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Have you ever heard that "simple" (mostly cold but also hot) water applications (as widely promoted by 19th century naturopath Father Sebastian Kneipp) can actually work as very powerful agents of physical detoxification and thus restorers of health?

In his early twenties, Fr. Kneipp (1821–1897) had been desperately ill. Stricken with tuberculosis that no medical effort could cure, he happened upon a book written by German physician Johann Siegmund Hahn (1696-1773) who (in tandem with his father) pioneered the use of naturopathic and scientific hydrotherapy in Germany. Applying Dr. Hahn's advice, Kneipp was able to heal himself. And as they say, the rest is history...

Over the following decades, Fr. Kneipp succeeded in restoring the health of an ever-growing number of patients, with cases ranging from the relatively banal (such as bed-wetting, skin eruptions and sores, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, abscesses and sweaty feet) to life-threatening and/or seemingly hopeless cases of e.g. typhus, blood poisoning, diphtheria, tuberculosis, asthma, and stroke.

Many highly impressive patient histories are listed in his books such as full restoration of lost hearing, and even stroke victims given up on by their doctor and paralysed limbs being returned to normal functioning.

Often Kneipp's patients had been under various doctors' care (where they had found no help). Patients also included poor farmers and labourers which were treated for free.

Kneipp felt that illnesses were typically caused by "morbid" matter (toxins) held in the blood or general system, as well as by insufficient or imbalanced blood circulation and "stagnations". To address these issues, the range of water applications he would choose from included upper showers, back showers, knee and thigh gushes, half- (or hip) baths, various packings and ablutions as well as barefoot walking.

These remedies were prescribed according to each person's individual needs since in the hands of a skilled hydropathist, water is a versatile instrument that can be used to invigorate, stimulate, revive, dissolve, "wash away" and/or help the body eject "morbid matters".

Kneipp's case histories (found in his books) illustrate the detoxifying and health-restoring effect of this therapy. For example, one patient reported throwing up "whole masses of purulent matter", another was passing "enormous quantities of urine, followed by gravel and stone plus dirty and slimy matter", and yet another said he continually felt a bad taste in the mouth which was "foul and offensive", and expectorated large quantities of a "loathsome phlegm".

Apart from the illnesses already mentioned, other diseases that were healed included e.g. rheumatism, indigestion, lung diseases, scarlet fever, obesity, nephritis, peritonitis, bladder infections, stones and gravel, anaemia, emphysema, epilepsy, cramps, excessive vaginal bleeding, diarrhea, edema, gout, effects of a wasp sting, liver and stomach complaints, luxation of the hip, hysteria and other nervous affections, Tabes dorsalis (syphilitic myelopathy), Sydenham's chorea (St. Vitus's Dance), and scrofula (mycobacterial cervical lymphadenitis).

Interestingly, one of Kneipp's simplest water remedies refers to chronic obstipation (a prime cause of autointoxication). He urgently advises to forego toxic drugs and instead to take a spoonful of water every hour (in some places his advice is to take the hourly spoonful just between dinner and supper). This measure, persistently applied, will resolve obstinate constipation even in those who have depended on laxatives for years.[1]

Fr. Kneipp frequently combined the water applications with herbal treatments and general dietary and lifestyle instructions: Eat moderately, choose simple fare, live in full daylight and sunshine to the extent possible, go barefoot regularly, don't wear restrictive clothing which impedes proper circulation, avoid mental overwork, and don't pamper yourself with clothing that is too warm but harden your body (particularly via cold water applications).[2]

While frequently attacked by the medical powers that be of his time (wielding the equivalent of "practising medicine without a license" and "ruining a pharmacist's business"), Kneipp also received support from medical doctors who directly collaborated with him.

In fact, February 1894 saw the foundation of the “Internationaler Verein Kneippscher Ärzte” [International association of Kneipp physicians] by 26 doctors, with Kneipp serving as its honorary president. This association exists to this day, together with some 160,000 individuals organised in local Kneipp societies in Germany alone.

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Sebastian Kneipp's books

My Water-Cure

by Sebastian Kneipp

This is his classical work which explains in great detail (100 illustrations) how to apply water and herbal treatments to cure diseases. Includes an alphabetical list of illnesses and their treatment with numerous embedded "success stories".

Thus Shalt Thou Live: Hints and Advice for the Healthy and the Sick on a Simple and Rational Mode of Life and a Natural Method of Cure

by Sebastian Kneipp

Many more success stories and general advice.

My Will: A Legacy To The Healthy And The Sick

by Kneipp Sebastian

A 429 page "Codicil" (addition) to this book also exists.

The Care of Children in Sickness and in Health

by Sebastian Kneipp

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1 Very interestingly, another well-known naturopath, Rudolf Breuss (see Two cases of stomach cancer healed with the Breuss Cancer Cure), advises, "with any type of infection, make sure to frequently drink a sip of pure water in the day" and maintains that teething pain in babies can easily be stopped by giving the child a teaspoon of pure water whenever it starts to cry.

2 In his recommendations, Father Kneipp both follows and predates some of the greatest while simplest discoveries in the realm of nature cures, including the importance of (sun)light and earthing (both part of Healing Cancer Naturally’s "Greatest Hits").

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