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Welcome to this site's overview of Dr. Hamer’s highly controversial “German New Medicine®” which some consider the current cutting-edge in the healing arts while others decry its originator as a murderer who keeps cancer patients from their only means of salvation, i.e. “proper” (conventional) treatment.

My personal impression is that Dr. Hamer’s “New Medicine” approach can serve to complement a well-rounded holistic physical-nutritional approach to healing cancer, which might include for instance the dietary and lifestyle approach developed by Dr. Johannes Kuhl and Dr. Budwig, a detoxification “program” adapted to individual needs, spiritual modalities such as those discussed in Cancer Healing & Spirituality I and II or others, as well as energetic and electrochemical/ bio-electric modalities, all in an effort to cover all bases in a person’s comprehensive path to healing cancer (or other illness).

More on this important subject in my ”must-read” article: On German New Medicine positing a purely emotional genesis of cancer: on the impact of environmental toxins, nutritional deficiencies, energetic and spiritual healing influences.

Additionally, considering the great complexity of the subject, Healing Cancer Naturally encourages the interested reader to search for both negative and positive reviews, comments, websites and other sources discussing Dr. Hamer’s work, beyond the (necessarily incomplete) information and/or opinions made available on this site, in order to be continually better equipped to form their own opinion. For instance, 100 examples of successful cancer cures using Dr. Hamer's approach are listed on disease-is-different.com .

If you look at the history of alternative cancer treatment which talks about the treatment a number of successful herbal and other nonconventional cancer (and in fact other) therapies and their inventors have received at the hands of the powers that be, it will come as little surprise that Dr. Hamer too was the subject of severe accusations and repeated legal persecution as well.

At the time of this original writing (1 March 2005) he was languishing in a France prison awaiting another trial to serve a three years prison sentence which it was feared he might not survive spiritually or even physically. Read background information here.

From www.neue-medizin.com/hamereng.htm

“Dr. Hamer discovered ... a biological law (The Iron Law of Cancer), and it takes place on three biological levels, the psyche, the brain and the organ (body). Right after ... a conflict shock the "program" disease starts on these three parallel levels: the psyche is "shattered" (the thoughts revolve around the conflict), practically at the same time cerebral changes take place (Hamerscher Herd! [Hamer focus]) which can be displayed (!) by a CT of the brain, and at the same time... the tumor (for example) starts growing! And all that is not a failure of mother nature but a biological program that is useful and logical (on a biological level). Cancer is not a killer, but an archaic concept which helped individuals in ancient times to survive! Even today most patients don’t die of cancer but of the ignorance of modern medicine.”

Hamer focus picture

CT scan of brain showing Hamer focus in someone whose “life dream” had recently been shattered, awaiting healing.

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.

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