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Spontaneous remission of brain, breast, lung cancer cases in two weeks thanks to mind-body treatment

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The following cancer cure / temporary remission testimonials furnish beautiful examples of how a holistic approach including dietary changes, herbal supplementation, and various energetic modalities and exercises — here particularly yoga breathing and postures as well as sound and visualization and other mental techniques — can effect the cure of a medically diagnosed cancer. These astounding reports have been salvaged from a site that has long since changed its name and discontinued featuring the testimonials.

The reason no doubt lies in the fact that most everyone publishing or claiming a healing from cancer not involving the "holy trinity" of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery will be subject to serious persecution and reprisals, at least when that person also has a business interest attached to such reports. Since HealingCancerNaturally.com is not a business but a humanitarian venture acting in a journalistic capacity, it has decided to make these valuable reports available to the public[1] as yet another inspirational tool for people in search of healing from cancer.

Brain cancer cure

In 1995, Jennifer arrived with a serious problem in the shape of a 5 cm (2 inch) brain tumor that had reached the stage of interfering with her hearing and balance. She was also 60 pounds overweight. Her medical options involved delicate surgery which would have left her with half her face paralyzed, one to two months in the hospital for recovery, and months or possibly the rest of her life in a wheelchair, with a chance of not surviving at all.

She decided to go for a safer alternative since as a young mother with two young children, she thought it best to stay around for a while. Her life to this point had been typical of the modern American lifestyle — spent in the fast food lane with beer and cigarettes on the side. Her job in a high-stress situation kept her in a condition of hyperactivity. Because of a depressive state of mind and emotion she was taking megadoses of lithium and high doses of Prozac on a daily basis.

She was willing to change whatever necessary to avoid the surgery because she felt she would have died this time. There had been several instances of surgery already in her life and she didn't want any more. Consequently she came for our two-week immunity rejuvenator program (see Overview of the "cancer remission program") and took it quite seriously.

Two days after her arrival she decided to drop her prescription drugs down the sink.[2] Within three days the hearing cleared up in her right ear and her sense of balance came back to normal. At the end of the two weeks she had gone through a radical change with her situation and felt like she had a fresh start on life.

All the symptoms of the tumor had long gone and her vitality and enthusiasm for life had really picked up; there were no signs of depression. She left in a very good state and has continued with her daily practice of breathing and exercise while maintaining a healthy nutritious diet. A month after leaving us she had lost over twenty-five pounds and was still feeling great.

This is a medically documented case where the MRI tests showed the tumor had already shrunk by two millimeters after her first breathing lesson, a week before she came for the intensive program. We would have liked to have further tests done at the end of the program but the medical association would not co-operate and said she would have to wait until her previously scheduled test in the beginning of September, two months after our program.

The MRI scans in September showed the brain tumor to be gone; the only trace of it being a kind of shadow of where it had been. The medical documentation with before and after M.R.I. pictures were “lost” by the medical association when they found out she was going to give them to the alternative clinic.

Jennifer is presently living a healthy life back at her home near [...], has a new job where the stress level is acceptable, and is very happy to be with her family.

Her medical bills would have been over $350,000.

Brain tumor (grade 4 astrocytoma)

I first talked to Jeremy in June 1997. He was taking chemo and radiation therapy for a brain tumor that was very malignant (cancerous). It was difficult to understand what he said, so a friend took over the phone and explained how the brain tumor was affecting the speech part of the brain. Jeremy managed to explain that his mouth was also affected and that originally there were some headaches. He was presently losing co-ordination.

Jeremy smokes and drinks. There is also numbness in the left hand. He noticed that memory gets "misplaced”, there is confusion and short-term memory is dysfunctional. When reading he cannot get to the end of a sentence without forgetting the beginning. He had been told short-term memory would be affected by radiation. Constipation has been a serious problem since chemo started; also ...weak and wobbly knees.

I met Jeremy in the second week of August. He came for a visit with his brother, they realized that the medical treatments were not doing much as his condition continued to get worse. They decided next day that Jeremy would come for our two week Rejuvenation program (see Overview of the "cancer remission program") .

Jeremy had two “brain seizures” one on about August 25 and the second one on about September 5. He was told by medical authorities that the first seizure was due to his not taking his pills; there was no explanation for the second one since he was taking them at that time.

Jeremy finally arrived here September 10 and we started breath therapy that day. He seemed very confused and in a depressed state; very difficult to get any words out.

First symptoms were slurred speech, some headaches possibly and discoordination of the right hand; he could no longer write. CT scans and subsequent biopsy revealed a 3.4cm lesion in the left front lobe of the brain, diagnosed to be a grade 4 astrocytoma with necrosis, mitosis and nuclear pleomorphism. In layman’s terms a very malignant tumor.

