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So much suffering could easily be avoided.

Pam Young had breast cancer, innocently trusted her doctors’s recommendations (mastectomy, followed by TRAM flap ”reconstructive” surgery) which led to lymphedema (swelling of arm) and a horrible pain-ridden life as a wheelchair-bound cripple.

She, like so many (including a well-known person 2000 years ago), suffered unspeakably and died, perhaps so that others — by learning from her example — wouldn’t have to undergo the same: ”It is my desire to save other women from the same fate. There are alternatives to the ‘cut, burn and poison’ modalities used by the Allopathic doctors. If I can help save one woman, I will be thankful.”

Please listen to her.

Up until the pain became too great, Pam worked very hard to help other women who were ill and/or disabled from TRAM flap surgeries, breast implant illnesses, and breast cancer.

She created a book that resides in her hometown library of Findlay, Ohio, which tells the truth about the dangers and risks associated with reconstructive breast surgery and cancer treatment.

She worked very hard to enact legislation in her home state so that women who are confronted with TRAM flap surgery would be given Informed Consent about this surgery prior to being operated.

Together with her friend Lany, she created the following informative groups:
BAAR, [Breast Augmentation And Reconstruction]
which is a public newsgroup that focuses on the risks of TRAM flap surgery, breast implants, and related issues.
She contributed a great deal of research to the newsgroup, SBI Prayer Forum,
Her work and testimony remain in the archives of these groups.
Her last effort to help other women was the creation of the group
Alternative Breast Cancer
...expos[ing] the dangers of radiation from mammograms and [offering] thermograms as a safer alternative. It discusses unnecessary mastectomies and lymphedema caused by lymph node dissection. Complications of breast implants and tissue flap reconstructions are exposed. ... reviews the carcinogenic effects of chemo, radiation and Tamoxifen.
Non-toxic, non-invasive preventative, natural therapies for breast cancer [are discussed].
(Second part of the above written by Pam’s friend Lany)

DOCTORS BAFFLED — "My cancer is gone!"
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It was my misfortune to find out about conventional treatment the hard way, for which I am paying. ... it is difficult for me to talk about this horrible experience because of the trauma associated with it. ... I am working with a trauma counsellor in the hopes that the memories will lose some of their power to overwhelm.
L. P. who after experiencing the shock, trauma & disfigurement resulting from “quackery at its cruelest” considers conventional cancer treatment an “evil industry”

I have extreme stabbing pains at the incision sites as well as in my inner thigh and my outer thigh and buttocks burn with constant pain at night...The pain is from excessive scar tissue and adhesions.
Read more at Torturous pain after multiple surgeries

If I had known then what I know now, I would never, never, NEVER let anyone touch me with a needle or a knife!!!!
Cheryl Franks after her experience with TRAM flap mastectomy & biopsies following a CDIS diagnosis

Compare Potential serious side effects you may not be told about.

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