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While this site is dedicated to the subject of non-toxic and holistic healing of cancer, it also includes pages offering help with other major scourges of our times such as Alzheimer's Disease and stroke (upcoming). The following notes address causes and therapeutic options for Parkinson's outside of what mainstream medicine has to offer.

Parkinson's link to mercury

Similar to Alzheimer's and other neurological diseases, Parkinson's also is linked to mercury (see Excerpts from "Detoxing Chemicals and Pollutants for Optimal Health"). As such, it appears to be equally amenable to properly conducted heavy metals detoxification. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt says in one of his German lectures (translated/paraphrased by Healing Cancer Naturally):

Glutathione (which binds mercury and its most toxic form methyl mercury) works phantastically with Parkinson's, often healing it instantaneously upon injection. This effect initially doesn't last, only 18-20 hours until the previous condition returns. Then the next injection must be immediately given. Doing this for months, the time between injections gradually extends, with eventual full recovery of the patient.”[1]

Avoiding aspartame

This excitotoxin appears to be another contributing cause of Parkinson's. More

Kombucha drinking carries the testimonial of a 81 year old man who had been diagnosed with Parkinson's some nine years earlier and whose gait had been reduced to a shuffle. Other complaints included severe osteoarthritis in his left hand and pronounced hearing impairment.

At the time of his reporting, he had been drinking Kombucha for only 17 days but was already noticing dramatic improvements in his energy levels, general mobility, sense of physical balance as well as hearing, and had regained full pain-free movement in his hand. Previously despairing of the future, he now feels bright hope for the years ahead and calls Kombucha THE TEA OF LIFE.

It seems likely that kombucha's ability to mobilise and help excrete environmental toxins such a lead, mercury, and others has been instrumental in bringing about these dramatic healing effects.[2].

Inclined bed therapy (raising one's bed at an angle in lieu of sleeping flat)

appears to be one of the simplest methods to improve one's health, at least in diseases such as Parkinson's. contains a phantastic (and dramatic) anecdotal report and other information on how inclined bed therapy has helped in cases of Parkinsonism.

Ozone treatment

See Alzheimer's Disease (Part 2): Ozone.


And again, as with Alzheimer’s patients, one important healing approach to look into in my view is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which I most highly recommend and which reports "...some astonishing improvements in the symptoms of Parkinson's disease."

Ear microimplants

German physician Dr. Ulrich Werth has developed a form of implant acupuncture ("permanent needle") that positively influences the cause of the illness. See . He is the author of the book "Parkinson ist heilbar: Das Geheimnis der ewigen Nadel" [There is a cure for Parkinson's: The secret of the permanent needle] (2016).


Cellect is a nutritional supplement developed by the National Cancer Research Foundation ( In addition to having helped to achieve many remissions/cures of various forms of cancer, it is also reported to have shown the ability to reverse Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, Grave's Disease, manic depression, ADHD, and even drug/cigarette/alcohol addiction.

This is somewhat reminiscent of the successes reported from using marine phytoplankton and similar nutrient-dense supplements.

Spiritual healing of Parkinson's?

See the P.S. in Hurricane Jeanne and the Healing Stream.

Another Parkinson's cure? : an Ayurvedic healing approach to Parkinson's.

A Parkinson’s Disease Alternatives Forum

Curing Parkinson’s Disease:

Foods & supplements containing iron and manganese

Both apparently can increase the risk of developing Parkinson's disease.

The Meridian Institute has conducted pilot research projects on numerous conditions, including disease conditions such as Parkinson's disease [based on Edgar Cayce’s healing advice].

Transdermal Nicotine


A note on placebo power in Parkinson’s disease

SCIENCE (2001: 293: 1164–6) reported a study done at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver) showing the effect of the power of the mind on the release of the brain chemical dopamine (faulty in Parkinson's patients). Instead of administering the standard treatment for Parkinson’s (synthetic dopamine), the researchers had given a placebo while telling the patients that they had received the "real" chemical. As subsequently demonstrated via PET scans, the patients' brains responded by substantially increasing the release of their own stores of dopamine.

Also see "Prevention of Dementia" at .


1 Compare On Effective Holistic Heavy Metal Chelation (Removal): definitions, diagnosis, neurotoxins, heavy metal toxicity & symptoms, risk factors, detox methods & side effects, natural chelation agents, secondary infections, etc.

2 Compare Kombucha as a cancer treatment: background information.

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