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Welcome to this page meant to facilitate your search for some of the major information recently added to Healing Cancer Naturally! It is organized by month, beginning August 2008.

March 2018 Additions

• Supplements & Herbs Large-scale study: vitamin D shown to have protective effects against cancer

December 2017 Additions

• Nature Heals Forest bathing - on the natural healing potential of "therapeutic landscapes" Improved immune system incl. natural killer cell activity, stress reduction, prevention of stress-related diseases

• Diet & Nutrition How to cheaply include huge amounts of live probiotics in your diet by making your own yoghurt

August 2017 Additions

• Testimonials Cancer cures ascribed to urine therapy: video testimonials

April 2017 Additions

• Detoxification Eliminating toxins with Sebastian Kneipp's "Water Cure" Mother Nature's half-forgotten treasure trove of remedies

February 2017 Additions

• Spirituality Tuning in to the Healing Stream Receiving Bruno Groening's divine force (healing wave, Heilstrom)

• Supplements & Herbs Sebastian Kneipp on the medicinal power of horsetail / shavegrass (Equisetum arvense)

January 2017 Additions

• Why Alternatives DMSO helps against lymphedema? A powerful anecdotal case report

• Diet & Nutrition On the link between cholesterol and cancer incidence High cholesterol levels associated with lowered cancer risk

December 2016 Additions

• Spirituality Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma healed through the "healing stream" (Bruno Gröning) Two medically documented reports

• Spirituality Terminal radiation sickness completely healed through the "healing stream" (Bruno Gröning) Medically inexplicable "miracle" recovery from severe radiation poisoning

November 2016 Additions

• Diet & Nutrition Garlic, onion and other Allium vegetables against cancer
Epidemiological and laboratory research shows antitumor and cancer-preventive effects of allium vegetables and compounds

• Testimonials Terminal cancer healed through the mind Relaxation/meditation, visualisation, affirmation, reprogramming (Silva Method)

October 2016 Additions

• Greatest Hits Earthing and Vata A little "grounding caveat" from an Ayurvedic perspective

August 2016 Additions

• Why Alternatives Fasting reduces chemotherapy side effects and enhances its effectiveness Studies show short-term starvation can minimise toxic effects of chemotherapy used in cancer treatment

July 2016 Additions

• Supplements & Herbs St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum) oil Cancer anecdotes

• Supplements & Herbs St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum) & cancer Scientific research studies

• Supplements & Herbs Beres drops as a cancer cure? Anecdotal reports regarding an immune-system-enhancing formula from Hungary

• Supplements & Herbs Beres drops (a trace element preparation) Scientific research studies

• Supplements & Herbs Medicinal cabbage leaf poultices Dr. Blanc: background on the therapeutic topical application of Brassica oleracea

• Supplements & Herbs Medicinal cabbage leaf poultices Dr. Blanc: tumors cured (1)

June 2016 Additions

• Diet & Nutrition Garden asparagus and cancer Studies researching anti-tumor effects of asparagus officinalis compounds

• Testimonials Multiple myeloma case report by Dr. Hulda Clark Terminal plasma cell cancer in full remission?

May 2016 Additions

• Cancer Prevention Bruises turning into tumors? Folk remedy to help prevent former bruises turning malignant

• Treatment On the anti-cancer effects of a low-calorie and/or ketogenic diet New research into cancer as a metabolic disease

January 2016 Additions

• Cancer Causes Morcellation can rapidly spread cancer Women have died of uterine cancer shortly after undergoing myomectomy or hysterectomy surgery

• Supplements & Herbs Vitamin B17 (Laetrile/Amygdalin) Some historical background

December 2015 Additions

• Supplements & Herbs "Terminal" lung cancer testimonial Stage IV non-small cell lung cancer stabilised with herbal Korean medicine treatment incl. ginseng

• Detoxification Cure testimony: "terminal" non-Hodgkin's lymphoma healed "in extremis" after dental cleanup stage 4 patient tumor-free within weeks of thorough detoxification of his teeth (root canals and amalgam fillings)

August 2015 Additions

• Testimonials Two cases of inoperable "terminal" stomach cancer healed with Dienaplex® homeopathic remedies plus other cancers and diseases healed thanks to Dienaplexes plus a natural lifestyle

• Supplements & Herbs Taraxacum (dandelion) medicinal effects: scientific research studies show wide-ranging therapeutic potential (Part 3)

July 2015 Additions

• Supplements & Herbs Taraxacum (dandelion) medicinal effects Taraxacum officinale / Taraxacum japonicum / Taraxacum coreanum / Taraxacum mongolicum / Taraxacum platycarpum: scientific research studies show wide-ranging therapeutic potential (Part 1)

