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Medical ozone therapy research web site

www.o3center.org is a noncommercial labour-of-love site assembled in hundreds of hours, collecting “much of the relevant/practical material from the yahoo message groups ozonetherapy and oxyplus, as well as some from healozone.

It also has most of the available interesting medical ozone abstracts and articles and an updated directory of ozone and hydrogen peroxide doctors and practitioners.
As well, I have collected a huge bibliography, nearly 30 pages, of O2, O3 and H2O2 publications.

Also, there is a section on Protocols that detail all major therapeutic treatments.

There is also a section called Conditions Center that goes into most of the specific conditions that we have dealt with in our message groups.

I posted most links that have significant relevance to ozone therapy as well. And there is much more...

Anybody is welcome to link to it. If you host a web site that is relevant to this message group and I haven't included you, then you're welcome to e-mail me and I'll check it out and post a link to it.

My web site has no advertisements and I don't make any money off of ozone therapy and am not associated with anyone who does.”

Medical ozone therapy books

Gaylen T. (his wife’s double cancer healing story can be read on HealingCancerNaturally.com here) has “uploaded two books on ozone to http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/cancercured/files/ [you need to subscribe to the group first].

They're called Owner’s Manual For The Human Body & The Story Of Ozone. You can learn all the different diseases ozone cures, how to cure them, & all the different ways to apply it. You will learn the history of ozone, why and how it works, anatomy and other things.”

Gaylen T. has graciously offered his help in answering questions (to be directed to golfegg AT hotmail.com).

Ozone therapy support group (there are likely to be many more)


”OxyPLUS is an unmoderated e-ring dealing with oxidative therapies, and other alternative self-help subjects.”

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