stated in "PPM", or "parts per million." 50 PPM would be like 50 drops out of a million drops, or roughly one drop per quart (or liter).

This excerpt is from the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

21 CFR 173.240 (4-1-94 Edition) Isopropyl Alcohol.

Isopropyl alcohol may be present in the following foods under the conditions specified:

1. In spice oleoresins as a residue from the extraction of spice, at a level not to exceed 50 parts per million.
2. In lemon oil as a residue in production of the oil, at a level not to exceed 6 parts per million.
3. [Discusses its use in hops extract.]

Here is a summary of other solvents mentioned:

Solvent Allowable residue in spice oleoresins Paragraph in 21 CFR
Acetone 30 PPM 173.210
Ethylene dichloride 30 PPM 173.230
Methyl alcohol 50 PPM 173.250
Methylene chloride 30 PPM 173.255
Hexane 25 PPM 173.270
Trichloroethylene 30 PPM 173.290

Fig. 15 Lawful uses of solvents in food.

Another reason for propyl alcohol pollution (and other pollutants) in our food are the chemicals used by manufacturers to sterilize their food handling equipment.

21 CFR 178.1010 (4-1-94 Edition) Sanitizing solutions

Sanitizing solutions may be safely used on food-processing equipment and utensils, and on other food-contact articles as specified in this section, within the following prescribed conditions:
(a) Such sanitizing solutions are used, followed by adequate draining, before contact with food. [Note rinsing or drying is not required!]
(b) The solutions consist of one of the following, to which may be added components general recognized as safe and components which are permitted by prior sanction or approval.
[Now comes (1) through (43) permissible sterilizing solutions, including several with isopropyl alcohol, like:]
(25) An aqueous solution containing elemental iodine (CAS Reg. No. 7553-56-2), potassium iodide (CAS Reg. No. 7681-11-0), and isopropanol (CAS Reg. No. 67-63-0). In addition to use on food processing equipment and utensils, this solution may be used on beverage containers, including milk containers and equipment and on food-contact surfaces in public eating places.
[Then in paragraph (c)(19) the exact concentration of the iodine is specified. Nowhere is the concentration of the isopropanol specified. It can be as strong as desired.]

[picture unavailable]

Fig. 16 U.S. regulations on sterilizing solutions.

Even if there were regulations governing removal of sanitizing solutions, the overwhelming truth is missed: that nothing can ever be completely removed after it has been added. Or perhaps the lawmakers didn't miss this fact. Perhaps they believed that small amounts-too small to measure with an ultraviolet spectrophotometer-could surely do no harm.

The good news is that propanol leaves your body, by itself, in five days after you stop getting it.

Propyl alcohol is a pollutant in cold cereals. Stop buying all cold cereals. Even the most natural cold cereals are polluted. I haven't tested every cereal on the market, but I have tested so many that you should not take a chance on a single one. See Recipes to make your own.

Why is it so important to get rid of propyl alcohol if you have already gotten rid of the intestinal fluke, and are on the parasite maintenance program? Because reinfection can occur so quickly! Dairy products and fast-food hamburgers are not heated high enough to kill metacercaria (the shelled stage that can survive extreme heat and cold in ponds). Even when you ask to have your hamburgers cooked very thoroughly, you run the risk of having the same spatula used for both raw and cooked hamburgers. Within 24 hours the fluke stages are in your blood, some of which are "hatching" into adults, and before your next maintenance dose of black walnut tincture they are in your liver and your ortho-phospho-tyrosine is back. But without propyl alcohol this doesn't happen. With propyl alcohol it is inevitable.

All cold cereals I tested, including health-food varieties, are polluted with solvents such as benzene, carbon tetrachloride and propyl alcohol. DON'T EAT THEM.

[picture unavailable]

Fig. 17 Some polluted cold cereals

You should not stay on high doses of parasiticides as a substitute for avoiding propyl alcohol.

Read all labels on the body products you buy. Keep a lighted magnifying glass with you for this purpose while shopping.

Propyl Alcohol Polluted Products


even if propyl alcohol is not listed on the label!

shampoo, even health brands

hair spray and mousse

cold cereals, even "natural" granolas

white sugar (brown is OK if detoxified)

cosmetics (make your own)


decaffeinated coffee, Postum, herb tea blends (single herb teas are OK)

bottled water, distilled water, or spring water. The bottle, pumps and tubing have been "sanitized," often with propyl alcohol.

rubbing alcohol

all shaving supplies including aftershave

carbonated beverages

store-bought fruit juice, including health food brands

vitamins, minerals and supplements (unless you test them)

You can make many of these products yourself, without propyl alcohol (see Recipes).

