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"While there are a variety of things that are thought to cause cancer, I believe firmly that trapped emotions are a contributing factor to the disease process, as I believe they are to many, if not most other diseases. Every cancer patient I treated was found to have trapped emotions embedded in the malignant tissues. ...

... trapped emotions are, in my opinion, an underlying cause of cancer. It is vital that these trapped emotions be removed. Even though they may have already contributed to the cancer, once removed, they cannot cause any further damage in the years to come."
Dr. Bradley Nelson in his book “The Emotion Code” (June 2007)

Note: As with other material on this site, the following introduction to “The Emotion Code” would have been equally well placed in the section dealing with energetic approaches to healing since our emotions naturally are a direct expression of our life energy.

After many years of practising, testing and sucessfully applying a self-help method akin to but also somewhat different from EFT (which quite often produces amazing results both on the physical and emotional plane), Dr. Bradley Nelson recently published his experiences in his first book, “The Emotion Code, How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love and Happiness”, possibly another milestone work in the healing arts.

If one can judge by the real-life stories narrated in the book, this method comes close to a near-panacea for both emotional and physical ills and seems to even allow to directly aid in the healing of cancerous tumours by removing their emotional and thus "energetic” basis.

The Emotion Code method centers around the identification of "trapped" emotions via muscle testing and similar methods and their subsequent release with the help of a simple "DIYable" method (for which full instructions are given in the book), (ideally) using a magnet.

On the effects of trapped emotions

Trapped emotions are said to exist in most people, leading to two main effects, one of them mental, the other physical. The mental effect will be expressed in an exaggerated/unhealthy emotional response even to relatively innocuous stimuli, throwing the person off-balance by sustaining a negative vibration and making them unable to deal with emotional challenges in a healthier way, which in turn leads to self-sabotage etc.

Sometimes/often more serious in consequence can be the physical effects of trapped emotions.

As we know, everything including our body is energy, and so are "trapped emotions"; trapped emotions however are a negative energy. According to Dr. Nelson's insights, these unseen trapped emotional energies "distort" the body’s tissues, just as a magnet will distort the picture of the TV screen.

Tissues continually being distorted (i.e. irritated) in this fashion will eventually suffer the effects, with pain and subtle malfunction frequently being the first result (which can be difficult to detect). (The release of a trapped emotion will often cause immediate relief of discomfort and other symptoms.)

If tissues are subjected to this negative energy over the long term, "the tissue may eventually enter into a state of metaplasia, or change. In other words, the specific type of cell begins to revert back to a more primitive cell. The next step is malignancy, or cancer."

To illustrate this possible link, here are some excerpts from two cases relating to cancer, one of the breast and one of the lung, reported in “The Emotion Code”:

A case of breast cancer

"...Muscle testing showed that the trapped emotion of sadness was lodged in the area of her left breast. Sarah and I stared at each other for a moment in wonder. She was a survivor of breast cancer. Four years before, her left breast had been removed in a surgical mastectomy.

This trapped emotional energy had become lodged in her left breast, where it remained. ... My ... feeling is that it became trapped in these tissues – that lay so close to her heart –because of her love for X...

Whatever the reason for its location, the trapped emotion stayed in her body as the years went by. It caused a constant low-level irritation in her tissues, and this may have been a contributing factor to the cancer.

The signs were not recognized soon enough, and ultimately her left breast had to be removed to save her life, but the sadness remained. Releasing that trapped sadness from her body helped her to heal emotionally. I only wish I could have discovered it years earlier, which might have helped her avoid a lot of pain and suffering, and might have even helped her avoid breast cancer."

A case of lung cancer

"When Rochelle first came to me for treatment, she had a cancer the size of a baseball in her lung. She was going through chemotherapy when we met. I asked her body if there were trapped emotions in this malignant lung tissue and the response was ‘Yes.’

The trapped emotions in Rochelle’s tumor dated back many years ... Consciously, Rochelle believed she was fine ... But her body revealed that the emotions of resentment, frustration and abandonment had become trapped inside of her ....

‘No, no,’ Rochelle insisted. ‘I never felt that way. I knew Danny would be gone and it was fine with me. I was OK on my own.’ And yet, after I’d run the magnet down her back, Rochelle sat up and shook her head. ‘You know, it’s the funniest thing,’ she said. ‘I feel so much lighter, like a weight has been lifted from my chest.’

... I only saw Rochelle three times, but it was enough for me to release all the trapped emotions that showed up in the area of her tumor. About five weeks later, she showed up at my office ecstatic over the good news. Her doctors had taken a new x-ray and the tumor was completely gone from her lung.
Could the trapped emotions have been a significant contributing factor in the creation of this cancer? I believe that the answer is yes."

