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A former prostate cancer patient reports on his consultation with Dr. Budwig

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In the books Dr. Budwig published in the course of the several decades she personally worked with cancer patients, she shared a great number of personal healing testimonials involving former cancer patients which were healed using the diet and lifestyle prescriptions she gave them in individual counselling sessions.

The following contains probably the last such testimony made available thanks to the initiative of a German (former) prostate cancer patient who met Dr. Budwig on Wednesday, 25 October 2000, 2 and a half years before she died in May 2003.

This patient’s testimonial is doubly interesting: both for the detailed insight it provides into how and what exactly Dr. Budwig counselled in this individual case consultation regarding diet and lifestyle (it is in fact and not surprisingly very similar to the guidelines she stipulated in her books) and for the additional information and health update I was privileged to recently obtain from the author in a private communication with him.


After receiving a prostate cancer diagnosis during a routine check-up (unconfirmed since he didn’t allow a biopsy to be performed), he began searching the internet for information on conventional medicine’s options but found nothing that sounded appealing.

Synchronicity led him to the Budwig protocol when he started looking for alternatives: his daughter lived in the US at that time, working as a beekeeper, and in that capacity had made the acquaintance of Cliff Beckwith whose hobby for many decades had been the same.

Visiting his daughter he also met Cliff, who told him about Johanna Budwig and his experiences with flax oil/cottage cheese. Upon his return to Germany, he quickly made an appointment with Dr. Budwig, during and after which he carefully noted down all the instructions received, see The author’s account of his consultation with Dr. Budwig in October 2000.

Update March 2007: serious heart problems

Here is the news the author shared with me: “Towards the end of September [2006] I collapsed during a tennis match - heart surgery with aortic valve, three bypasses and carotis operation.”

I was somewhat shocked of course to hear such unexpected bad health news from someone whom I expected to be well and recovered after (I assumed) having followed Dr. Budwig’s recommendations for several years.

Reading Dr. Budwig’s books with their numerous amazing stories of healing and health recovery including people who were at “death’s door”, it is easy indeed to assume that the Budwig diet & protocol is something like a panacea which when scrupulously adhered to will lead to a complete regeneration and recovery of the human body as long as continuous stress (as alluded to by Dr. Budwig) is avoided.

(But it clearly isn’t, as at least one [not cancer-related] example I know of [not quoted here], clearly shows. Human beings are complex “holistic” beings and I feel that healing sometimes or often needs to be tackled on a more fundamental level than diet and stress control alone to be comprehensive, successful, long-term and effective on all levels, see Budwig protocol & life energies blockages: On the question why the cancer always/sometimes will come back when the Budwig diet is abandoned).

I asked the author how closely he had followed Dr. Budwig’s dietary and other prescriptions and what possible reasons he thought might have precipitated or contributed to his serious heart problems.

It is important to me to present a picture as realistic as possible rather than a misleading one which glosses over the facts (such as by highlighting only the successful cases or avoiding to mention later health complications).[1]

In the case presented here, the reader might conclude of course that the person in question simply didn’t adhere to Dr. Budwig’s instructions closely enough (but judge for yourself after reading his following explanations):

“My heart problems might have originated with unwise dietary choices, stress, overweight and high blood pressure, all of which were part of my life before meeting Dr. Budwig. Arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) is a gradual process, after all (it doesn’t run in my family either).

After meeting with Dr. Budwig, I kept quite closely to her dietary instructions for about a year, but somewhat less so after that due to an extended stay in the US (one reason being that it was hard to obtain quark in that country, I only found cottage cheese).

I subsequently gradually switched over to mediterranean cuisine, but the one thing I continue to take religiously is quark-flax oil (250 g/3-4 tblsp.) daily. I eat lots of fruits, replace coffee with green tea and occasionally drink alcohol (red wine).

