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Inexpensive “Discount” Commercial Alternatives to MLM Glyconutrients

Less Expensive Commercial Substitutes for MLM-Marketed Glyconutrient Supplements

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If you cannot properly implement a diet rich in foods containing glyconutrients and/or don’t wish to make your own glyconutrients supplement, you may want to research cheaper, comparable products to MLM-marketed glyconutritionals.

Here's one source for Aloe Vera/Active Aloe (Aloe vera apparently has been used as a healing agent since 2200 B.C. and is a rich source of mannose and xylose, two of the eight “essential” sugars or glyconutrients, compare Aloe Vera - the medicine plant):


• Mix it with Arabinogalactan:

(Above info sent in by a visitor of Healing Cancer Naturally.)

Another person also recommends the following Aloe product: “Excellent product but you must buy 1 kilo at a time. Call them at 972-230-9155. Explain who you are and what you are using now. They will take the time to talk to you about their product and save you mucho $$:”

In addition to eating as fresh, organic and healthily as possible, it may be simplest to get oneself an Aloe vera plant and occasionally take a leaf thanking it for its service (that’s what I do, see aloe vera background and care tips in Aloe Vera - the medicine plant).

And here is information sent by another visitor of Healing Cancer Naturally regarding a company apparently selling a glyconutrient product superior to the one offered by Mannatech and at half the price:

“There is a company that I get glyconutrients from called Glycobiotics International ... making a far superior product for 1/2 the price. is their website.

Their product is actually being tested in a clinical oncology trial.
It is a therapeutic form of glyconutrients in a much more concentrated form.

The thing I love about them: NO MULTI-LEVEL [or MLM, marketing]! Yeah! And 1/2 the price of [a well-known brand]! Yeah!
They even let Healthcare providers buy it in bulk at a reduced price so they can pass it on to their patients at a discount.”

Glyconutrients: Note to followers of the Budwig diet

If you decide to use commercially sold glyconutrients, it may be best to take them at completely different times than the basic Budwig mix in order not to possibly have these concentrates interfere with the oxygenating effect of the omega-3s.

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