On radionics and healing cancer

by Gordon Smith, The Maperton Trust
published and annotated by Healing Cancer Naturally with permission of the author
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"Essentially all healing is generated by the patient but, since everyone is connected, practitioners of therapies and medicine can help.

Radionics helps the patient to a state of balance physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and when this has been obtained the patient's natural desire for health can usually put the diseased state into remission. We also supply additional energies to increase the effectiveness of the patient's return to health.

Working on this basis, a cancerous condition is no different from other disease situations.

We also have the ability to deal with predispositions which we all have, and we can ascertain the sub clinical state of the major diseases and initiate remedial action before they reach an obviously clinical state of ill health.

When testing new instrumentation we offered free treatment to local people here and three hundred plus came forward for treatment, giving a diverse spread of pathogenic conditions. The results of the treatment, which were very satisfactory, are given on our website www.mapertontrust.com and are based on what the patient judged to be an improvement or otherwise in their symptoms and overall health.

To summarise, we have found no difference in results in treating cancer or any other form of departure from health providing that the degree of illness is not markedly advanced and the patient is not due to graduate to a higher level in the normal way."

Some comments from visitors taking the free online healing treatment at www.mapertontrust.com (which has been unavailable for several years and may not be offered again).

"Not everyone 'feels' the effects of the treatment at the time it is being delivered. Sometimes no feelings are felt and no effects are noticed. Sometimes however, the benefits are only evident some time after the treatment has finished, as the following comment illustrates:

'My friend tried your free treatment on the internet from my computer last week. She didn't fill in the comments section as she said she didn't notice any changes. However, she told me a day or so later that she suddenly realised about 3 hours after the treatment that her chronic back pain of 30 years or more had suddenly disappeared! I am sure she will sign up for the full treatment when she can afford to!'"

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