June 2015 Additions

• Energetics Medical astrology according to Dr. Rudolf Sklenar On using the astrological birth chart as a diagnostic tool

• General About the ads appearing on

March 2015 Additions

• Diet & Nutrition Hairy cell leukemia healed thanks to a strict vegetarian diet, determination and positive thinking

Français Avantages vs. risques du dépistage du cancer pour les gens en bonne santé (asymptomatiques) Un compte rendu du livre du Dr. H. Gilbert Welch “Dois-je me faire tester pour le cancer ? : Peut-être pas et voici pourquoi”

February 2015 Additions

Français Les graves effets secondaires potentiels du traitement conventionnel du cancer: loin au-delà de la perte des cheveux et des nausées

Français Après un diagnostic de avant de choisir un traitement (chimiothérapie, radiothérapie, chirurgie), deux questions fondamentales à poser à vos cancérologues

• Cancer Causes Leukemia from Lindane and PCP exposure Toxic gamma-hexachlorocyclohexane and pentachlorophenol have caused many diseases including cancer

December 2014 Additions

• Supplements & Herbs Urtica membranacea cancer cure German physician successfully used stinging nettles for healing benign and malignant tumors

• Supplements & Herbs Maria Treben on the stinging nettle as a medicinal plant: a famous herbologist on the healing benefits of Urtica dioica (incl. some testimonials)

• Testimonials Stinging nettle (urtica dioica) cure testimonials: pancreas cancer healed with nettle juice / stomach cancer healed with nettle tea

• Supplements & Herbs Stinging nettle medicinal effects: Urtica dioica and Urtica urens scientific research studies show wide-ranging therapeutic potential (part 1)

• Supplements & Herbs Stinging nettle medicinal effects: Urtica dioica and Urtica urens scientific research studies show wide-ranging therapeutic potential (part 2)

October 2014 Additions

• Testimonials Near-Death Experience Followed by Terminal Cancer Healing Anita Moorjani's NDE

• Causes Father Thomas Haeberle on the causes of leukaemia An alternative explanation for "blood cancer"

• Dr. Hamer's German New Medicine More thoughts on Dr. Hamer’s GNM Some critical comments & suggestions by X.Y.

September 2014 Additions

• Testimonials Metastasised breast cancer cure / remission Surviving "terminal" cancer twice doing "nothing" but surgery and eating plenty of fresh homegrown vegetables

August 2014 Additions

• Holism Yoga breathing & poses therapy and other holistic techniques plus dietary and herbal detox helped heal cancer: spontaneous remission of brain, breast, lung cancer cases in two weeks thanks to mind-body treatment

• Supplements & Herbs Metastasised kidney cancer 83 year old patient back to leading a normal life thanks to supplements and low-sugar diet

• Supplements & Herbs Manda Koso supplement Fermented fruit and vegetable concentrate from Japan: testimonials, studies, claimed health effects on cancer & other diseases

• Supplements & Herbs Manda Koso healing testimonials: Pets (Cats and Dogs)

July 2014 Additions

• Supplements & Herbs Cure testimony: terminal lung cancer with metastases Healed via detoxification with wild herb cocktails and raw foods

June 2014 Additions

• Healing Cancer & Your Mind Terminal cancer cured through emotional clearing Testimonial: removing emotional roadblocks has cleared path to healing from a "fatal" illness

• Diet & Nutrition Kangen Water negative testimonials: people who didn't benefit from drinking Enagic's Alkalizers/Ionizers water

• Supplements & Herbs Black salve treatment saves the life of terminal (stage four) liver cancer patient Tumor as well as pancreas and kidney metastases extracted using botanical herbs (with graphic pictures)

• Cancer Prevention On cancer and exercise scientific research studies into protective and preventative effects of physical activity & training on cancer incidence, risk & mortality

May 2014 Additions

• Diet & Nutrition Water alkalizers/ionizers; possible side effects & controversy

• Supplements & Herbs Colon cancer cure testimonial - on Sutherlandia frutescens against cancer

March 2014 Additions

• Supplements & Herbs Aloe cancer cure testimonials: terminal lung cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, leukemia healed

• Why Alternatives Insider proves pharmaceutical industry puts money / profits before patients' health - and life Massive Big Pharma corruption exposed by whistleblower

January 2014 Additions

• Nature Heals Antineoplastons: a cancer treatment based on peptides and amino acid derivatives isolated from urine

• Nature Heals Urine therapy: background on urotherapy as a cure for diseases including cancer

