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Child with terminal diagnosis miraculously healed - cancer-free today

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Folllowing is a very impressive “miraculous” cancer cure testimonial involving a two year old girl with a malignant tumor on her spine. While she was also treated with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, her doctors held out no hope for her beyond another year of miserable housebound life.

Within two weeks of a friend’s (unbeknownst to the girl or her family) intervening on her behalf via “surrogate tapping”, she was completely cleared of all cancer and is now expected to lead a normal life. Coincidence? Hardly...

For those who are inclined to think in such cases that it must have been the conventional treatments she received “kicking in” after all - let me tell you that her doctors themselves are nonplussed and consider her recovery a mystery.

If you are new to EFT (an emotional DIY “tapping” version of acupuncture created by Gary Craig, where your fingers replace the needles somewhat akin to acupressure) incl. the concept of surrogate tapping (doing EFT on yourself on behalf of another person), you are advised to first generally familiarize yourself with EFT (see Introduction to EFT: Healing Mind and Body By Reestablishing Healthy Energetic Flow).

Surrogate tapping for a 2 year old with cancer

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[Introductory note by Gary Craig:] Over the years, I have received countless reports where surrogate tapping (using EFT on yourself in behalf of others) has provided impressive results. Julia Allen reports yet another one for a child with cancer. This should get your attention.
Please note that Julia is not a health professional (she is a personal chef) and her understanding of EFT is limited to only what she read in the EFT Manual.

Dear Gary,

Two years ago our friend's daughter, who was 2 at the time, was complaining of backaches. The parents thought this was unusual for a 2 year old, so they brought her to the doctor.

After a series of tests and a week or so later, they diagnosed a malignant cancerous tumor on her spine. They immediately operated and tried the best they could to get all the tumor. Some of her spine was damaged, and she has some paralysis in one arm and on one side of her face. They "gave her" 1 year to live, as the type of cancer was very aggressive.

She then had chemo and radiation. She has been virtually house-bound as she couldn't catch an infection, and also was very weak.

I have been tapping (at first with the help of a counselor, and later on my own - for all kinds of things). I did not tell her parents that I intended to do this, but I did do some tapping for the little girl,

“Even though Kennedy has this tumor.... Even though her immune system is not working to full capacity... Even though she's afraid... she is a great kid OR she deeply and completely accepts herself.”

1 week later our friend called saying they re-assessed her condition and determined she might live 3 years.

Then I emailed you about the tapping on her condition. You called me a month or so ago and you told me to try tapping as if I was her. So I did the same formula as above, and I really concentrated on pretending I was her - I pictured her and I tried to feel 4 (if you know what I mean). I tapped whenever I could.

Well, about 1 week later she had another check-up and as her dad put it, "they have cleared her", she is free of all cancer, not remission, and is expected to live just as long as anyone else. Her doctors say it's incredible. A mystery. In fact the family is coming to visit us for 4th of July (which is a huge deal, as they haven't done anything in years!)

This has been a two year period since her original diagnosis. I have not tapped on her paralysis yet, but I intend to. I don't know if the tapping did it, I don't know if prayer chains work, but something did! I find it pretty strange that the two times I concentrated on tapping for her the news of an improvement was so fast!

I hope this is helpful and I wish you all the best,

Julia Allen

PS. Incidentally, a case history discussing the EFT treatment of issues involving “Depression and confusion about God” casually mentions as a “side effect” that the patient’s breast cancer “is healing ‘miraculously’ according to the MD.”

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