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The following is the summary of a melanoma cancer cure testimonial from the year 2003[1] relating the recovery of a courageous man (named K.B.), who twenty years earlier had been diagnosed with stage III malignant melanoma on his neck.

While his doctors planned to do extensive surgery including the removal of several lymph nodes adjacent to the cancerous mole, the patient only allowed the mole to be cut out. He also declined the three months of chemotherapy he was urged to undergo.[2].

It had not been an easy decision. The doctors put the greatest pressure on him, going so far as to pressurize his mother (he was only 19 at the time). But thanks to a holistic doctor friend of his (a chiropractor) he was aware that there were alternatives and options different from those he was urged to accept.

He did seriously consider submitting to his doctors' wishes — for a while. What finally decided him against it was their very heavy-handed approach — basically trying to force him to do both the extensive surgery and the chemotherapy.

He began by studying books by Norman Walker and Paavo Airola[3] and immediately embarked on a two-week juice fast (he had bought a juicer the very day he had made up his mind to fight his illness on his own).

His daily regimen was as follows:

In the morning, he typically took 1/2 quart of the juice of apples, grapes, pineapple, grapefruit and pears (he abstained from oranges).

From noon till bedtime, he took vegetable juices — 1 quart of carrot juice (frequently mixed with onion and garlic as well as what the season had to offer such as celery, cucumber, spinach, and other vegetables).

In the afternoon, he added freshly prepared vegetable broth.

After the first few days of juice fasting, he took a lemon juice enema (the juice of four to five lemons in a quart of water) every day.

Following this two-week juice fast, he inserted one week eating nothing but fruits and vegetables, adding 1-2 pints of fruit juice and 1/2 quart of carrot plus vegetable juice every day.

Next he embarked on a three-week juice fast of fruit and vegetables.

Following this, he again spent one week eating nothing but fruits and vegetables, including nuts in this round plus the same smaller quantities of juice as above.

Following the same pattern for a total of six months, he steadily increased the length of his juice fasts (the longest one spanned 37 days). During the weeks he ate solid food, he also added other foods over time.

(The fruits and vegetables he consumed were organic whenever he could obtain them. He used spring or bottled water only.)


He also implemented another important avenue to health and healing — exercise. During juice fasts, he took a daily walk of up to 8 miles. And during the eating periods, he actually jogged 40 miles a week.


The only supplement he used to complement his regime was one sold under the name of "Herbalife" (which he bought from his chiropractor friend who considered enzymes of primordial importance).

Peace of mind

Interestingly, he also had great peace of mind throughout his journey, and fear of death never entered his thoughts.


After six months on the above raw food and juice diet and detox regime, he went in for a checkup and was declared cancer-free.

Staying in remission

To maintain his newfound health (as mentioned, his testimonial was written when he had been in remission for over 20 years), he followed a regime comprising 80% raw and 20% cooked food. He exercised (running/swimming/biking) every day for one hour or longer and detoxified via daily sauna baths.

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1 formerly published on cancertutor.com.

2 To understand why this was likely the wisest decision he could take, see the Conventional section.

3 Among other titles, Norman W. Walker was the author of "Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices: What's Missing in Your Body?" (How to use juicing for better health). Paavo Airola inter alia wrote "How to Get Well: Dr. Airola's Handbook of Natural Healing", "How to Keep Slim, Healthy and Young With Juice Fasting" and "Cancer: Causes, Prevention and Treatment".

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