Jeremy was informed that radiation and chemotherapy were the available treatments, and that this could “prolong natural history” by a few months. No guarantee or expectation of anything beyond that.

Thursday, October 02, 1997: Jeremy’s condition has greatly improved in the last three weeks. The tumor itself has shrunk considerably, in fact there may be nothing left.

When Jeremy saw [his oncologist] on September 24 he was told “if the tumor continues shrinking he would only need to come in every six months for a check up”. Now there is no need for concern, and no need to see him unless Jeremy starts taking the medication again, in which case the doctor would need to see him in a month to regulate the dosage.

I do not recommend this at all as it is a strong contributing factor in the seizures and prevents the natural healing — the drug also has many other side effects that are damaging. The last seizure Jeremy had (minor one) was on the last day that he took this wonderful medication. There has been none since.

The tumor is in a state of “remission” as they call it in medical terminology; no longer a threat to his life and Jeremy only needs to go in for another CT scan in three months to see if there is anything left.

One of the side effects of his medical treatments (radiation) is the damage to short-term memory, burnt out brain cells etc. The brain cells are being regenerated and will be for a while yet. Since the new brain cells are blank, like blank tapes, there is a certain amount of re-learning needed for Jeremy to regain all his functions, speech mostly.

For this process we recommend slow easy reading (of simple children’s books for example) with the emphasis on correctly pronouncing one word at a time. Jeremy now has the ability to do this but it is not yet automatic; that will come with practice.

He has regained much strength and co-ordination on the right side of his body and if he continues with his daily exercises this will soon come back to normal. He will need some encouragement and support in this department. Some appropriate physiotherapy could be quite helpful here, or a weights/fitness program at a gym. It is very important for him to keep the breathing deep and coordinated with physical movements >> this is the only thing that will re-generate and re-program the neurons in the brain. Movement (exercise) by itself won’t do it.

The greatest improvement I have seen is in his short-term memory. When he first arrived it was very difficult to work with him because he could not remember any instructions from one minute to the next, in fact from one breath to the next he would forget what he was doing. Presently, three weeks later, he has regained the ability to remember and follow instructions enough to work on his own. He does need to be reminded and encouraged to do the work. We have seen an increase in his mental capabilities tenfold since he first came.

Jeremy left us in October — to return to his life of smoking and drinking. We warned him about the probable reoccurrence of the problem. One year later it did happen; though the original tumor had shrunk to the point of no longer being a concern, a new one had developed close to the original site.

His brothers decided to put him through our program again, since it worked the first time. Jeremy went along with it, but didn’t really care to do much. The new tumor probably receded some. Jeremy just wanted to go home and have a beer and a smoke so he did. He died six months later.

It had been clearly explained to Jeremy that returning to his lifestyle of smoking and drinking would re-create the problem; nevertheless he did go that route. Jeremy was a simple man and it was the only life he knew. What was demonstrated in his case is the fact that the program he went through, with all the breathing and exercise, as well as with the Chinese herbs and organic food, did in fact demolish the first tumor. Had he been able and willing to continue with a maintenance program on his own, he would still be with us. Jeremy was only in his early forties.[3]

Breast cancer with lymph node metastasis cured

Ruth had been told by her doctors (1978) that she had fast-growing malignant lumps in her right breast, and the cancer was spreading into the lymph nodes under her right arm. They strongly recommended she be in the hospital for surgery within four days.

She chose to come and do a two-week intensive with us. This time was spent doing a lot of breathing exercises, physical exercise; diet was strict and very limited. Time was also spent talking about lifestyle changes that would be required for long-term results. This involved relationship, employment, diet, stress levels and social support groups.

Ruth took it all quite seriously and changed almost everything, including relationship. She went traveling for some months. While she was away she had herself checked out medically in a clinic in a different province. There was no sign of any cancer. She continued with her new healthy lifestyle for several years, not always traveling, and eventually lost touch with us.

Her daughter informed us the following year that Ruth's doctors had changed their mind about her having cancer. When they heard she had come to us to do something alternative, they reassessed the test results and decided there had been some misinterpretation. Makes one wonder about the value of their tests, if not their motives, for surgery.

Breast and lung cancer

Claire had experienced several years of an ongoing breast cancer in the form of an external sore. Radiation and chemotherapy had done little to help her. Through family connections she went to see [an oncologist] of the Sloan Kettering Cancer Research Institute in New York and he arranged for surgery to be performed [close to her home town].