• Nature Heals Urea: other important applications in cancer treatment: wound disinfection & edema treatment

• Nature Heals HUD treatment as a cancer cure: Human Urine Derivative shows spectacular tumor healing & preventive successes with ovarian and stomach cancer

• Energetics Electromagnetic fields and radiation (EMFs and EMRs): critical protection and avoidance measures

• Energetics Smart meters: on serious health hazards and remedial action you can take to protect yourself

• Causes Studies on electromagnetic fields and radiation (EMFs and EMRs) & cancer risk: research on the effect of cell and DECT phones and mobile phone towers on cancer incidence

Supplements & Herbs Research studies: anti-cancer effect of resveratrol, pterostilbene and grapeseed - on science corroborating "The Grape Cure"

• Cancer Prevention Dietary vitamin C intake from natural sources, cancer prevention & incidence: epidemiologic evidence points to higher ascorbic acid blood levels' protective effect against many tumors and malignancies

December 2013 Additions

• Testimonials Terminal leukemia cured via urine therapy and live food diet

• Nature Heals How to do urine [shivambu / amaroli] therapy: "instructions" for uropathy as a cancer cure by various authors

• Why Alternatives After a cancer diagnosis and before choosing any conventional treatment options (chemo, radiation, surgery), ask your oncologists two basic questions.

• Why Alternatives One reason why chemotherapy can trigger tumor growth A 2012 US-American study has revealed one key factor - WNT16B - why chemo treatment can make cancer worse

October 2013 Additions

• Detoxification Two Bladder Cancer Cures Achieved via Water Fasting (Part 3): report of stage III bladder cancer healing

• Detoxification Two Bladder Cancer Cures Achieved via Water Fasting (Part 4)

September 2013 Additions

• Cancer Healing & Spirituality Falun Dafa Qigong cancer remission testimonials: spiritual self-cultivation and qigong exercises have helped cure diseases including cancer

• Treatment Treating Cancerous Tumors with Pure Raw Honey Packs: destroying benign and malignant growths with natural honey poultices

August 2013 Additions

• Treatment Dr Eduard Salzborn's cancer treatment: thanks to starvation diet and "Inoperan" many successes with inoperable tumors and patients diagnosed as terminal

• Testimonials Dr Eduard Salzborn's terminal cancer cures: clinically confirmed cancer cases which obtained long-term success with the Salzborn treatment

• Dr. Johanna Budwig’s oil-protein diet Dr. Budwig’s treatment advice for very ill cancer patients: simple measures to assist the very weak and/or unable to eat

• Cancer Prevention Angelina Jolie and "breast cancer prevention" via surgery - a role model? On mutated BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes as "cause" of high breast cancer risk: prevention by bilateral (double) mastectomy?

• Dr. Johanna Budwig’s oil-protein diet On self-appointed "Budwig experts" and fake Budwig books misleading cancer patients

July 2013 Additions

• Testimonials Terminal glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) brain cancer healed thanks to alternative cancer treatments

• Greatest Hits Lactic-acid-fermented food treatment for cancer according to Dr. Dr. Johannes Kuhl with dramatic cure testimonials

• Greatest Hits Kombucha as a cancer treatment: background information

• Herbs & Supplements Successful cancer treatment with Kombucha and coli preparations according to Dr. Rudolf Sklenar

• Testimonials Cancer cure testimonials: treatment with Kombucha and coli preparations according to Dr. Rudolf Sklenar

• Testimonials Kombucha cancer cure testimonials: more success reports

• Resources DVDs: cancer cure videos covering various alternative cancer treatment modalities which have shown successes even in "terminal" and "incurable" cases

• Treatment The Moerman cancer cure diet incl. two remission testimonies: terminal stomach cancer healed with the Moerman approach

• Life, Truth & Philosophy More negative experiences in the alternative cancer treatment field: on patients being harmed or dying after alternative cancer treatment

• Energetics On the moon's transit through the zodiac signs and the best times for surgery and taking medications (incl. a note regarding the Christian Bible)

March 2013 Additions

• Testimonials Urine therapy as a cancer cure: testimonials - a survey of healing reports in the uropathy literature

February 2013 Additions

• Testimonials Maria Treben's miracle herbal cancer cures (II): more testimonials, improvements and healings attributed to phytotherapy from the book "Maria Treben's Cures"

• Testimonials Prostate cancer cure upon removal of EMF and (pseudo)geopathic stress: one major reason why even "health nuts" can get cancer

January 2013 Additions

• Testimonials Maria Treben's "miracle" herbal cancer cures (I) Teas, poultices and salves made from plants have helped heal cancer, prevented relapses and healed extreme radiation damage and burns.

