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The Fourth Biological Natural Law of the New Medicine

Interviewer: I suppose we now come to the fourth biological natural law you have discovered?

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer: Yes, the ontogenetically dependent system of microbes.

Interviewer: What role do microbes play in your system and how do they relate to the much talked-about immune system?

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer: Up to now conventional medicine has understood microbes as being the cause of infectious diseases. This became an automatic assumption due to the fact that these microbes were invariably found in infectious diseases. But that was not the whole story. The first phase of these putative infectious diseases, the conflict active phase, had been overlooked. Only upon the solution of the conflict do these microbes become active and start working. They are not our enemies at all but rather our helpers. They work under the control of our own organism, directed by our brain, and assist us by clearing away the excessive cancerous growth.

After fulfilling their mission they are no longer needed, or in the case of bacteria and viruses, they help to rebuild the tissues. They are our loyal helpers. The whole concept of the "immune system" being an army our body possesses to fight against these very microbes, turns out to be false.

Interviewer: This brings to mind tuberculosis. What did the people who lay in TB sanatoriums for so many years really suffer from, and what could have cured them?

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer: If for now we will leave aside pleural tuberculosis and concentrate on pulmonary (lung) tuberculosis, one can say that pulmonary tuberculosis actually is always the healing phase of an earlier alveolar cancer of the lungs.

On the level of the psyche, alveolar cancer of the lung has a corresponding death-anxiety conflict. It is always directed from the brainstem. Thus it grows in the conflict active phase, and in the healing phase will be broken down by the mycobacteria, the tuberculosis bacteria if they are present. The remnants become caseous and are coughed out, often with bloody sputum, which often shocked patients and doctors and led to new death-anxiety conflicts, so that they were thrown into a vicious circle.

But among animals it all functions according to plan — the lung tumors are "caseated", coughed up and their little caverns remain. Thus the lung is able to breathe fundamentally better than previously with those solid alveolar tumors. To be sure, if in this healing phase the necessary mycobacteria are lacking, then the tumors remain. Today we often get to see, decades later, such old lung tumors that cannot grow anymore and are completely inactive. In earlier times we saw these caverns instead, emptied nodules, as there were tubercle mycobacteria everywhere.

Cancer Therapy

Interviewer: Dr. Hamer, perhaps we could now get to the treatment of conflicts. Is this primarily psychotherapy?

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer: We must not oversimplify. We do not require the type of talk therapy as used in earlier psychotherapy, where one has to discuss his or her problems with another person; one must of course also do that. But we would do best to look again to the animal kingdom.

The animal can only survive, can only solve its conflict, by really solving it. The stag can only survive if he takes back his territory. The animal mother whose offspring was taken, can only survive if she seizes back her off-spring from the predator (or else, Mother Nature has built in a special help system — if this animal quickly gives birth to another young, then the conflict is solved in and by reality).

Therefore, we must try among people, to solve the conflict really, in the real world, to find a totally practical solution. A man whose wife has left him needs his wife back, or needs another wife. The stag needs his territory back, or else a substitute territory. The real solution is always the best and most helpful, a permanent one.

Only if that is absolutely impossible and could not work, should we then try talk therapy, as the second best alternative; it is a fall-back strategy. But I must caution against the type of therapy that until now has always been turned to in cases of psychological problems — "you must calm yourself, you must stay quiet, you must take tranquilizers, above all you must be relaxed". In actuality, Mother Nature has programmed this stress for a reason, for it is only through this stress that the individual can overcome his/her conflict. In order for an individual to obtain a real solution we must not take away the stress, but, if anything, enhance it, so that through it the patient can solve his/her conflict.

If one were to give tranquilizers to the stag, then he would never be able to take back his territory, so we would be stuck in his conflict active phase. One can see that in psychiatry through the giving out of tranquilizers, chemicals, to make someone calm, the patient is turned into a chronically ill person. As far as being able to make an effective campaign to solve his/her conflict naturally, he/she has had "the wind taken out of his sails". These poor people can no longer solve their conflicts and they often live the rest of their lives in psychiatric wards.

Interviewer: Given the five biological natural laws that you have found, how should therapy actually proceed?

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer: We must imagine that the patient has three levels: the psyche level, the brain level and the organ level, although naturally, all three comprise a single organism. The therapy must concern itself with all these levels.