Tear out this page, put it on your refrigerator, and make a copy to stick on your medicine cabinet. Remember propyl alcohol is also called propanol, isopropanol, isopropyl alcohol and rubbing alcohol.

Aflatoxin B

Whenever propyl alcohol is in the liver, I find aflatoxin B, a mold by-product, in the liver as well. Aflatoxin B is known to be extremely carcinogenic. My interpretation of this correlation is that aflatoxin B is inhibiting propyl alcohol metabolism. Of course the reverse may be true: propyl alcohol could be inhibiting detoxification of aflatoxin. Either way, if you stop eating moldy foods your aflatoxin B level will decrease.

Some foods with aflatoxin B are beer, nuts, bread more than a few days old, overripe fruit, and many bulk grains. Surprisingly, very moldy foods like cheese show no signs of aflatoxin B.

Maybe removal of aflatoxin is the reason there are documented cases of freedom from cancer after changing to the "macrobiotic" diet.
Compare On Macrobiotics and Aflatoxins.

The Formation of Tumors

Most cancers are tumorous. Tumors typically start out benign. While they are benign we do not fear them. But perhaps they deserve more attention. After all, benign tumors increase in size and in number, though not as fast as malignant tumors. Without a benign tumor we could not have a malignant tumor. So wouldn't it be best to learn how to avoid having any tumor?

Fungus is in Tumors

Some women's breasts are full of benign tumors, called cysts. The condition is called fibrocystic breast disease. What is inside such a cyst? Each little tumor has a tuft of growing fungus inside, called mycelium. The fungus is nearly always one of the common food molds, such as Aspergillus or Penicillium, that has taken root right in your body tissues! It also produces mycotoxin, usually patulin. Why does your body allow this?

A scientific report on this subject was published in 1982. The authors showed that one type of white blood cells are in charge of eating and killing the fungal seeds (spores) while the another type of white blood cells are responsible for killing mycelial growth. Are these two types of white blood cells somehow disabled, allowing fungus to grow in your tissue?
Compare Is cancer just a fungus?.

Copper and Freon are in Tumors

Could it be due to copper that I always find at the same location as the fungus? Copper is soluble in fat, and the breast is fatty tissue. Or could it be due to Freon which I also find at the same location as the fungus? Perhaps copper would have been attracted to the breast without Freon. And before the Freon-refrigeration age it must have done so. But with a Freon refrigerator in every home and copper plumbing in many homes, the risk is more than doubled. Freon has been shown by scientists to facilitate cancer growth.

Perhaps copper is just an innocent bystander, invited into the breast by the fungus already growing there. Perhaps copper gets there first and invites the fungus. But one simple fact can shed light on the mystery. My preliminary tests show that there are no tumorous breasts in women who are not exposed to high doses of copper, like coppered water. Coppered water is water that has run through copper pipes. Copper is absorbed whether coppered water is used to wash dishes, wash hands, wash clothing, or to drink.

It has been known for decades that blood copper levels are elevated in all kinds of cancer. But it was interpreted to mean that cancer itself caused copper accumulation, instead of thinking that the copper might be causing the cancer! Copper water pipes were not suspected. Yet it is easy to demonstrate that by moving away from copper water pipes copper levels drop immediately. (This is followed by a corresponding drop in fungal growth.) In a few weeks the copper level can be down to normal!

How fast the copper leaves the breast depends on the Freon there. When Freon is removed at the same time, the copper level can be lowered quickly. If Freon is not removed, copper sticks tenaciously to the breast, even requiring EDTA chelation to remove it.

With copper and Freon gone, the fungal growth can be stopped. It merely needs to be eliminated in the bowel, now, to stop it at the breast. It is as if the breast tissue has its immunity restored, immunity that tolerates no mycelial growth and no spore formation. By clearing all fungus from the bowel, the tissues are cleared of it also. The tissue may be the prostate, liver, pancreas or brain. Tumors here grow the same way as in the breast.

