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This humanitarian site requests your support. If you feel you have been helped by the contents of this site, there are several easy (free) ways you can support it:

1 Doing your shopping for any products at Amazon

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Any new or used item purchased (within the same online session, i.e. don't log out in-between) via a click from these links contributes to defraying the costs of this website since up to 7.5 % of the Qualifying Revenues go to Healing Cancer Naturally as a referral fee, without you incurring any additional costs. To make sure that the commission for your purchase is indeed credited to this site, you need to start your online Amazon shopping trip from one of the above links.

So when you decide to revisit Amazon for future purchases at some later date, please come back here (you can bookmark this page or add it to your favourites) and effect your purchase from the link(s) provided above. This way, www.healingcancernaturally.com will receive credit for your visit and purchases and you directly contribute to the continuation of this free holistic health service.

1.1 Signing up for the FREE Kindle Reading App on both desktop and mobile devices by clicking

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This free Kindle Reading App lets you read your Kindle ebooks on most devices (PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.), without having to purchase a (not inexpensive) Kindle device first (I use this free App myself for reading my Kindle ebooks). Using the App, you can immediately start reading any Kindle ebook purchased (or obtained for free, there are some rare books available for free) from Amazon. Additionally you get Kindle features such as access to dictionaries and Wikipedia and you can bookmark, highlight text and more.

For any new signup from desktop users VIA THE ABOVE LINK, US$1 "finder's reward" goes to healingcancernaturally.com. Visitors on mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Mac and iPod Touch) would have to download the app AND additionally sign in to their Amazon account for the $1 reward to go to this site. (Please note that signing up for the free Kindle Reading App through any other web page [such as when prompted during the checkout process on Amazon], will not accrue the reward to this site.)

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To my knowledge iHerb are the cheapest and largest seller of supplements and general health products in the world. They carry 35,000 products from 1,100+ brands and ship to 150+ countries, providing customer support in ten world languages.

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Note: I've just (July 2017) joined iherb's "Rewards" program and don't know whether you will receive 5% off each time you order through the above link. Please let me know!

3 Spread the word

Do tell others about www.healingcancernaturally.com!

One page particularly close to my heart (since reading it could and would help spare people so much suffering) is Potential Serious Side Effects of Conventional (Mainstream) Cancer Treatment By Radiation Therapy (Radiotherapy/X-Rays), Chemotherapy & Surgery (Chronic Radiation Enteritis, Chronic Radiation Proctitis, Death from Malnutrition & Other Hazards) as well as the many pages it links to including Cancer “over-diagnosing” and “over-treatment”: Do be aware!
If you are a webmaster and/or have your own website, please consider linking to or mentioning these or other pages. If you like, you can link to Healing Cancer Naturally’s home page by simply pasting in the following code on your site:

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4 Indirectly sponsor this site

while promoting your product or service or advertising your used juicer by running an ad for a specific time. Terms and conditions.

5 Make a donation using Paypal

Every dollar helps and is gratefully received. More detailed information including the full list of donations received (it’s short) can be found here.

6 Translation

If you are fluent in other languages, you can help translate parts or all of several important pages of this site. Please contact me if interested in contributing in this manner.

7 Report glitches or errors should you discover any

Let me know in case you discover any outdated external links or similar errors on the site. This is helpful for all subsequent visitors.

8 “Positive energy”

Last but not least, prayer, reiki etc. can be powerful and I am grateful for any positive energy sent my way meant to enhance my happiness, wellbeing and inner and outer experience of love while striving to serve the highest good of all.

Both 1), 2), 3), 5), 6), 7) and 8) are ways to support this site at no extra financial cost to you.

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