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Little time to read this site's around 1000 extensive pages plus downloadable informational material amounting to a dozen books or so? Take a look at this “Greatest Hits” section which lists those healing modalities found in the extensive field of alternative cancer treatment that, either for their simplicity, gentleness, comprehensiveness and/or particularly (cost-)effectiveness, have so far impressed me the most. Additionally, nearly or in fact all of these approaches have helped overcome many other diseases as well.

Generally, the six truly foundational habits to adopt to further any kind of healing — all of which involve "getting back to nature" as that is which our body is designed for — seem to be

A) allowing full-spectrum light to reach the body and specifically, the unshielded eyes, and avoiding imbalanced (artificial) light sources. For an introduction to what natural light can do for health and cancer healing, see Healing Cancer With Light (2) and Healing Cancer With Light (7).

B) "earthing" — grounding the body by walking barefoot (or by any other bare skin contact with the earth). The earth — which modern man has near-completely shielded him- and herself from — is a rich source of free electrons which among numerous health benefits also work as natural antioxidants. I cannot recommend the practice of seeking bare-skin contact with the earth highly enough (compare the recommended General health books and Earthing and Vata — a little caveat from an Ayurvedic perspective).

C) water and proper hydration: see On diet, dehydration & the need to drink water and Chronic Dehydration Causes Pain and Disease, Incl. Cancer.

D) exercise not only helps to prevent certain types of cancer, but actually can improve outcome in confirmed cancer cases, i.e. help the patient heal from cancer. See On cancer prevention and exercise: scientific research studies into protective effects of physical activity & training on cancer incidence, risk & mortality after diagnosis.

E) proper (thorough) chewing: an excellent example of how the most basic things in life can make or break a person's health. While the Japanese seem to always have known and taught the importance of chewing well, Western people owe the propagation of the health-restoring and preserving value of thorough chewing to Horace Fletcher (1849-1919) who recovered his health thanks to the method, and more recently to Austrian doctor Franz Xaver Mayr. Among other astounding benefits, chewing well has helped release people from addiction to alcohol and nicotine.

F) Getting your vitamin D levels up to a healthy range (by sunbathing or supplementation). There is overwhelming evidence of the health and healing benefits as well as the preventative effects of good blood levels of vitamin D. More

Once the above basics have been covered, one more specific advice would be to look into the easy-to-implement Kuhl protocol while also exploring the energetic approaches to healing cancer and other dis-ease, as well as the numerous nutritional, herb- or supplement-based, detoxification and other options available you may feel guided or drawn to.

In fact I believe that combining a dietary and lifestyle upgrade, for instance a fresh organic juicing diet, with DIY energetic / emotional / mental / spiritual modalities such as EFT, guided imagery, Qigong etc. currently offers the most effective way to achieve permanent healing of any condition since one thus addresses both the “physical” and the possibly even more important (subtle) energetic foundations of our being[1], as particularly expressed in our thoughts, emotions and spiritual life, and one does it by relying more on one’s own devices than on any outside medical or other “authority”. More on Holistic Cancer Healing.

Also take a look at the real-life healing stories and testimonials overview page where among many healing reports, you’ll find some amazing cases of “instant” and “miraculous” healing of cancer, often lightly shrugged off as spontaneous remission...! Includes the very important warning: Cancer overdiagnosis and overtreatment: Do be aware!.

"Simple" and folk cancer remedies

On the other hand, one example (of a number of them featured on this site) of how powerful yet simple a cancer remedy can indeed be is furnished by the Homemade Aloe, honey and rum syrup recipe which seems to be a very impressive DIY treatment against cancer and apparently frequently a cancer cure.

Another one would be the "Grape Cancer Cure".

Many similarly astounding cancer cure reports are owed to urotherapy, kerosene (yes), Maria Treben's herbal approach, lactic-acid-fermented food treatments as well as powdered zeolites, many likely partially owing to a strong detoxification effect!

