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Hi, my name is Ulla Schmid[1] and I am pleased that you’ve found your way to! Whether you are struck with the challenge of a cancer diagnosis or looking for a natural non-invasive carcinoma cure for a loved one, I am confident that you will find a wealth of helpful pertinent information here — and all FREE.

About myself: While I am a German language professional by training based in Berlin, Germany, where I work as translator, proofreader and creator of my own sites in English, German and French (I am a Sworn Interpreter for French, see my complete CV plus references ), I have followed an eclectic educational path including training as a naturopath.

I have been engaged in heavy social followed by environmentalist & animal rights activism since I first read about the concepts at age 16 ... and yes, I walk my talk and live simply, sustainably and nutrition-wise (when I can) organically (see my tips How to eat organic "on the cheap"), without a car, refrigerator, washing machine, health or other insurance, meat, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs... I do have a PC, however :-).

I love the sun (particularly in the nude), music, gardens, joking, good-willed honesty (often a rare jewel in human interactions), soul-searching, and beauty in all its forms.

If I had to name just one personal hero, it would be Mahatma Gandhi, but there are a number of people I admire for their outstanding contribution to humanity — particularly Fosar/Bludorf (, two brilliant German holistic scientists, Daniel Meurois and Anne Givaudan, two equally brilliant explorers of the invisible realms (sadly hardly any of their dozens of amazing books, written in German respectively French, have been translated into English so far), and Dr. Wilhelm Reich. I am also grateful to Gary Craig, founder of EFT.

I bow to architect Richard Gage, AIA, for his courage to touch and convincingly expose one of the hottest (while likely most pivotal) "potatoes" of our times via the Science of 9/11 website

... and finally, in a league of his own and much more than a "person": spiritual world teacher Paramahansa Yogananda.

My strong interest in all matters related to health and healing of body, mind and earth has made me investigate the fields of nutrition, hygiene and alternative and spiritual healing modalities in great detail.

When, sadly, my best friend’s mother developed cancer, my particular focus turned to the healing of cancer, something I have long believed and meanwhile come to KNOW to be absolutely accomplishable, as proven for many years and on a daily basis by tens of thousands of courageous and determined men and women all over the globe.

While Gary’s mother refused anything but what her mainstream doctors recommended (operation, chemo and radiation) and died within the few years that were “given” her[2], I hope and wish that you will take heart and example from those who are ready to take responsibility for their body and health and who recover, sometimes (if not actually always) stronger and healthier than before their diagnosis!

I would love my websites (of which is the umbrella) to help convey the information and “good news” I have gained to as wide an audience as possible.

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.


1 For those unfamiliar with the prename Ulla, it denotes a person of the female persuasion.

2 Here is what she said to me when I last spoke to her on the phone, a kind of summary of her personal experience with conventional cancer treatment ...


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Also please don't ask me "what shall I/my loved one do in my/their situation XYZ ", "do you think approach XYZ would help in my case" etc. It would be utterly irresponsible on my part to give any kind of "medical advice" over the internet, quite apart from the fact that I believe in people listening to their own intuition/higher self rather than to (or certainly before following) any form of outside "authority".

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  • Special note 1: I do not have a treatment centre or facility so please do not send enquiries asking about any cancer treatments provided since I am not in a position to furnish them.
  • Special note 2: Some correspondents seem to assume that the maker of a site relating to the natural and holistic healing of a particular disease must him or herself personally be affected by this disease. Let me assure you that I am very healthy and that I’ve created this as well as my other sites for the purpose of assisting others in their respective challenges and thus contributing to a more loving world where people — in a spirit of oneness — work for the good of the whole.
  • Special note 3: Please don't send me books on alternative cancer treatments you have written yourself. After receiving and reading a couple of them, I feel it is not worth the considerable time required to do so. I am interested however in receiving books from cancer victors describing their own successful path to recovery and am usually happy to publish an exclusive excerpt.
  • Special note 4: I get regular letters from various "outreach coordinators for xxx" (from massage therapy classes to variegated health issues) asking me to link to their (nearly always commercial) website. Virtually none of them offers as little as a backlink in return. Please don't write, you would be wasting your and my time.
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