A 2 teaspoon dose of extra strength Black Walnut Tincture will kill all growing fungus in the bowel (along with all parasites)! This, in turn, eliminates body fungus-for a day. To stay clear, the tissue must stay free of copper and Freon.
Compare Is Cancer Just A Fungus? and Fungi producing mycotoxins: The Fungal/Mycotoxin Etiology of Human Disease (particularly CANCER).

Tapeworm Stages and Bacteria are in Tumors

There are two more collaborators in the growth of a benign tumor: bacteria and tapeworm stages. Bacteria produce growth factors that stimulate growth, namely cell division. Unfortunately those same growth factors stimulate your cells, too, causing them to divide and form a tangled mass. The bacterial growth factors are not as potent as ortho-phospho-tyrosine. Nevertheless, together with patulin and aflatoxin, two powerful mycotoxins, they can result in quite large cysts. The tumor-promoting bacteria are the familiar ones we acquire from eating dairy products, from our own bowel, and from dental infections. Here are several factors they produce:

Bacteria Source Growth Factors /Markers
Staphylococcus aureus Dental Epidermal growth factor (EGF)
Escherichia coli (E. coli) Bowel Cancer associated antigen GI
Salmonella typhimurium Dairy Cancer antigens, CA 15-3 and CA-125
Salmonella paratyphimurium Dairy Platelet derived growth factor (PDGF)
Shigella flexneri Dairy, tapeworm stages Cancer antigen, CA 15-3, PDGF, Insulin like growth factor (ILGF)
Shigella sonnei Dairy, tapeworm stages Alfa Feto protein (AFP)
Shigella dysenteriae Dairy, tapeworm stages Cancer antigen, CA 72-4

‘It comes as a surprise that tapeworm stages can also set free these bacteria. Particularly the varieties of Shigella, the scourge of cancer patients, are released by tapeworm stages. When the tapeworm stage is intact, very few bacteria escape. But when the tapeworm stage erodes, droves of bacteria are released.

If you cannot get rid of your Shigellas, in spite of following the dairy rules perfectly, you can assume you have eroding tapeworm stages. Unless the tapeworm stages can be completely killed, the Shigella migration to the tumor cannot be stopped. Nor can the tumor growth that is fueled by Shigella growth factors.

It is a grand conspiracy between bacteria, tapeworm stages, and fungus. When they are together, they can start a tumor growing, albeit a benign one.

Tumor Defense In The Body

Now the body needs to call in extra forces to rout the young tumor. It uses its tumor-shrinking factor, called Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) to do away with the tumor. Every person I see without tumors, tests Positive to TNF. Every person with tumors tests Negative! Evidently, the disappearance of TNF allows the young tumor to grow. What would cause us to stop producing this life-saving substance?

TNF is produced in the parathyroid glands and is sent to the organ in need. It is not produced when patulin is present. Patulin, the mycotoxin produced by Penicillium fungus species, has been studied extensively by scientists and is known to be carcinogenic. Whether patulin is eaten with fruit (apple juice may have as much as 1 PPM) or produced by Penicillium fungus growing there, the result is the same. The body no longer has its precious tumor-shrinking factor. Tumors can now grow.
Compare Fungi producing mycotoxins: The Fungal/Mycotoxin Etiology of Human Disease (particularly CANCER).

Stopping eating fruit and clearing the bowel of fungus growth with Black Walnut Tincture Extra Strength clears the parathyroid of patulin (only if copper and Freon are gone). In one day TNF is again produced. Tumors can now shrink. They shrink noticeably in a week.

How Benign Tumors Turn Fatal

At some time, the benign cyst may become malignant. This means that ortho-phospho-tyrosine is also present. There is propyl alcohol, hCG, and aflatoxin as well as multiplying Fasciolopsis stages. Did the Fasciolopsis stages suddenly discover the benign cyst the way a hermit crab discovers an unused shell?

The discovery of growth factors in benign cysts and even the presence of a few fluke stages there suggests we should be much more concerned about them. Perhaps the distinction between benign and malignant tumors is deluding. Like the distinction between a loaded and unloaded gun. When ammunition is available, no gun should be ignored.

We should really view tumor formation, or tumorigenesis, with the same caution as cancer, even though it is slow at first. It could begin to accelerate, doing more and more harm. Yet the body has coped with tumorigenesis a very long time, from the beginning of humanity, as evidenced by our body's ability to produce TNF!