Generally, try to avoid geopathic stress / EMFs. There is an entire naturopathic school of thinking which attributes much of today's rise in cancer incidence to the fact that we are immersed in an unphysiological "soup" of EMFs.

To help reduce your exposure, keep your surroundings (furniture, clothing, care products etc.) as natural and toxin-free as possible. Compare Geopathic Stress & Cancer, Exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiation (EMFs and EMRs) (critical protection and avoidance measures) and Detoxification.

Last but certainly not least, sometimes the decisive piece in the cancer healing puzzle (and in fact, the difference between living or dying!) can be found in the dental realm — see On the link between toxic dentistry (root canals, amalgam, nickel etc.) and cancer.

In conclusion: there are of course many "alternative" approaches apparently leading to impressive cancer remissions, including those which seem to be based on and induced by (frequently expensive) supplements (most of which may doubtless contain an element of the powerful placebo effect).

When "all is said and done", healing from cancer seems to be an individual affair, with different people succeeding with different approaches.

Hence perhaps my most important piece of advice: after learning about different approaches that have helped to heal other people's cancer, follow your own guidance/intuition above all else — and know that the mental part — the true will and desire to heal and live — can be the decisive piece of the puzzle.

Lactic acid treatment according to Dr. Dr. Johannes Kuhl and Kombucha treatment according to Dr. Rudolf Sklenar

These are two nutrition-based approaches to the healing of cancer you are likely to never have come across before, and both are based on including liberal amounts of lactic-acid fermented foods, drinks and/or supplements.

Combined with a diet restricting all processed food, Dr. Dr. Kuhl reaped sensational successes with his lactic-acid-based approach to healing cancer and other diseases involving malignant or benign growths and wrote several remarkable (German-language) books about them. Hadn't it been for his untimely death, I believe Dr Kuhl would be nowadays THE shining star in the alternative cancer treatment heaven...

Working with a somewhat smaller group of cancer patients, Dr. Sklenar obtained similar results using Kombucha, a fermented drink with numerous reported health benefits. Both doctors also included homeopathic lactic acid preparations.


Apán medicinal mushroom

A more recent kid on the block of alternative cancer treatments, supplements based upon the Apán medicinal mushroom already have some very powerful testimonials under their belt. Read more.

Dr. Budwig’s Flax Oil-Protein Diet

Dr. Johanna Budwig has literally pulled people back from death’s doorstep with her relatively easy-to-implement protocol (and doubtless powerful confidence-inducing personality). Her regimen (often simplified to “Budwig diet”) based on the critical importance of the right fatty acids plus sunlight, and the deleterious effect of the wrong fats on human health has been hailed by some as the best fundamental healing approach for many stricken with a cancer challenge. For details, see the comprehensive Dr. Budwig’s protocol pages which also include many Budwig diet healing testimonials (incl. terminal patients).

Fresh Juicing and the Healing of Cancer

The use of fresh juicing has an impressive track record regarding its ability to help cancer patients recover from their disease. This also includes the so-called Breuss cancer cure (compare Two cases of stomach cancer healed with the Breuss diet [plus other cancers and diseases healed with the "Breuss Cancer Cure"]).
More on juicing

Aloe (arborescens or vera) and honey treatment

Sounds somewhat ridiculous, doesn't it... Don't let the apparent simplicity of this approach fool you into thinking it must be worthless. In fact, the opposite sems to be true. Aloe's medicinal properties both general and in the field of cancer cure and prevention have been extensively researched, with aloe showing impressive anticancer/antineoplastic activity (currently c. 2350 citations found for the search term "aloe" at PubMed [a biomedical database which publishes only scientifically validated research]). Here is the highly recommended homemade aloe, honey and rum syrup recipe.

Maria Treben's herbal cancer cures

Teas, salves and poultices made from medicinal plants have effected dramatic cancer cures, helped to prevent relapses and healed extreme radiation damage and burns. See Maria Treben's herbal cancer cures (endorsed by Prof. Dr. Dr. Paul Seeger).