My current PSA is 6 (checkup twice yearly). I very quickly dropped the Eldi oil massages, however. I found the cleaning both of myself and the shower unit too cumbersome. Overall and in retrospect, I can say that my cancer healing (?), in addition to Dr. Budwig’s recommendations, was due to changing my life(style) - eating sensibly, getting more exercise (no serious sport!), regular cold showers finishing off my shower sessions, avoiding stress, relaxing and meditating.

I am quite recovered by now, back to regular exercise (tennis, jogging and muscle stamina training), have lost 13 kg and will soon be as fit as I used to be. Personally I believe that avoiding fear and enjoying life count among the most important things.”

The author’s account of his consultation with Dr. Budwig in October 2000

Dr. Budwig looks quite a bit younger than her 92 years (!), seems physically fit, she is alert and quite sharp. She lives in Freudenstadt, in the middle of the Southern Black Forest - one of the most beautiful areas in Germany.

Dr. Budwig's scientific findings

Her scientific findings have been systematically suppressed by industry, medicine and politics.

All cells need oxygen for living. The oxygen transport agents in the body, Dr. Budwig discovered, are lipoproteins. These are water-soluble compounds produced by the organism from unsaturated fatty acids and sulphurated amino acids. The protein protects the electrons in the unsaturated fat. Veinous blood receives these lipoproteins from the lymphatic system before entering the heart, being pumped to the lungs to take up oxygen and then through the arteries to feed the cells.

  • Cellular respiration requires electrons to recover the food energy.
  • Cell membranes are controlled by surface-active lipoids.
  • The immune system is governed by bioelectric energies stored in energy depots.
  • The nature constant (PLANCKH) is the basis of all natural processes in living matter.
  • Electrodynamic processes are decisive for nerve functions.

Of course this mechanism is rather more complicated, I still do not understand the most important aspects of bio-electric, magnetic and resonance phenomena and the interaction with the sun, as I do not yet have the basic knowledge of physics and chemistry required to grasp these concepts. (Dr. Budwig gave me more than 500 pages of literature to study.)

The oil/protein ratio in our food is therefore important. Unsaturated fats + protein is an essential food, not a medicine.

If our cells do not receive sufficient oxygen and building substances, they start degenerating. Our normal "civilized" food contains many saturated fats that have been hydrogenated or treated with antioxidants (to achieve longer shelf life). Such fats cannot accept oxygen and are bio-electrically inert, even poisonous. They block the circulation and hinder cellular life.

In addition we eat denatured sugar and proteins (and many other toxins) which prevent normal oxygen circulation, we take medications - sleeping pills, narcotics, etc. - we are killing ourselves, or the food/tobacco/pharma etc. industries (and the medical world) are killing us.

The consequences are lack of energy, cardiac insufficiency and infarction (heart attack), muscle degeneration, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, pneumonia, anemia, dermatosis, cancer, etc.

About conventional cancer treatment

  • Surgery increases the frequency of metastases.
  • Growth-inhibiting radiation treatment or chemicals (chemotherapy) do not help, as the basic problem is not excessive cellular growth, but cellular degeneration due to lack of the required building blocks; cytostatic treatments (chemo and radiation) only weaken the organism even further.
  • Statistically a clear correlation has been found between the density of doctor population and cancer mortality (Dr. MITTMANN)

The treatment Dr. Budwig prescribed for me

Note by Healing Cancer Naturally: The reader is advised to refer to the pages covering Budwig diet implementation (incl. Transition Diet), Linomel breakfast muesli recipe, quark-flax oil mix preparation, flaxseed oil mayonaise recipe and oleolux recipe for more detailed instructions and explanations.