Perhaps malignancy is a more recent phenomenon. The body has not yet acquired an efficient way to detoxify propyl alcohol in the presence of aflatoxin. The body is quite vulnerable to mycotoxins of many kinds, and they cause many abnormal conditions that our bodies can not stop. Of course, knowing what starts our tumors gives us the power to stop them.

Preventing Tumors Will Prevent Cancer

Tumors are complex structures, which appear to be associated with fungi, metals, bacteria, tapeworms and toxins. Being complex, you would think they would be fragile, and removing just one building block would topple them. But the opposite is true: together they form a highly durable opponent for your immune system. The best way to beat tumors is not allowing them to start.

How To Prevent All Tumors

1. Get away from coppered water for all purposes.
2. Get away from Freon refrigerators, air conditioners, and so forth.
3. Stay on a maintenance parasite program.
4. Get rid of bacterial infections under dentalware, or in the bowel.
5. Don't eat moldy food.

Of these, stopping bacterial infections is the most difficult. But a dental cleanup, doing the Bowel Program (page 506), and avoiding unsterile dairy foods can accomplish it.

Parasitism can be reduced by avoiding the solvents propyl alcohol and benzene (for flukes and tapeworm stages). Freon can be replaced by other refrigerants. And copper plumbing can be replaced with plastic.

All malignancies begin with these benign risk factors whether solid tumors are formed or not. It should be possible to prevent all kinds of cancer with these five steps.
Compare Preventing Cancer Naturally.


The intestinal fluke can reproduce itself from beginning to end inside your body (not needing a snail) if you have solvent in your body. There are many solvents around us. If the solvent is propyl alcohol, which accumulates in the liver, new adults develop in the liver and cancer begins. A growth factor, ortho-phospho-tyrosine, is produced which makes cells divide. The adult is in the liver but the growth factor is far away in the organs that have propyl alcohol and fluke stages in them. They reproduce by the thousands and your organ cells are forced to reproduce along with them. This is cancer.

Propyl alcohol is not detoxified by the liver, but instead accumulates, possibly because of aflatoxin B, found in moldy food. The liver succeeds in getting rid of some of the propyl alcohol by dumping it through the bile ducts into the intestine. It leaves with the bowel movement. But in the intestine the alcohol encounters millions of fluke eggs. Since propyl alcohol is a solvent, I think it dissolves the shells of the eggs and lets them all hatch! Right inside you! More research is needed to be certain of this. Certainly the tiny baby stages (miracidia) get into your blood and travel everywhere in your body! They land, become redia, and reproduce into thousands more! They finally turn into cercaria, metacercaria, and finally adults.

Adults in your liver, if you have propyl alcohol in it, causing cancer!

Adults in your pancreas, if you have wood alcohol in it, causing diabetes!
But compare Using EFT in the Treatment & Healing of Diabetes Type II (incl. On the Link Between Diabetes & Cancer).

Adults in your thymus, if you have benzene in it causing HIV disease!

Adults in your brain, if you have toluene or xylene in it, causing Alzheimer's disease!
Note: Alzheimer's disease seems to be more strongly connected to heavy metals such as mercury and other agents/nutritional deficiencies, see Healing Cancer Naturally’s Alzheimer's disease pages on the subject.

Adults in your kidneys (Hodgkin's disease), uterus (endometriosis) or prostate (chronic prostatitis) if you have other solvents there!

Adults in your skin if you have Kaposi's sarcoma.

I had to mention these diseases even though this book is just about cancer because you should know what a scourge this parasite is, and how deadly it is to have both the intestinal fluke and solvents. In every case (100%) of these diseases that I have seen, both have been present.

Remember, cancer could not have gotten started without the help of the benign risk factors: copper, Freon, bacteria, tapeworm stages, and mycotoxin.

One more clue. Vitamin C is known to help with cancer. Dr. Linus Pauling has made an excellent case for it, although others have not. I have evidence that vitamin C helps the liver detoxify aflatoxin. Make sure you are taking at least one gram of vitamin C with each meal.

Another action of vitamin C is on serum iron, keeping it in a chemical form that can better compete with copper.

Compare Oral megadoses of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and cancer, Intravenous High-Dose Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) Infusion in Cancer Treatment, Vitamin C cancer healing testimony and Additional tips on using Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).

All information is for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, mitigate or cure disease. See Disclaimer.

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