Above all, it is necessary to find out the DHS, the content of the conflict shock and to spell it out. It is important to note its effects as concretely as possible on all three levels. One must work scientifically and painstakingly.

We must find out whether the patient is left- or right-handed, in order to ascertain from which of the two hemispheres of the brain the patient predominantly operates.

One must not only find the conflict on the psyche level. One must also be able to localize it in the brain according to the conflict phase in which the patient is at the moment of the anamnesis and examination. This conflict, this cancer disease in the body, always stands in clear correspondence to the HH in the brain. For every particular localization in the brain, there always belongs a quite specific place in the body (and so a specific cancer), and vice versa.

The conflict must be solved. That works best in reality. The conflict poses fundamentally a real problem. So the mother’s child who had an accident must get well again as quickly as possible. A man who loses his job and on account of that suffers a territorial conflict, must either find another job or establish a substitute territory — in which he joins a club, or takes early retirement, or turns to a new hobby.

Thus there can be for most conflicts a whole array of possible solutions. In the animal kingdom, by contrast, most solutions are already preprogrammed. For instance, we find that many animal mothers, upon losing an offspring to a predator, readily go into heat and can become pregnant again — the most direct, practical solution to the conflict. In humans, pregnancy has absolute precedence from the third month on, no cancer can continue to grow, as in nature pregnancy has absolute priority.

On the brain level, it is in the healing phase that we see the most complications, for the brain edema swells as a sign of healing. When pressure builds up in the brain, then the top priority is making sure that the patient does not lapse into a coma. In this phase such things as coffee, tea, glucose, vitamin C, Coca Cola, and an icepack on the head (just as Grandma would recommend), all help to give relief and ease the pressure.

In more difficult cases the treatment of choice today still is cortisone (in the compatible retard form). Cortisone is not used to fight against the cancer. It is purely a symptomatic drug against the build-up of cerebral edema, like with all organic edema in the healing phase. Example: the aches in the bones through swelling in the periosteum. Here is a general rule for severe cases: decrease your fluid intake, keep your head elevated, avoid direct sunlight, and one should, if possible, not lie down on the side with the brain edema.

On the organ level, until now, the only attempted therapy was to remove the tumor, or whatever they thought might be the tumor. Without regard to whether the tumor was growing in the conflict active phase, or whether the cell increase happened in the healing phase. No difference. Everything was cut right out. This level we now see in a totally different light. The tumor, if the conflict has been solved, need only in the rarest of cases be operated on, or be destroyed in some other way such as through radiation, but only in the most exceptional cases.

As for the tumors that cause cell increase during the healing phase, these also seldom need to be operated on, indeed only if the growth bothers the patient mechanically. This is evident in the example of a big kidney cyst or an enlarged spleen, which is observed in the healing phase after an earlier spleen necrosis. The spleen necrosis was the organic substratum of a blood and injury conflict with reduced thrombocytes (blood platelets) in the conflict active phase and an enlargement of the spleen (splenomegaly) in the healing phase.

This means we now have to shuffle the cards again. We must consider on the basis of the New Medicine and its findings, what doctors need to continue doing, what makes sense, and what we no longer need to do. With that knowledge today, we can give the patient the choice, whether he/she would like to have a small intestinal removed surgically. If, he/she knows that the conflict belonging to the tumor has definitely been solved. And this tumor with logical certainty will not grow any further, then naturally, in 99,9% percent of the cases the patient will say to us, "Doctor, let’s leave this thing where it is. It won’t disturb me in the remaining 30 or 40 years of my life!"

Five Biological Natural Laws and the Course of Disease

Interviewer: Could you explain why the Iron Law of Cancer is called iron?

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer: It is called "iron" because it is a biological natural law. It is a law of the same sort, for example, as "every child has to have both a father and mother" — two organisms had to combine biologically for there to be a new child. So in the New Medicine we have found five new biological natural laws that are "iron".

The first is the Iron Law of Cancer.

The second is the law of the two phases of every disease (two-phase pattern of every disease). If the conflict could be solved, then "disease" can now be seen as a Significant Biological Special Program (SBSP) of nature.

The third is the Ontogenetic System of Tumors and Cancer-equivalent Diseases.

The fourth is the Ontogenetically Dependent System of Microbes.

The fifth law (the quintessence) means, the New Way of Understanding Every So-called "disease" as part of a Significant Biological Special Program (SBSP) of nature, interpreted through the evolution of species.

