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The below series of files of an overall size of over 10 MB in simple text format (here compressed in zip format) contains an absolutely amazing wealth of information on alternative cancer treatment and healing cancer without chemotherapy (even though chemotherapy will be occasionally discussed).

These files comprise all of the messages posted to the Cancercured Self-Help List (hosted by yahoogroups), starting mid-June 2001 and arranged by quarter, minus redundancies and repeats I painstakingly took out to make the entire collection less bulky and easier to consult by searchword or intuitively.

The information found here is not only applicable to the treatment, prevention and/or healing of cancer but also to general optimum health maintenance. New files will be uploaded if time permits (it took months of work so far).

None of these files may be reproduced without proper credit to

Download the “cancer cured” files in zip format

Internet explorer:

right click on file name: save target as


right click on name of file: save link as

or alternatively left click and save / left click and follow the instructions respectively. (608 KB)
covering mid-June to September 2001 (511 KB)
covering October to December 2001 (709 KB)
covering January to March 2002 (941 KB)
covering April to June 2002 (503 KB)
covering July to September 2002 (278 KB)
covering October to December 2002 (689 KB)
covering January to March 2003 (479 KB)
covering April to June 2003

Also see Healing Cancer Holistically.

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