Supplements & Herbs Maria Treben's 'miracle' herbal cancer cures substantiated and endorsed by cancer researcher Prof. Dr. Dr. Paul G. Seeger

December 2012 Additions

• Nature Heals Auto-uropathy: how to ease into urine self-treatment Urine taste issues and tips for beginners on this "royal road to self-healing" with your own perfect medicine

• Nature Heals Urea treatment as a cancer cure Spectacular tumor healing successes - eye cancer, skin cancer, liver cancer - with the urine compound urea

• Nature Heals More cancer successes with various urine compounds and derivatives

November 2012 Additions

• Why Alternatives "Rabbits don't get lymphoma: kissing my cancer goodbye" extract from an inspirational book by DIY cancer victor Cathie Grout

• Why Alternatives "A Dose of Reality: Losing William to the Big Business of Cancer in America" A book extract showing that standard treatment decisions may not be taken in view of the cancer patient's survival or quality of life but according to monetary and insurance considerations.

October 2012 Additions

• Testimonials Two cases of stomach cancer healed with the Breuss juice diet plus other cancers and diseases healed thanks to the "Breuss Cancer Cure"

August 2012 Additions

• Holism Dog cancer cure tips: beyond chemo - more holistic and/or non-invasive approaches that have helped heal a dog's cancer

June 2012 Additions

• Detoxification More tips on how to counter noxious side effects of chemotherapy and radiation cancer treatment naturally

• Major updates to the following pages: Native cancer therapy & prevention formula: Aloe, honey & rum and Natural Cancer Pain Management & Relief: Medication Alternatives

May 2012 Additions

• Resources Free cancer cure videos introducing various alternative cancer treatment modalities

February 2012 Additions

• Testimonials More terminal cancer patients experiencing remission thanks to tribomechanically activated zeolites supplementation: observational studies show dramatic successes in prostate cancer, terminal kidney cancer, lung cancer and malignant melanoma.

January 2012 Additions

• Cancer Healing & Spirituality Requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes - the most powerful spiritual tool in life? For making life easier, peace of mind, healing, and anything you can think of - a very simple technique.

• Testimonials Terminal cancer remission testimonials thanks to tribomechanically activated zeolites (finely ground clinoptilolite powder) supplementation: 5-months study shows brain cancer, lung cancer, gastro-intestinal cancer improved or healed

November 2011 Additions

• Cancer Healing & Spirituality "Hopeless" terminal stomach & colon cancer miracle recovery after total gastrectomy. A priest's relic and thousands of prayers save a physician's life

• Dr. Johanna Budwig’s oil-protein diet Total gastrectomy (removal of the stomach) & cancer recurrence: complete Budwig protocol permanently heals physician's "terminal" cancer

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January 2011 Additions

• Testimonials Tumors healed thanks to cabbage leaf poultices and ... unconditional love

October 2010 Additions

• Healing Cancer & Your Mind “Meditation and a vegan diet were NOT key factors in Ian Gawler’s recovery” (a counter-statement)

February 2010 Additions

• Healing Cancer & Your Mind Another open letter by terminal colon cancer victor with more advice on the important role mental factors such as visualization, meditation etc. play in healing

• Testimonials Journal of the ongoing “alternative” healing of a pancreatic cancer case based on supplements, diet, detox and determination: an inspiring (near-)cure testimonial (all conventional treatment (biopsy, surgery & chemotherapy) refused)

January 2010 Additions

Books On the risks vs. benefits of cancer screening in healthy (asymptomatic) people: a review of Dr. H. Gilbert Welch’s important book “Should I Be Tested for Cancer? Maybe Not and Here's Why”

Dr. Johanna Budwig’s oil-protein diet Canine terminal skin lymphoma “miracle cure”: Budwig diet helps heal a dog's (Golden Retriever’s) “incurable” cancer tumor in record time

December 2009 Additions

Dr. Johanna Budwig’s oil-protein diet Canine lymphoma, stage 3: After chemotherapy said to just give one extra year, Budwig diet helps heal a Scottish terrier’s “incurable” cancer and gives him a new lease of life.

August 2009 Additions

Juicers Is there one best juice extractor for health? More popular 'power' juicers: Green Power KPE 1304 Twin Gear and Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite (1000 Watt). (not cancer-specific)

July 2009 Additions

Supplements & Herbs Habanero peppers, garlic, ginger plus emulsified cod liver oil or evening primrose oil to “balance your metabolism” (Dr. Emanuel Revici): a powerful cure for cancer?

