Healing Lactose Intolerance & Dairy Sensitivity With EFT

Case reports

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Following are two case reports (of several more) owed to Gary Craig, founder of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), on how EFT has worked to free people of lactose intolerance and dairy sensitivity even of many years standing.

They furnish yet another striking example of how our bodies cannot possibly be reduced to their chemical composition and constituents (as modern medicine is wont to do) but rather are ruled by their underlying energetic foundations as particularly evident in our emotions.

For an introduction to EFT, also see EFT: Healing Mind and Body By Reestablishing Healthy Energetic Flow.

A personal experience with EFT and lactose intolerance

By Kristine Lotoski

Hello Gary,

Here is a quick write-up about my lactose intolerance experience with tapping [EFT].

1. Before tapping, I was probably lactose intolerant for most of my life. But it wasn't until my adult years that I experienced the first lactose attack that I could not ignore. Yogurt with granola was my all time favorite and a great way to get protein. It was also my nemesis.

Milk upset my stomach. So did heavy cream sauces and half-and-half. Ice cream for some reason had not created any painful knots in my intestines at that point. Milk and yogurt bloated my stomach and intestines with painful gas. Yogurt was definitely the most painful attacker of all.

Also, before the tapping, I frequently ran to the bathroom following indulgence in heavy cream dishes. The pain for heavy cream dishes was a 5 (on a 0-10 scale) and my stomach and intestines broke the sound barrier. My stomach rumbled and wheezed and made some strange noises. I figured I had food poisoning. The yogurt was a 6 working its way to a unmistakable 10.

Though, I had had painful lactose gaseous attacks before, yogurt gave me a LEVEL 10 attack in 1992. Over the years I had what both my doctors and I thought were "just stomachaches'' and stress attacks. It was in the summer of 1992 that I could not ignore these aches anymore. Still, I had no idea what they were.

Then it was that fall of 1992, that I had the worst attack in history. Literally, I was writhing in pain. It felt like my intestines would implode. I took all kinds of household medicines to help myself get past this unbearable pain. Nothing helped. Finally, my family, doctor and I dismissed this episode as a batch of bad yogurt.

In 1996, while a graduate student at a medical school no less, I was tested for gastrointestinal problems. I drank barium and they did x-rays and such. The diagnosis came back as negative. My doctor said it was stress-related.

2. Finally, in winter 1999, I had a tapping session with a friend of mine. She said she suspected that I had lactose intolerance amongst other allergies.

My friend tapped me for lactose intolerance for 1 session for approx. 3 minutes. She tapped me for milk, yogurt, eggs, and butter. Yogurt she said was the worst: a 10.

Then she suspected that I had more allergies. She also tapped me for wheat allergy. If I remember right, she said that was a strong allergy and tapped me for 5 minutes. I now rate this a 2. I can eat wheat now without the watering eyes and blowing of the nose. I do, however, infrequently experience tightening of the lungs. (We would have done more but she was traveling back to Ontario.)

3. After the tapping

It had been years that I lived with lactose intolerance before my friend discovered it and provided a cure. She surmises that I had it most of my life, yet no one knew.

Now I eat yogurt every day, if I want. I can travel to friends' houses for a weekend trip without bringing soy products. I still enjoy soy, but I now use their milk and creams and yogurt and eat their ice cream. It is a huge relief.

I don't have to pack a cooler! I can enjoy a latte, a cappuccino, or a malted. I generally do not eat or drink these. However, if I feel like splurging at a birthday party or some celebration, I am no longer concerned about my locality to a bathroom or at what time I will be in the car traveling, etc. I can eat Italian cream sauces again.

Heavy rich cream sauces will still upset my stomach a bit. Then some diarrhea later. However, there is no urgency to get to a bathroom. The stomach upset is a 2 for discomfort. I don't experience pain nor am I concerned that I will not make it to a bathroom quickly enough. I should tap again on the heavy cream sauces in order to knock the 2 to a 0, but I am not COMPLAINING!

Essentially, I have returned to a regular life. I am so grateful for this.


Kristine Lotoski

Another lactose intolerance case

By Dr. Alexander Lees

Hi Gary,

Thought you might like to hear about the following case.

A client was presenting her list to me of things she wished to resolve, there were marital difficulties, child raising differences, and a host of other related issues to be dealt with. As she was reading her list, she apologized for having "the sniffles" as she called it, and mentioned it was because she'd eaten something with milk in it, and followed up with "even though I know I shouldn't."

When I expressed concern and interest, she quickly explained she'd been diagnosed as lactose intolerant and had been advised to ingest lactase, an enzyme, whenever she used a milk-based food. Her symptoms were runny nose, puffiness around the eyes, and an itchy sensation (especially on the face) and, occasionally, a red rash would appear on her throat.

I asked her how long had she been taking the enzyme. Apparently for at least a month. The second question, how long had the symptoms been present, was answered with "over a year."

I gave her the briefest of explanations of EFT, and tapped the hand P.R. point using the phrase "even though I have this allergy to dairy products, which I really love, I deeply and completely accept myself." These were the words she chose to frame the problem.

We repeated this three times, then did a full round using the reminder phrase "this allergy to dairy products." She said she didn't feel any different, and we returned to the main reasons for her visit for the rest of the session.

On the third visit, I asked her how she was doing with her allergic reaction to dairy products. "Oh, fine, the doctor said that sometimes some people take longer than the normal time to respond to the enzyme treatment."

GC COMMENT: I've lost count of the number of times that someone has achieved relief using EFT but then explained the results by some other means. EFT, for now, is a belief violator and will continue to generate these "alternate explanations" until it becomes more widely known.

ALEX CONTINUES: We moved on to other issues, and one day, her sister was referred to me. (Approx. 2 months later.)

I asked how her sister was doing with her allergy. "Oh, that's long gone," she replied, "'Kelly got over it shortly after she first came to see you."

Do enzymes have a delayed reaction? I haven't a clue. Did EFT clear it in less than 4 minutes of application? I guess we won't ever know that, either. However, it was an interesting enough coincidence to pass along the story to you.


Dr. Alexander R. Lees

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