You Can Heal Yourself with the Power of Your Mind

”..many persons subconsciously don't want healing. They are attached to their conditions and, whether they consciously realize it or not, they enjoy the attention they get through being ill. ... The power of the mind is unbelievable ... She was getting attention through [the arthritis]. The woman was totally healed, and five minutes later she was totally sick again.”
The GRIT, Penn, 5/1977, quoting former psychic healer Charles R. Collins on the awesome power of the human mind to make ill and to heal, including from cancer

Welcome to page 4 of Healing Cancer & Your Mind! Read here about the "carrot experiment [which] shows you what you can do. ... You can control the power in and around your mind. And once you learn to do that, you'll be free of disease forever!"

Simple Carrot Test helps you:
Find out how you can heal yourself

Harold Fiske in the National Examiner, 2/18/82

Well-known healer Charles R. Collins says you don't need faith healers to get well - you can do it yourself using the incredible power of the human mind.

And instead of dealing in vague mystical terms about the power of the mind, Collins says he can offer living proof that mental power [i]s a source of life and death, of sickness and health!

Collins, 47, lives in seclusion in Virgin, Utah, about 150 miles north of Las Vegas. It was in Virgin in the early '70s that Collins first discovered the mind is an instrument that can be tuned and controlled as easily as a musician can tune and control a fine instrument.

The result of mind control, says Collins, is amazing benefits to health and peace of mind. Collins says after he cleansed himself of disease and shed 80 pounds he decided to spread his message to others.

He wrote a book, The ABCs of Life, and opened a practice as a [fa]ith healer in Miami in the mid-70s. The basis of his philosophy is [sh]own in a simple experiment, he says.

"Take eight to 10 good-sized carrots," he told the Examiner, and cut off the top, leaving about half an inch of carrot attached to the top. "Be sure to cut any green sprouts coming from the tops. Then place four or five carrot tops in two dishes of water. Mark one dish with a 'plus' sign and the other with a 'minus' sign. Place both dishes on a sunny window sill.

Love (+)

"Several times a day pick up one dish, tell the carrots how beautiful they are and encourage them to grow.

Hate (-)

Do the opposite with the others: curse them, hate them and think negative thoughts toward them.

"Ninety-nine percent of the time, the 'plus' carrots will sprout and flourish while the ‘minus' ones will wither and die."

This simple carrot experiment offers proof, says Collins, of living power of the human Mind.

If you can kill growth out[side] your body in such an obvious way," he said, "just think of the damage you're doing inside your body by thinking negative thoughts. I truly believe that this is the basis [of] all sickness!"

While Collins is no longer active faith healer, he has an impressive case book of successful cures.

"I remember one woman who was crippled with arthritis, "She was taking pills like crazy. I asked what had happened about six months before her arthritis started and she told me that her husband had run out on her. The whole reason she had the disease was because she still lived with that negative memory - the negative thoughts were making her sick.

"Another lady from Salt Lake City suffered from mind-shattering headaches for over 40 years," he said. "The headaches were cured when the woman re-directed her negative mental energy into positive thinking. "

Collins also remembers a woman suffering from hiatus, hernia, resulting in spasms so severe she could scarcely breathe. By helping the woman discover her own mental energies she stopped taking powerful painkilling pills and [began] to live a normal life.

"I've discovered that people [are] attached to their diseases - they really don't want to get well. They often live with sickness for so long it becomes a pa[rt] of them. You often see big changes in diseases, but they don't last," he said. "I've seen cases in which a physician testifies there's been an actual change in body chemistry.

"But a few days or weeks later, the patient is sick again. In many cases he just doesn't want to be well [-] he refuses to heal himself[!]." Fed up with the negative thinking that keeps people sick, Collins has given up healing. But he still claims you can heal yourself.

"The carrot experiment shows you what you can do," he insisted. "You can control the power in and around your mind. And once you learn to do that, you'll be free of disease forever!"

But in spite of his brilliant successes, Collins gave up faith healing and retreated to the isolation of a mountain top in Utah.

We tried this easy experiment

Carrot tops flourished as a result of positive thinking, sprouting rich green shoots, while those carrot tops

Picture credits: National Examiner

To test Collins' carrot growing experiment, the National Examiner decided to conduct the experiment in the office. We took six carrot tops and divided them into two groups of three. We gave them equal amounts of water and sunlight under carefully controlled conditions. Our staff treated one group with contempt and the other with positive, loving thought.

To our amazement, the experiment worked! The "bad" carrots turned brown and died while the "good" ones sprouted rich green shoots!

Notes by Healing Cancer Naturally

Here is a caveat concerning the above thought experiment: It has been proven by quantum physicists that the expectation of the experimenter influences/determines the outcome of the experiment (see for instance the famous Schrödinger’s cat experiment). In other words, to prove that the above-quoted effect of negative/positive thoughts on a carrot top are indeed factual and in themselves the cause of the effects observed, these experiments should be done by people completely unaware of the “expected” effect, i.e. in some kind of double-blind setting.

That said, I have myself involuntarily made a similar experiment twice and come to the exact same conclusion - negative thoughts and feelings can kill a plant!

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