Healing Cancer Naturally recommends that every health-conscious person look into herbologist Maria Treben's work which reflects and distils centuries of knowledge and hands-on experience with healing herbs.


See The Banerji Protocols — homeopathy standardised and simplified and successfully used to obtain cancer remissions. Sensational!

Bring up your Vitamin D levels to the optimal range

There can be little doubt that vitamin D and its active form 1.25(OH)2D plays an important part in carcinogenesis and cancer prevention. Quote: "1.25(OH)2D3 has been shown to inhibit cancer cell growth, induce cancer cell maturation, induce apoptosis, and decrease angiogenesis."

Various studies have shown that the incidence of a number of cancers is higher in those with low 1.25(OH)2D serum levels and that an inverse association exists between serum 25(OH)D concentrations and the risk of certain types of cancer. In fact, if you do a search of the official medical database PubMed for the search terms "vitamin D cancer", you will obtain around 11,000 results (as of September 2019).

On this site, many pages refer to the role of Vitamin D in cancer treatment and prevention incl. the Healing & Preventing Cancer and Other Diseases Using the Healing Power of Sun and Other Light section and the articles Vitamin D shown to have protective effects against cancer (first large-scale prospective study published in March 2018), Vitamin D Supplementation During Seasons Lacking in Sunshine May Slow Down Prostate Tumor Growth and Vitamin D [Cholecalciferol] in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer.

So if you don't live in a sunny climate or don't expose the majority of your skin regularly to sunlight without using sunscreen (the natural source of Vitamin D production), bringing your serum levels of 1.25(OH)2D up to what is generally considered a healthy range (30-80 ng/ml) seems to be a major step in any effort at improving health and wellbeing including and particularly in cases of cancer. This can be achieved with supplements or via foods such as cod liver oil (fish oil). Some caveats re certain types of cod liver oil, however:

According to Dr. Johanna Budwig and Udo Erasmus, author of "Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill", cod liver oil that is processed using extremely high heat damages the oil (by leading to the formation of harmful components) and thus those who consume it. Additionally, cod liver oil or fish oil is likely to contain dangerous contaminants which apparently only a process called molecular distillation is able to remove.

So if you do use fish or cod liver oil, you may wish to go for unadulterated, unheated and cold-processed quality, such as found in a product which is molecularly distilled under extreme vacuum (which allows the oil to "boil" at relatively low temperatures) as well as independently certified as being free of contaminants.

Note: in contrast to the other treatments listed under Greatest Hits, I currently have no data showing that increasing vitamin D serum levels as a stand-alone treatment can help heal cancer. While this is conceivable (and somewhat suggested eg by reports such as those featured under Can sungazing heal cancer?), it is listed here only as a major helpful adjuvant treatment.

Protocel / Cantron

A supplement inspired by a "higher source" which has shown amazing curative effects in infants and pets, both less likely to succumb to placebo. See Background, Protocel®, Entelev® and Cancell® Cancer survivorship testimonials (II) and Protocel® pet cancer testimonials.

Kerosene (called paraffin in the UK and other countries)

The exact same as for the "urotherapy" discussed further below applies to the use of kerosene. Equally usable both topically and internally, Kerosene has been widely employed in some countries for numerous medicinal purposes including as an extremely simple cancer cure. The use of kerosene (or a derivative thereof) for cancer treatment has been endorsed and practised by eminent physician and cancer researcher Prof. Dr. Dr. Gyula de Szilvay, author of several books on cancer and other diseases.

For using kerosene on pets with cancer, see Dog cancer cure tips. www.health-science-spirit.com/Healing_the_Body/Kerosene-a-Universal-Healer.html features detailed information on kerosene use for humans including safety issues. (Healing Cancer Naturally will provide a number of cancer healing testimonials owed to kerosene in the future.)