This proved to be successful, but within a year she was again in the hospital dying of lung cancer. Her doctors had given her a maximum of ten days to live, as her lungs were filling up with fluid secreted through the cancer cells.

Claire wanted to spend a little more time on planet earth. So when she was offered an alternative method to rejuvenate her health by her son Tim, she went for it. She was taken out of the hospital and set up in her own apartment with a treatment plan, this involved a detoxification diet using many Chinese herbs and several sessions of deep breathing per day. Claire had been bedridden for a couple of weeks at that point because she was too weak to do anything but go to the bathroom.

However within five days of commencing this new treatment her lung capacity had increased dramatically, her energy and vitality had returned, and she was up and about living her daily life. This included daily walks in the mid-winter [Canada]; she even wanted to go skiing with her two sons.

X-rays taken a couple of weeks later showed the cancer cells in her lungs had been reduced to dormant black spots.

To maintain her own health she was set up on a diet that had a vegetarian base, with very low sugar intake and a continued use of Chinese herbs. Her health continued to improve as she resumed her active social life and even went traveling to Hawaii.

Every day her son John came for a visit and made sure that she was still on track with diet and a short period of deep breathing. This went along well for seven months until John had a motorcycle accident and ended up in a coma in the hospital, never to speak again. He died three years later in an extended care facility.

To Claire, this was devastating, and depressing. Her diet and breathing exercises went astray. We all know how depression can take your breath away. For reasons that are not clear she was given a chemotherapy treatment about three or four months later and her health declined rapidly.

Towards the end of the year, her second son Tim was informed that she was deteriorating rapidly; so he came and took her out of the hospital once again. This time he took her back to live with his family in [...]. He suggested putting her back on the rejuvenating diet and breath therapy, and did so to an extent but found her motivation lacking this time. Her response was," I think I want to go for my reward now."; having been a devout Catholic all her life and a zealous born-again Christian in the last decade, she meant that she was ready to go to heaven now.

She died very peacefully, about two weeks after saying that.

Medical records have been denied by the medical association.

In spite of the fact that Claire eventually died, the results from the healing program were quite astounding. The cancer and its symptoms disappeared within a week or two. For a 75 year-old woman to step off her deathbed and accomplish this says a lot for her character and her faith, as well as for the effectiveness of the program.

This case also shows us that follow-up and maintenance program are required for continued health. Just as continual breathing is required for life, continual deep breathing is required for healthy life.

Overview of the "cancer remission program" these cancer patients went through

The intensive "cancer remission program" was so named by its inventors because it proved effective in putting several cancer cases (including terminal ones as described above) into so-called spontaneous remission: in fact, in five out of five cases, each time within a two-week period (documented and checked with CT scans in two cases; of those five cases one involved breast cancer, one terminal lung cancer, two were very malignant brain tumors, and one case concerned ovarian cancer. Another case involved a benign brain tumor.

The "cancer remission program" the above patients were treated with included:

  • the "EKADASI" breathing technique (pranayama yoga)
  • Hatha yoga movements and exercises designed to stimulate the thymus gland and lymphatic system
  • a special diet and (mostly Chinese) herbs for detoxification
  • education in thought patterns and related disease symptoms
  • daily psychological counseling with constant supervision
  • energy control and glandular stimulation techniques incl. light and colour therapy and "Quantum Sound Therapy" with voice and music (a high-tech method for adjusting the frequency of cellular and molecular vibration to a state of harmony; sound can work as an important control factor in the energy world of the "chakras" and can induce "higher" and healing states of mind)
  • yoga chiketsa massage therapy and daily massage
  • immersion in a healthy natural environment

These techniques, movements and postures are designed to

  • stimulate the immune system and assist with disease control by improving general health and vitality
  • raise oxygen levels and lung capacity
  • stimulate blood and lymph circulation so that the oxygen and nutrients are distributed throughout the body more efficiently and much faster (as much as twenty times faster according to medical research done by the Jipmer Medical Research Center in Southern India)
  • assist emotional stability: calming and balancing the nervous system to maintain the equilibrium of body and mind, releasing past negative thought patterns and emotions to create room for more healthy inspirations.


1 In a slightly edited form, e.g. all names have been changed.

2 Please don't emulate. Drugs are often difficult or impossible to filter out of the wastewater and will thus be consumed by anyone drinking the contaminated water, further adding to the drug residue burden on our water supply already created by millions of prescription drug consumers who excrete them via their urine.

3 The healing of numerous types of brain cancer is attributed to flaxoil & cottage cheese and/or the full Johanna Budwig protocol. The page On the anti-cancer effects of a low-calorie and/or ketogenic diet (new research into cancer as a metabolic disease) includes a successfully treated case of astrocytoma in a child.

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