Using EFT in the Treatment & Healing of Diabetes Type II

Reducing blood sugar, blood pressure & leg pain

Intro: on the link between diabetes & cancer

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While any exact link between diabetes and cancer has so far not been (and may never be, nor “need” to be) clearly established, there are studies such as a ten-year prospective cohort study done on 1,298,385 Koreans published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (January 12, 2005) which point to a connection between fasting serum glucose level and cancer risk (at least, as shown in this JAMA study, applicable to Korean men and women).

The strongest association was found for pancreatic cancer, with significant associations also discovered for esophageal, liver, and colon/rectal cancers in men and of liver and cervical cancer in women.

There were also “significant trends with glucose level for cancers of the esophagus, colon/rectum, liver, pancreas, and bile duct in men and of the liver and pancreas in women.”

It was concluded that “[i]n Korea, elevated fasting serum glucose levels and a diagnosis of diabetes are independent risk factors for several major cancers, and the risk tends to increase with an increased level of fasting serum glucose.”

Following are another two wonderful examples of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) at its best, in these cases concerning diabetes where both blood sugar and blood pressure levels as well as leg pain were significantly improved.

It furnishes more evidence for my personal conviction that emotions or rather "life energies" (as particularly expressed in our feelings) are often crucial factors in disease genesis, health recovery and maintenance. As I have said on other pages, EFT looks indeed like a promising DIY emotional and energetic healing tool (see Introduction to EFT).

A special note for those who may think that drugs are the answer to diabetes: a recent news release published by Associated Press has linked the widely prescribed GlaxoSmithKline diabetes drug Avandia to a greater risk of heart attack and death:

Based on dozens of studies, the New England Journal of Medicine had published an analysis showing a 45 percent increased risk of heart attack linked to Avandia.

Two successes with type II diabetes and connecting emotionally

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Case I: Type 2 diabetes improved

Hi Everyone,

Our gratitude to Marta, from the Czech Republic, for this quality case wherein type II diabetes is materially improved after emotional work with EFT. She says, "After this week of EFT sessions, my client went to see his doctor for a medical check. His blood sugar dropped from an average of 460 to 190 and his blood pressure dropped as well. His doctor had no explanation for this improvement - this was a patient with previous medical report of his pancreas working at only 30%! But the improvement was there and 5 months later still persists."

Hugs, Gary [Craig]

By Marta, EFT-ADV

Clients who have pain and serious diseases often find it very hard to connect emotionally because all they can think of is their pain and what is happening to their body. This article illustrates how working with a client with type II diabetes reduced his blood sugar levels, lowered his blood pressure and eased the pain in his legs with the use of EFT. Please note, I am not a medically qualified and I am just writing about my observations and my understanding of the condition.

This client was initially skeptical about EFT. He is a hardheaded businessman who is not used to using emotions. However he agreed to try EFT anyway, and we did one session a day for 7 days.

At the beginning it was difficult for him to do EFT for any longer than 20 minutes because he was so tired and he had great difficulty connecting emotionally. He mostly wanted to talk about the disease symptoms and his medical reports.

We started by working on his pain. I tried to help him to visualise it by getting very specific about it. I asked questions like what shape, what colour, what size, what texture, what the pain wants to do etc., but he found this very hard to do even when I asked him to guess at it. “I just want to make my pain disappear,” he said.

To overcome this I tried an adapted form of collarbone breathing where I used quiet tapping on all the points and guided breathing - inhale on a count of two and exhale on a count of 6. As we all know breathing can control the flow of emotions in a body. Please note to check inhalation and exhalation separately, as you can sometimes get a different measure for each. Possibly there could be 90 % quality breathing on inhalation but only 4 % on exhalation and so on!

We then came back to his pain issue. I ask him what else he would want to make disappear. The answer was “fear” and we did rounds of tapping using the set up statement of Even though I’m afraid I will have to rely on insulin shots for the rest of my life and I hate to depend on anything...

I also asked him about what was happening when his ill health first started. He spoke about losing weight and being afraid of going to a hospital and his fear of hospitals in general.

I asked, “What does that remind you of?” He then told me of his memory of being in hospital as a small child. We did a round of Even though my mother left me in hospital when I was a child and I don’t remember why and she never explained to me afterwards… We did another round of, Even though I feel like she didn’t protect me…

After this week of EFT sessions, my client went to see his doctor for a medical check. His blood sugar dropped from an average of 460 to 190 and his blood pressure dropped as well.

His doctor had no explanation for this improvement - this was a patient with previous medical report of his pancreas working at only 30%! But the improvement was there and 5 months later still persists.

My client was truly rewarding especially when later on he told me that, “I could not believe that EFT was going to help me. All that time I was thinking with my brain and now I have learned to think with my heart as well.” He now taps on a daily basis and he continues to improve his health condition. The great results from tapping no longer surprise him.

I learnt a lot from that experience too. I learnt that you have to go at the clients’ own pace even though you may want to move forward more quickly. You just have to deal with what they’re going through at that time because they are overwhelmed by the pain and their issues and they can’t think of anything else. Ultimately you want to get specific but at first, some clients need a bit of EFT First Aid.

PS. Gary thank you a lot for DVD series Using EFT for Serious Diseases – it is a unique presentation of a masterpiece! (These are no longer sold. They also featured at least two cases of cancer cures achieved with the help of EFT, including a case of stage 4 breast cancer where the patient had refused all conventional cancer treatment.)
Compare On Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) in the Treatment & Healing of Serious Diseases.

With kind regards

Marta, EFT practitioner adv.

Case II: Diabetes comes under control after in-depth emotional session and persistent tapping

Hi Everyone,

At my "EFT for Serious Diseases" workshop in England, Gary Williams, a type 2 diabetic, was one of my on-stage participants. He chose to "blow his diet" the night before our session, and he did this to put EFT to the test.

A normal morning blood sugar reading (using England's scale) is between 5.5 and 7. Gary's reading would often be between 12 and 17 and, on this particular morning, it was over 20. This was an extraordinarily high reading.

We worked in great detail on issues he had with his father and had first class resolutions on these lifelong problems. As a result, his blood sugar readings dropped nearly in half in 3-4 hours. This was clear evidence to everyone present that something impressive had happened regarding Gary's diabetes.

I just spoke with Gary and he said his blood sugar readings had normalized to a much lower number. This is attributed to our initial session and his persistent tapping thereafter. Below is Gary's letter to me.

Hugs, Gary [Craig]

By Gary Williams

Dear Gary,

Since I last spoke to you I have been monitoring my blood sugar levels in relation to the work we did together at the Manchester Mastering EFT Workshop for serious diseases, and am pleased to say that my level when tested is balancing out at an 8 on a regular basis.

Gary Williams

Addendum by Healing Cancer Naturally

Diabetes type 2, the so-called incurable condition, even has quickly yielded to simple caloric restriction, see eg the university study published at www.ncl.ac.uk/press/articles/archive/2015/10/type2diabetes/ .

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