In case you are wondering: I am healthy but every other year or so I do a severalweek course of kerosene for cleansing and health maintenance myself.

Zeolites powder

More costly than the above modalities, but an easy-to-do treatment which has reaped some spectacular cancer cure successes (including with dogs where the placebo effect cannot have played much of a role). See Terminal cancer remissions thanks to tribomechanically activated zeolites and following pages.

Habanero Peppers (and more)

While the final word isn't in, this is another very simple and inexpensive approach which has already reaped some very encouraging results with a number of cancer patients (likely connected to the anti-tumor activity of the compound capsaicin found in hot peppers). See Kelley Eidem's recipe: habanero peppers, garlic, ginger plus emulsified cod liver oil or evening primrose oil to "balance your metabolism" (Dr. Emanuel Revici): a powerful cure for cancer?.

Fenbendazole, Mebendazole et al.

Fenbendazole is a recognized antiparasitic drug available over the counter. Thanks to a chance discovery, its powerful potential to heal even stage 4 cancer has been unveiled. See Fenbendazole combination treatment: successes with terminal cancer (they are sensational!). The page also discusses the equally outstanding results achieved with its sister drug Mebendazole.

Urine therapy (shivambu/amaroli treatment)

Healing Cancer Naturally now has its dedicated complete section on urotherapy, an ancient healing practice already part of Ayurveda (which strange — and unsavory — as it may appear at first glance, has numerous healing reports for cancer and other diseases to its credit).

This includes Urine therapy as a cancer cure: testimonials (a survey of healing reports in the uropathy literature), beginner tips in Auto-uropathy: how to ease into urine self-treatment, the related Urea treatment as a cancer cure (spectacular tumor healing successes with the urine compound urea), More cancer successes with various urine compounds and derivatives (experiences and studies demonstrating the existence of cancer-fighting elements in human urine), How to do urine [shivambu / amaroli] therapy: "instructions" for auto-urine treatment as a cancer cure by various authors, and much more.

It is safe to say, in any case, if there ever was a remedy that is truly affordable and accessible to anyone, your very own water truly is.

Stop feeding the tumor

Numerous improvements in cancer patients incl. the complete disappearance of tumors have been observed after simple caloric restriction and/or lowering or cutting out the intake of proteins, sugar and processed foods. A kind of starvation diet was also one of the two pillars of Dr Eduard Salzborn's cancer treatment who obtained many successes with inoperable tumors and patients diagnosed as terminal.

An extreme (not necessarily recommended) example has been furnished by these Two Bladder Cancer Cures Achieved via Water Fasting and there are a number of cases on record who achieved cancer remissions with auto-urine (and water) fasting. Caloric/protein restriction may also be one of the main reasons for the successes of fresh juicing regimens against cancer.

Incidentally, diabetes type 2 (wrongly considered incurable) has quickly yielded to caloric restriction as well, see eg https://www.ncl.ac.uk/press/articles/archive/2015/10/type2diabetes/ .

Using magnets against cancer

is an ingenious and apparently infallible method of destroying certain types of malignant tumors developed by William H. Philpott, M.D. For details see The Magnetic Answer For Cancer.


See Wheatgrass as a cancer cure: healing testimonials including terminal cases.

The Hoxsey Formula

Known to be highly effective with many cancers, the Hoxsey herbal formula is reportedly extremely effective with basal cell carcinoma. Someone commented, “it's probably the single best herbal formula for cancer that's available in most health food stores”. See also Medical History: Hoxsey, Herbs & Grasses, and Testimonials.

DOCTORS BAFFLED — "My cancer is gone!"
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1 While anything “physical” of course can itself be reduced to pure swirling energy, the difference between physical and subtle energy factors would be that the former are easily amenable to observation, measurement and quantification, while humanity has not yet developed sufficiently effective instrumentation or ability to “objectively” measure and quantify the latter.

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