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Rising atmospheric CO2 decreases micronutrients in plants worldwide

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”Crops have higher yields when more [carbon dioxide] is available... But there's a trade-off between quantity and quality. While crops may be more productive, the resulting produce will be of lower nutritional value.”
Peter S. Curtis, ecologist at Ohio State University, linking escalating CO2 levels (and resulting crop yield increases) to a decrease in the nutritional value of these crops

An October 2002 report (Rising atmospheric CO2 and human nutrition: toward globally imbalanced plant stoichiometry? by Irakli Loladze, Ph.D., Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University) discusses the effects of rising CO2 (ongoing increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration) on human nutrition.

The atmospheric CO2 concentrations have increased since pre-industrial times, altering the chemical composition of plants — the fundamental food source for humanity, with the data showing that overall concentrations of microelements in plants decline when atmospheric CO2 rises.

One example of many: a new report by Fangmeier et al. (2002) based on a large study of the second most important crop in Europe (potato), shows an overall decline in the concentrations of almost all measured essential elements in both foliage and tubers under elevated CO2 conditions.

In other words, rising CO2 aggravates 'hidden hunger' — apparently the leading nutritional disorder in the world. Since increasing atmospheric CO2 affects all plants worldwide, this decrease in nutrients would apply to both conventionally grown mass-produced crops and to organically grown foods (which otherwise tend to be consistently superior in both taste, nutritive content and mineral balance), and simultaneously invalidate the often-heard claim that a well-balanced diet renders supplementation superfluous.

The above-described “CO2 effect” adds its detrimental influence to that of an “agriculture which robs our daily food of over 60 natural and crucially vital trace elements without which we sicken and die — and as if this were not enough — an agriculture which then adds its poisons to our daily food, to the air we breathe, to the water we drink, and to the soil in which we grow our crops.” The final result? A world where more and more people fall prey to all manner of disease including cancer. Read an eye-opening article on conventional husbandry and rising cancer incidence.

Dr. Bodo Kuklinski, director of the renowned Diagnostic & Therapeutic Centre for Environmental Medicine in Rostock, Germany, has arrived at a similar conclusion but attributes the decrease in nutrition of foodstuffs uniquely to industrialized farming methods and mass production leading to dramatic decreases in vitamin and mineral content.

He found that even those eating a normally varied diet are chronically undersupplied with vital nutrients and "starving in the midst of abundance".

The European Centre for Immunotherapy and Immunological Research (private clinic Obertal in Beiersbronn, Germany) for instance ascertained that the calcium content of potatoes decreased by 70 percent (from 14 milligramm per 100 grams to 4 mg) between 1985 and 1996. The vitamin C content of spinach dwindled by more than half while bananas showed a whopping 93 percent decrease in essential vitamin B6 (which, among other things, strengthens mental concentration and the immune system).

Karen Vago confirms in "Protégez votre corps": “Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium-based fertilizers make the plants grow so fast that they have no time to store a sufficient amount of minerals. They can't draw from the soil their share of zinc, manganese, chromium, selenium and magnesium. If allowed to grow 'naturally', they are able to accumulate the substances vital for our cells and our whole organism.”

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