Terminal breast cancer with abdominal metastases

improved & under control via EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

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Following is an impressive “terminal” breast cancer testimonial based on the consistent application of EFT.

While conventional oncologists had given up on the patient and attributed her surprising recovery at death’s door to chemotherapy “kicking in” after all, Cecilia’s story furnishes yet more evidence in my eyes that emotions or rather "life energies" (as particularly expressed in our feelings) are often decisive factors in disease causation, health recovery and maintenance and that EFT counts among the most promising, speedy, accessible and thorough DIY emotional/energetic healing tools so far discovered (see Introduction to EFT: Healing Mind and Body By Reestablishing Healthy Energetic Flow).

Please note that Healing Cancer Naturally does not endorse the use of toxic chemotherapy as a useful cancer treatment but recommends a non-invasive or gentle holistic approach to healing, for instance the combination of the Budwig protocol with energetic/emotional tools such as EFT.

Impressive cancer result from consistent tapping

by Sonia Novinsky

excerpted from the former emofree.com website and edited for enhanced readability by Healing Cancer Naturally

One of my trainees in EFT, Patricia, a Psychologist working in Sao Paulo started working with Cecilia. Following a first bout with breast cancer 10 years previously, Cecilia had a recurrence in February and the cancer showed up again in her entire abdominal area. Her belly was full of malignant cells in a liquid form. She was hospitalized in April and they tried to do chemotherapy but had no results.

Patricia started to work with Cecilia’s emotional issues. Cecilia is 59 years old and has many emotional issues. She lost her husband in her twenties and never recovered from it. She never re-started her life. A very angry and resentful woman, she had become very attached to Rosana, her only daughter. Rosana has been working with me for many, many years. Rosana and her mother had many issues between them, hating and loving each other at the same time. Rosana is very familiar with EFT.

When the cancer showed up early this year we decided that Patricia and Rosana would tap many times a day on Cecilia at the hospital. Rosana sometimes had to do a surrogate tapping, and Patricia worked twice a week with Cecilia, tapping for the cancer and the emotional issues at the hospital.

The MD said there was no hope left for Cecilia, who was now fed intravenously and practically slept day and night. In fact her doctor informed Rosana that "We are not doing any more with your mother because she won’t live longer than a couple of days." While very weak physically, she still had a strong will to live.

Despite all MD pessimism, Rosana and Patricia continued to tap continuously on a daily basis. All of a sudden, Cecilia got stronger and more lively. The oncologists, assuming the chemo was finally taking effect, decided to do a second round of chemo which at first had been out of the question.

The doctor was astonished. Cecilia started eating again, and will be released from the hospital in a couple of days. They said the cancer is under control. I don't know if it is gone but her life is certainly no longer in danger.

They keep tapping every single day. They also work with healing intentions, visualizing a healed abdominal area, which is possible after tapping for negative emotions and their roots in negative experiences.

Love, Sonia

Incidentally, a case history discussing the EFT treatment of issues involving “Depression and confusion about God” casually mentions as a “side effect” that the patient’s breast cancer “is healing ‘miraculously’ according to the MD.”

A formerly sold EFT DVD set also featured at least two cases of cancer cures achieved with the help of EFT, including a case of stage 4 breast cancer where the patient had refused all conventional cancer treatment.

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