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While I have already sung my own "health reporter's" praises of the Green Star juicer under Clear Winner & Best Juicer for Health Purposes, here is the evaluation of a doubly qualified person — who not only owned and tested several different quality juicers but cured himself of lymphoma (considered incurable by mainstream medicine).

I have owned a Panasonic; I have owned an Omega; I have owned a Champion; I have even owned a Norwalk.

None of them compare with the Green Star for:

  • quietness---you can have a conversation with someone standing next to you while you're making juice with a Green Star. [Note by Healing Cancer Naturally: When I used my Green Star GS 1000 juicer the first time, I couldn’t believe my ears: the sound it makes is more like a purr!]
  • squeezing as much juice as possible out of vegetables and out of apples and a few other hard fruits. With every other juicer I have ever had, I always had to run the pulp through twice to get more juice out of it, and even then it wasn't as dry as the first time through with the Green Star.
  • juicing flimsy greens, such as parsley and wheat grass---the twin gear mechanism of the Green Star actually sucks parsley and wheat grass down and through, and sucks all the juice possible. Every other juicer I have used, including Champion and Omega, has not compared to the Green Star for juicing flimsy greens.
  • cleanability---there is no comparison between the ease of cleaning a Green Star and cleaning an Omega or a Champion or some other juicer. I can finish cleaning the Green Star juicer in less than 5 minutes. Cleaning is one of the biggest headaches with regard to juicing. Green Star has come as close to solving that problem of any juicer I have ever used.
  • method of extracting the juice---the Green Star's twin gear mechanism is the best way of squeezing juice from vegetables and hard fruits. Other juicers add heat or oxygen to the juice because of the way they handle the vegetables and fruits.

Anyone suggesting that another brand of juicer compares to a Green Star simply has never used a Green Star. There is one other juicer I have heard of that compares favorably, but it costs more than twice as much as a Green Star.

Sure, if one cannot come up with $300-$340 dollars plus shipping--- if one can only afford 100 dollars or so, one is better off getting some kind of juicer than none at all.

But IF one can afford to purchase a Green Star, one will never have cause to regret it. And if one ends up selling their Green Star, they will get back close to what they paid for it, because Green Star juicers keep their value well over time.

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