All these laws are iron, just as much as the Iron Law of Cancer, and all are in the strongest sense reproducible findings of natural science, which can be verified in the next-base case.

If one has a biological law, then it says only that there is a rule, governing how something will take place. It does not say the particulars of how this will work out because this depends on which program the psyche will supply to the system. So for instance, according to the same laws of mathematics, one can record debts or assets — the laws of mathematics apply in either case and do not make you richer or poorer by themselves.

The conditional part of these biological programs is what the organism, the individual, does or programs in. Upon solving a conflict the therapy runs practically by itself. But if the individual cannot solve the conflict, if the conflict remains unsolved, then the individual dies, according to the very same biological laws. That is why we can call these laws iron biological natural laws.

Interviewer: What role is played by these interrelationships with respect to time, especially the timing of the complications that can be expected during the healing phase?

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer: The patient asks, "Doctor, how long will it be until my condition is healed?" If we have worked well, have discovered the DHS and found the moment of the conflict’s solution, then we can reckon how long the conflict has lasted. With the help of a good medical anamnesis, we can also estimate how strong the conflict’s intensity was. And from the duration of the conflict and its intensity we can calculate the conflict’s mass or volume. And normally in 90 percent of the cases in the healing phase, no important complications arise.

That leaves the remaining 10 percent. When the conflict has lasted a long time, or perhaps the intensity was very great, or both. The patient thus has a great "volume" of conflict, this can create complications after the conflict solution in the form of a brain edema, and especially during the epileptic or epileptoid crisis within the healing phase.

One must learn to recognize these complications. As I said, they are only really serious in some 10 percent of cases. They can also sometimes even lead to death. But since we know that, we can be prepared and plan our responses early on; also, with medications, particularly with cortisone, we can decrease the danger, and these complications have been to a large degree brought under control. So today we find ourselves successful with bringing patients through the healing phase, who under other systems of medicine would certainly have died.

Most important however is, that throughout all these complications the patient has a new way of understanding. Has complete confidence because he/she sees a doctor who really knows about the occurrence of diseases. He can distinguish between the conflict active phase and the conflict solution phase. He can steer every single treatment or every single step in therapy very meaningfully and according to the needs of the situation. Through all that a great mutual trust is built between patient and doctor, and it is, for once, completely justified. That is, we can now under the New Medicine give therapy that is really directed to a specific goal and with real knowledge, which the conventional medicine cannot do.

Through this knowledge of the pathways of the various diseases, the patient for all practical purposes, will never again "panic". Who would panic, if the doctor told him he had a purulent angina? No one. What is a purulent angina? Answer: the healing phase following a tonsil adeno carcinoma. Doctors nowadays are taking more biopsies of the tonsils. So what happens if the doctor says to the patient, which is correct, that the patient has a tonsil cancer? The result is, that the patient who does not know the New Medicine falls into total panic. This can be responsible for new conflict shocks, for example cancer-anxiety panic or a fear of death panic. These can start additional cancers. What doctors say in their first diagnosis then often comes true, with fatal results.

And what happens among the animals? In the animal kingdom we see practically no cases of so-called "metastases". An Austrian professor once put it his way — "Dr. Hamer is calling us fools. He says, the animals have it better. They don’t understand the doctor’s voice, and that’s why they do not get metastases."

Interviewer: In your view there is no such thing as metastasis?

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer: Frankly, no. Those things that ignorant conventional medicine had perceived as metastases, were whole new cancers, brought about by additional conflict shocks. First and foremost brought on by panic-inducing diagnosis and prognosis shocks. The "fairy tale" of metastases was made up of purely unproven and improvable hypotheses.

Never yet has a researcher been able to find cancer cells in arterial blood of a cancer patient. But one would have to find them there, if they were to get into the periphery, that is the outer regions of the body. The hypothetical "fairy tale" that the cancer cells, under way on a never-observed journey through the bloodstream, also alter themselves.

Example: an intestinal cancer cell, which has made a cauliflower-like solid tumor in the intestine, suddenly wanders over to the bones, where it then transforms itself yet again into a hole in the bone, is the most ridiculous nonsense and smacks of dogmatism from the Middle Ages. The New Medicine completely refutes by the ontogenetic system any possibility that a cell, which is directed by the old brain and makes solid tumors could suddenly depart from its brain relay, somehow joint the cerebrum and suddenly produce a cell decrease.