Eldi oil massage (twice daily): to clear the lymphatic system, massage the entire body, especially the spine, with El-Di (electron-differentiation) oil, then shower hot for 5 min, soap slightly, and shower cold for 5 min. Return to bed for 15-60 min. Details on Dr. Budwig’s Eldi oils & their application

Diet (start of treatment, for 4 weeks, recipes and explanations see below, variations are allowed):

Start with a 2-3 days transition diet of rolled oats and 250 g Linomel with juice (Fermentgold)


  • 7:00 - 1 glass sauerkraut juice
  • 8:00 - Linomel müsli, green tea


  • 10:00 - Freshly pressed carrot juice


  • Salad with quark/3 tblsp flaxseed oil mayonaise
  • Fresh vegetables (no cabbage) in water, boiled potatoes, etc. with Oleolux/herbs or flaxseed oil mayonaise
  • Buckwheat
  • Quark/flax oil with honey dessert


  • 15:00 - 1 spoon Linomel in ananas juice
  • 15:30 - 3 spoons Linomel in 3 glasses Fermentgold


  • 20:00 - Buckwheat porridge in vegetable stock, with Diäsan, 1 tblsp rolled oats
  • 20:30 - 1 glass red wine

Other rules

  • Never keep food for the next meal - food must be prepared fresh
  • Have a warm drink, such as green tea, herbal tea, sweetened with honey, at least 3 x per day
  • Keep a food diary for the next consultation in 4 weeks
  • No television, cosmetics, smoking
  • Avoid frozen food, synthetic clothing, stress and anxiety

What I added

  • 3 x weekly fitness training (endurance) + short solarium
  • 1-2 hr bike rides as weather permits
  • Tennis if I find a partner


Note by Healing Cancer Naturally: The reader is advised to refer to the pages covering Budwig diet implementation (incl. Transition Diet), Linomel breakfast muesli recipe, quark-flax oil mix preparation, flaxseed oil mayonaise recipe and oleolux recipe for more detailed instructions and explanations.


  • Solid component of non-pasteurized milk after souring/curdling (separated from the whey)

Quark/flaxseed oil mix (the ratio is very important)

  • 100 g quark
  • 40 g flaxseed oil
  • 25 g milk (the ratio is very important)
  • Mix thoroughly. Start with honey, flaxseed oil and milk, add quark gradually to obtain a smooth cream, heighten with honey, cardamom, anise, thyme, vanilla, lemon, pineapple, dates, etc., or dill, parsley, marjoram, onions, garlic, etc.

Flaxseed oil mayonaise

3 tablespoons raw milk, 3 tablespoons flaxseed oil, 100 g quark, mix, add gherkin, dill, mustard, paprika, lemon


  • flaxseed, broken between honey-coated cylinders to cover with honey to prevent oxidation

Linomel breakfast müsli

  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 3 tablespoons raw mik
  • 3 tablespoons flaxseed oil
  • 100 g quark
  • 2 tablespoons Linomel
  • Fruit, juice, nuts
  • Put Linomel in a dish, cover with fruit, put quark/flax oil on top.
  • Vary every day, experiment

Carrot juice

  • Contains carotene, provitamin A (no pills)


  • Apple juice and papaya

Diäsan (Oleolux)

  • Cool 125 ccm flaxseed oil in fridge (use Pyrex)
  • Heat 250 g coconut fat with 100 g onion cut into 4 parts
  • Add 10 garlic cloves (or 50 g walnuts or 50 g coarse rolled oats or 50 g whole buckwheat) until slight browning.
  • Pour this fat through a sieve into the cooled flaxseed oil
  • Stir and put into fridge. Keep in fridge.
  • Use with whole bread, potatoes, etc. - don't heat.

Good foods


  • Milk
  • Buttermilk
  • Yeast flakes (vitamin B)
  • Cheese (Brie, Camembert)


  • Nuts


  • Natural sugars, such as dates, figs, pears, apples, grapes, etc.
  • Untreated rice
  • Wholemeal bread


  • Bananas
  • Pineapple

All types of vegetables, raw

Prohibited foods


  • White bread
  • Cakes (sugar/fat combinations)
  • Sugar, cane sugar
  • Pasta


  • Meat (treated, hormones, antibiotics, etc.)


  • All "normal" fats, margarine, fish oils, mayonaise, sausage, meat, cod-liver oil (is treated today).


1 ...even more so considering that my websites receive some 1 million visits a year and the responsibility in any kind of health-related counselling is enormous; see my Introductory Note.


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