May 2009 Additions

Cancer Healing & Spirituality Cancer as a defining spiritual growth experience: how Jay D. Allen's “terminal” brain tumor diagnosis made him a survivor and spiritual teacher

Supplements & Herbs Swedish Bitters (Swedish Herbs) Healing Testimonials: A Powerful Natural Remedy?

Supplements & Herbs Various herbal medicines with reported anti-tumor/anti-cancer effects: Anamu, Carctol, Green Tea, Indian Essence, Lemon Grass, Tian Xian (Tien-Hsien) Liquid and Pill, Triton (Boston C Triton Herbs)

Cancer Healing & Energetics Orgone Accumulator Therapy of Severely Diseased People, A Personal Report (part 1). With Introduction to the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich

Cancer Healing & Energetics Orgone therapy (vegetotherapy): Experiences with the therapy according to Wilhelm Reich in the treatment of diseased people

Cancer Healing & Energetics Total Cancer Remissions through Blood Electrification with Silver Colloid (reported by Physicist Dr. Robert C. Beck)

Cancer Healing & Energetics Dr. Beck on the Exact Means and Methods For Eliminating Infectious Diseases and Cancer

April 2009 Additions

• Healing Cancer & Your Mind XXXIII Intensive meditation in the treatment of “terminal” metastatic cancer: a powerful healing tool capable of inducing remission? Incl. a dramatic cure testimonial of patient with secondaries and given up to die.

March 2009 Additions

• Detoxification for Health Stop tobacco, alcohol and other drug addictions: On fasting as a powerful help with smoking cessation, alcoholism, caffeine addition and other toxic habits (Dr. Herbert M. Shelton book extracts)

February 2009 Additions

• Testimonials Prostate cancer testimonial with osseous spread: oral baking soda and blackstrap molasses therapy (self-treatment) has helped wipe out bone metastases and reduced PSA to 0.1.

January 2009 Newest Additions

• Supplements & Herbs On selenium and cancer

• Testimonials Malignant Melanoma: 'How I Naturally/Holistically Healed From Terminal Cancer With a Herbal Tonic and Mind/Spirit Power But Without Chemotherapy, Radiation or Surgery. Includes My Advice To Cancer Patients.

• Supplements & Herbs Native cancer cure and prevention formula: Homemade Aloe vera, honey and rum syrup recipe - a powerful natural DIY treatment?

December 2008 Additions

• Diet & Nutrition Recipe for helping cats with cancer (likely helpful for dogs as well)

• Diet & Nutrition Guérir du cancer: au sujet du régime macrobiotique

• Dr. Johanna Budwig’s oil-protein diet Información sobre la dieta de aceite y proteína y el protocolo Budwig en espanol

November 2008 Additions

• Detoxification for Health Extraordinary cure testimonial: terminal breast cancer with multiple tumors, heart failure, advanced diabetes with blindness, extreme weakness, complete inability to digest: the wheat grass juice detox cancer cure “against all odds”

October 2008 Additions

• Detoxification for Health On the extraordinary emotional and spiritual side effects of fasting: report by Jean-Claude Gruau who healed his bladder cancer via macrobiotics and water fasting.

• Cancer Healing & Spirituality Faith healing of cancer and a 'negative spirit': 3 spontaneous remission/cure testimonials involving the evangelist ministry of Dr. Willard Fuller

• Cancer Healing & Spirituality Free Childhood Cancer Natural Energy Healing Clinic: Miracle Clinic for children and their parents to be held November 14-16, 2008 at the Little Lakes Inn, Rochester, NY.

September 2008 Additions

• Detoxification for Health Two Bladder Cancer Cures Achieved via Water Fasting: A humourous cancer survivor shares two testimonials of impressive long-term bladder cancer cures achieved via water fasting, showing the failure of conventional oncology and the power of nature and the human spirit to heal the body of tumours while highlighting a spiritual dimension to fasting (Part 1).

• Detoxification for Health Two Bladder Cancer Cures Achieved via Water Fasting (Part 2).

August 2008 Additions

• Diet & Nutrition Beyond Filtration & Purification - The Kangen™ Water Alkalizer/Ionizer: the world's best man-made water for health maintenance, healing, detoxification, prevention and & eco-friendly sanitary/pest-control applications among commercial drinking water filter systems for home use?

• Diet & Nutrition Testimonial: Alkaline Ionized Microclustered Water, Health & Rejuvenation: My Real-Life Story 'Jupiter Water Alkalizer vs. Enagic's Kangen Water Machine'.

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