We can guess that around 80 percent of second and third cancers are brought about through the insane machine of the present conventional medical establishment, triggered by their panic-inducing pseudo therapy.

Carcinogenic Substances and Nutrition

Interviewer: What role do carcinogenic substances play? Also, what about cancer-preventive foods — can these slow or hinder cancer?

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer: In truth, there are no such things as carcinogenic substances. Scientists have made so many research studies on animals and have never yet, by any of these animal experiments, shown that there exists a single carcinogenic substance.

To be sure, idiots have made idiotic attempts. In one, for a whole year a terribly highly concentrated formaldehyde was squirted into the noses of rats, a substance they would normally avoid. The poor animals then got cancer of the nasal mucous membrane. But they did not get it from the substance itself, but rather from the fact that this substance has an extremely strong smell and stinks terribly.

Can you imagine having something with an awful smell forced into your nose every day? The helpless rats thereby suffered a conflict for the nasal mucous membrane, a DHS, a traumatic biological conflict of "don’t want to smell", one could say.

We also know that for an organ whose nerves attachments to the brain are severed, no cancer can grow. This simple fact wreaks havoc with conventional ideas about metastases and carcinogens and is completely consistent with the New Medicine.

Nevertheless, science has assembled nearly 1,500 allegedly carcinogenic substances, yet only through ruthless animal research and torture can anyone support the notion of a carcinogenic substance. This is not to say that, all these substances are not poisonous, for many of them are; it’s just that they do not cause cancer, at least not without our brain.

All such ideas that smoking causes cancer or that Aniline causes cancer, are missing the point. We already know that such things are bad for our health, but cancer can only arise from a DHS — the psyche and the brain levels must be involved. So the assumption that smoking or Aniline cause cancer are all pure hypotheses, which can never be proven or verified.

On the contrary, it has been discovered in experiments on 6,000 gold hamsters that had cigarette smoke blown at them for six years. They lived longer on the average than a control group of 6,000 other gold hamsters who were not exposed to smoke. It had been completely overlooked that gold hamsters are simply unafraid of smoke, because they normally live under the ground. So in their brain there was no need for a program of warning alarm against smoke.

Among house mice it was completely the opposite. They, when exposed to the least amount of smoke, fell into death panic and tried to escape. In medieval times whenever mice were seen running out of a house, then one knew that something was burning. Many of these mice in that experiment afterwards suffered a lung alveoli cancer, which took place in virtue of a death-panic conflict caused by the smoke.

These examples should suffice to make it clear that nearly all animal research that is nowadays undertaken is only the senseless torture of animals. In all this research, the minds and souls of these creatures are entirely ignored, as it is the developmental background of their species. There is, to put it briefly, absolutely no proof of carcinogenic substances that work directly with the organ, without going through the psyche and brain first.

Interviewer: Is this true also of radioactivity?

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer: Radioactivity for example, which came from the accident at the Chernobyl atomic power plant. It destroys countless body cells; mostly the germ cells and bone marrow cells which are affected, because they by their very nature have the greatest rate of mitosis (dividing).

If the bone marrow, where our blood is produced, becomes damaged and the body manages a healing, then we see leukemia in the healing phase of bone cancer brought on by a biological self-devaluation conflict shock.

We must also point out, that strictly speaking, the blood symptoms of leukemia are unspecific; that is, they occur not only in cases of cancer, but in every healing of the bone marrow. The fact that few people survive leukemia, is solely due to their being led right back, by the ignorant conventional doctors, to chemotherapy and radiation, as further bone marrow is destroyed — the exact opposite of what is really needed.

In brief: radioactivity is bad, it destroys cells, but does not itself cause cancer, because this can only through a DHS which first has to pass our brain.

Interviewer: And the impact of healthy diet and nutrition?

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer: We must separate common sense from nonsense. An individual person or animal who eats properly is less susceptible to all sorts of biological conflicts. That is self-evident. It’s a lot like how rich people get only about one-tenth as many cancers as the poor — because the rich are able to solve many more types of conflicts, simply by bringing out their cheque book and writing a cheque. But to prevent cancer through diet is impossible, because diet cannot stop conflicts from occurring.

The Role of Aches and Pains

Interviewer: What role do aches and pains play in the New Medicine? In medicine up to now these have been regarded as negative signs.