Some tips for readers of “The Emotion Code”

After reading “The Emotion Code” nearly in one fell swoop, I have what I think two important tips for anyone who feels or knows that there are lots of trauma and heavy emotional experiences in their past and/or present. Reading about the emotional trauma of others could bring up and focus your mind on your own negative baggage, making you feel depressed for many hours. In order not to feel heavy, sad, angry or otherwise unhappy after reading “The Emotion Code”, I would advise to

a) Keep a magnet ready to immmediately try out and put into practice the suggested method for releasing heavy emotions.

b) Carefully read the chapter "Life Without Trapped Emotions", particularly "You Choose Your Emotions", "The Law of Attraction" and "About Letting Go".

Strange as it may sound and hard as it may seem to accept, one of my favourite spiritual teachers says the exact same thing, i.e. that we indeed choose our emotions, in other words that rather than being helpless victims of our emotional states, we do have the freedom to choose positive happy emotions rather than negative unhappy ones, if we apply the mental discipline necessary to induce these states via consciously selecting which thoughts to harbour in our mind.

To give you an idea of the amazing range of subjects addressed in The Emotion Code (incl. its successful use on animals!), see its table of contents.

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.


The Emotion Code The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson

"I spent many years as a ‘quack buster,’ and I am pretty good at sniffing out the real from the, ahem, less so. Brad Nelson is smart, well educated and a poster child for integrity and compassion. He has discovered the things that he has because of his humility and willingness to listen to his patients and listen to the answers that they — and the Universe — were giving him. Highly recommended." (from a reader’s review)

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The Emotion Code: Table of contents

Acknowledgements xiii

Part I Trapped Emotions

1 Trapped Emotions: The Invisible Epidemic 1
What is a Trapped Emotion?—4
Your Future Held Hostage—7
The Damage Trapped Emotions Cause—11
Trapped Emotions and Physical Pain—13
Trapped Emotions and Disease—21
2 The Secret World of Trapped Emotions 27
Conscious versus Subconscious—28
Talking to the Body—32
The Sway Test—33
Do You Have a Trapped Emotion?—38
Energy Medicine—43
Trapped Emotions and Children—50
Trapped Emotions are Common—56
The Resonance of Trapped Emotions—57
The Dual Nature of Trapped Emotions—65
The Physical Effects of Trapped Emotions—70
Night Terrors—80
Can You Afford to Keep Them?—81

Part II The Energetic World

3 Mysteries of the Ancient Energy Healers 89
The Spirit and the Temple—91
Thoughts are Things—93
The Mysterious Quantum World—97
The Intelligent Universe—100
Walking on Air—104
Messages from Water—107
The Human Energy Field—109
4 Healing With Magnets 123
Your Magnetic Existence—124
My Introduction to Magnets—130
A New Healing Tool—132
Magnifying Your Intention—137
The Governing Meridian—139

Part III Using the Emotion Code

5 Getting Answers From The Inner Mind 149
Muscle Testing—149
Your Body Knows Best—154
Testing Other People—157
Testing Yourself—160
Nonverbal Communication—171
The Veil of Memory—185
6 Releasing Trapped Emotions 191
Step 1: Obtain Permission—192
Step 2: Establish a Baseline—193
Step 3: See if a Trapped Emotion Exists—195
Step 4: Determine Which Emotion It Is—196
Finding the Correct Emotion—199
Digging Deeper—203
Releasing an Emotion from Yourself—212
Releasing an Emotion from Another Person—213
Confirming the Release—214
Dealing With Specific Issues—215
Processing the Release —217
Prenatal Trapped Emotions—219
Inherited Trapped Emotions—220
Pre-Conception Trapped Emotions—223
The Emotion Code Flowchart—226
7 The Walls Around Our Hearts 231
The Heart-Brain—233
The Discovery of the Heart-Wall—236
Protecting the Core of You—239
How We Are Meant to Live—254
Children and Heart-Walls—259
Finding and Releasing the Heart-Wall—265
Determining the Heart-Wall Material—269
Anne Horne’s Story—272
Counting the Cost—278
8 Surrogates, Proxies & Distance Healing 287
Surrogate Testing—290
How to Do Surrogate Testing—292
Surrogate Testing Children—294
Julie’s Story—296
Surrogate Testing Animals—301
Getting Permission—303
Proxy Testing—304
How to Do Proxy Testing—307
9 The Emotion Code and Animals 317
A Horse is a Horse, of Course…—317
Working on Animals—320
Twiggs Gets Dognapped—322
Brandy’s Naughty Behavior—325
Boofy the Paranoid Cat—327
Abandoned Puppies—328
A Horse’s Sorrow—330
Amazing Horse Stories —332
More Amazing Horse Stories—336

Part IV A Brighter Future

10 Life Without Trapped Emotions 345
The Law of Attraction—348
You Choose Your Emotions—350
About Letting Go—353
About Pride—354
About Forgiveness—355
About Charity—359
About Integrity—361
The Refiner’s Fire of Life —363
About Prayer—365
About the Author 369
Nikken Magnets—371

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