Why Alternative Cancer Treatments

Reasons For Choosing Non-Conventional or Alternative Cancer Treatment

over the Orthodox Approaches Chemotherapy, Radiation and (often unnecessary) Surgery

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Why would it seem advisable to also or preferably consider alternative and non-invasive approaches to cancer therapy & cure? Undoubtedly, the strongest and most convincing proof - and evidence in favour of a non-invasive, natural cancer treatment - comes from physicians and authoritative sources of renown themselves.

This is the reason why Healing Cancer Naturally from its beginnings in January 2004 has created an extensive section “Why Choose Alternative Cancer Treatment?”. It assembles a powerful sequence of incisive, outspoken (and often shocking) articles, quotes and statements by cancer specialists, researchers and thinkers on many subjects surrounding conventional cancer treatment such as chemotherapy, mammography, potential side effects you may not be told about, cancer diagnosing incl. biopsies, drugs, conventional medicine, cancer research and cancer business, modern medicine, and cancer causes.

Equally powerful quotes highlight and summarize important facts about alternative cancer treatment, the healing of cancer, the role of nutrition in cancer genesis and healing, the self-healing power of the body and the power of the human mind as well as pain medication alternatives.

Many articles by medical researchers and personal advice & reports by former or current cancer patients further highlight the subjects of medicinal drugs, conventional cancer treatment and its side effects, and particularly cancer research and its unholy alliance of financial interests and animal research.

Essays on avoidable suffering, the question why even very ill and suffering people - in spite of mainstream therapy failing to help them - may ridicule, reject, and attack medical alternatives in cancer treatment, as well as quotes on Truth and Pshilosophy and the all-important role of love in healing and life complete the picture...

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