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer: Aches and pains are an especially complex matter. There are different types of pains: pains in the conflict active phase, such as those in angina pectoris, or in a stomach ulcer. The other group is the pain in the healing phase, which occurs, on account of swelling or an edema, or is due to scar tissue.

The aches of the conflict active phase, as for example those of angina pectoris, disappear immediately upon the solution of the conflict. These aches one can solve on the psychic level.

As for the pain in the healing phase, which in principle, is something positive. One can merely make sure that the patient understands the role played by the aches, and adjust to them; healing is a truly vital job that the body needs to perform. Naturally, there are many possibilities through medication or external treatment to alleviate the pain for the patient who is suffering. Fundamentally the aches in animals and people have a biological purpose; namely, that the entire organism and the affected organ are to be discouraged from activity, so that the healing process can proceed optimally.

So it is for example with the healing of bone cancer, in which the extension of the bone’s periosteum in the healing phase brings about strong pains. Or, for example, the tension in the membrane around the liver, which is painful during the swelling of the liver in the healing phase of hepatitis. One could also name the scar pain in the late healing phase, after a cancer of the pleura. Through the scarring of the pleura cavity or the pain from ascites, as seen in the healing phase after cancer in the peritoneum.

The biggest danger is that we current medical establishment sees to it that patients who have cancer and have pain, even if the pain is quite minor, receive shots of morphine or a morphine-related substance. This morphine, when given to a patient in a deep state of vagotonia, can be fatal on the very first injection. It changes the entire set of brain wave patterns in a destructive way and completely takes over the patient and his morale.

From then on the intestine is paralyzed, that is, it can no longer digest food. The patient’s will to live is sapped. He/she no longer notices that he/she is slowly being killed. Even though, he/she was already in the healing phase, and would have become healthy again in a few weeks simply in virtue of the natural path his/her body was already following.

Patients are simply not informed adequately. Even a notorious criminal in a prison is informed when he/she will be executed. But, say to a patient that with a shot of morphine his/her own "execution" is about to begin and will in two weeks result in his/her death. You’ll find that he/she would prefer to bear his/her aches and not let him/her be put to death.

When patients look back in hindsight after the relatively short time of aches, then they are thankful that someone who knows the New Medicine had warned them about the danger or death by morphine. "But don’t the doctors know that?" people ask in disbelief. Of course, they know! Yet conventional doctors dogmatically insist on taking the viewpoint that aches are the beginning of the end and there is nothing further to do.

The natural healing of cancer, as indicated by the New Medicine, is ignored by the conventional medical establishment, for purely dogmatic reasons. Therefore, cancer remains a deadly disease and the innocent patient remains easy to manipulate.


Interviewer: How could one summarize the most important points of the New Medicine? What is the essence?

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer: The New Medicine is a complete revision of the prior hypotheses of medicine. Conventional medicine requires hundreds of hypotheses and several thousand supplementary hypotheses, because it has a huge mass of facts without structure and conventional doctors have always worked merely statistically.

The New Medicine explains for the first time the biological laws according to which our diseases run. It shows that fundamentally there really is no true illness. Rather that these conflict active phases are necessary, that we must allow nature to help solve the conflicts that we have, and that the conflict can actually be something good for us.

And for the first time it is really possible for us to see diseases in an organized overview, aligned in a system, on the psyche level, the brain level and the organ level. Following the New Medicine’s five biological natural laws will lead the practice of medicine to become again, for the first time in many generations, a fine art. An art for the doctor with a healthy human understanding, warm heart and warm hands.

The New Medicine cannot be put aside. The new way of thinking that is embodies will break the magic spell of conventional medicine. The worst kind of human slavery, namely the total dissociation from one’s own-self will end. The anxiety caused by the complete loss of natural trust in ourselves and our bodies, and caused by the disability to concentrate on the voice of our organism, will be gone.

With the understanding of the connection between psyche, brain and organ, the patient will also grasp how to avoid the mechanism. The panic, irrational anxiety, prognoses of ostensibly unavoidable dangers, which may become truly life-threatening, merely because the patient believes them and suffers distress.

This fear of an ostensibly wildly destructive cancer-mechanism, that constantly makes life-consuming metastases and the like, must end. Only in the minds of the dogmatic doctors will that mechanism continue to grow forever.

The responsibility for a patient’s health that conventional doctors have in reality never taken on, and never really were capable of taking on, must now be given back to the patients themselves. The New Medicine can mean a great new freedom for those who really grasp it.

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