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The Magnetic Answer For Cancer

Part 2

by William H. Philpott, M.D., continued from first page

A male in his late 20s with an inoperable glioblastoma of the brain which had rendered him unconscious and completely unresponsive to the environment was corrected by a continuous negative magnetic field applied to the head. A female with cancer of the lung with a symptom of loss of appetite breathed negative poled oxygen for a period of four hours and her appetite returned.

A male with cancer had been treated with chemotherapy. Two years later the oncologist decided it would be wise to undergo a second course of chemotherapy. During his first chemotherapy treatment he lost his hair and his fingernails and toenails. During the second course of chemotherapy he did not lose his hair, fingernails or toenails.

The oncologist asked him what he had done differently this time than the first time. The only changes he had made in his lifestyle was that he was sleeping on a negative poled magnetic bed pad. It may be that the entrance of magnetics into oncology will be furthered by this ability of an exposure to a negative magnetic field as reducing the side effects of chemotherapy.

Oncologists are now beginning to add nutrients to their program because of the demonstrated evidence of a reduction of side effects of their treatment. We cannot blame the oncologists for not trusting an area that does not have adequate statistics to prove its value as yet.

It is logical that he should proceed to use what he has learned to trust however, if by adding the dimension of magnetic exposure to his patient he will have less side effects then this could be very attractive to the oncologist.


Enzymes are composed of chains of amino acids and are made by cells. The oxidoreductase enzyme system through multiple enzymes has the functional capacity to release oxygen from its bound state in acids and also catalyze oxygen free-radical to hydrogen peroxide in which there is a common pathway by which the enzyme catalase catalyzes hydrogen peroxide to molecular oxygen and water.

Enzymes function requires a vitamin co-factor, a mineral activator and a electrostatic-magnetic energizer. An enzyme is capable of catalysis without being itself destroyed. Specific enzymes are composed of specific chains of amino acids which requires a specific vitamin co-factor and a specific mineral activator.

The enzyme binds to the substrate which combination serves as an "electron sink" capable of removing electrons from bound oxygen, that is, electron bound oxygen. Oxidoreductase enzyme function releasing oxygen from acids requires a base medium for effective function.

A negative magnetic field keeps the alkali buffer system intact and thus makes a favorable medium for oxidoreductase catalysis. Enzymes are "stabilized electrostatically by strategically placed acids, bases, metal ions or dipoles that are part of the structure of the enzyme".

A negative magnetic field would directly affect the enzyme function by inhibiting the acid area, enhancing the base area and giving an electromagnetic negative direction to the dipole thus, favoring oxidoreductase enzyme catalysis. A measurable magnetic field is present during catalysis.

A catalytic reaction has an electric field. Since a magnetic field is always present in an electric field when electron movement occurs then a magnetic field is present during catalysis. In fact, the identification of a magnetic field during catalysis is a method of identifying the evidence of a catalytic reaction.

Thus it can be understood that an external magnetic field will influence catalysis. The direction of the enzyme catalytic reaction can be influenced by the specific separate magnetic pole used. A negative magnetic pole alkalinizes and thus provides the necessary alkaline medium for catalysis freeing

The enzyme-substrate binding energy is used to mobilize the substrate at the active site and hold it next to the catalytic group; this binding energy is apparently available for use but is generally not utilized in uncatalyzed reactions.

The utilization of binding energy has a profound effect on enzymatic reactions. The increased efficiency of enzyme catalysis during exposure to a negative magnetic field is indicative of a negative magnetic field enhancing the substrate binding capacity between an enzyme and a substrate and thus, enhances the efficiency of the catalysis.

It is understandable that this increased binding capacity could function through dipoles between the enzyme and the substrate.

Enzyme catalysis can be given direction by separate positive or negative magnetic pole exposure.

A positive magnetic field exposure supports general-acid enzyme catalysis and a negative magnetic field exposure supports general-base enzyme catalysis. Oxidoreductase enzyme catalysis converting bound oxygen to molecular oxygen is a general-base catalysis and thus is supported and enhanced by a negative magnetic field exposure.

When conditions are favorable, enzyme catalysis response is very rapid; being a portion of a second. A negative magnetic field provides the favorable pH and energy dynamics for efficient, rapid enzyme catalysis which frees oxygen bound in acids, hydrogen peroxide, and superoxide back to functional molecular oxygen.

The presence of an abundance of molecular oxygen makes possible the development of biological energy through the oxidative phosphorylation production of ATP and provides the conditions necessary for growth, healing, DNA repair, defense against microorganism infection, oxidative detoxification of toxins many of which are acids as well as the death of cancer cells.

Enzymes give both direction and facilitation of responses. An electrostatic-magnetic energy field is always involved in catalytic responses. Therefore, an external magnetic field can be used to either facilitate or inhibit enzyme actions in specific directions by separating the poles and having a sufficiently high gauss strength.

Enzymes associated with their vitamin co-factor and mineral activator do not function by their presence only but require an energy activator. This enzyme catalytic energy activator has been documented as being an electrostatic-magnetic energy field. Enzyme responses can be driven in a specific direction.

In the case of oxidoreductase enzyme catalytic responses freeing bound oxygen to molecular oxygen it is facilitated by a negative magnetic field. This negative magnetic field is identified by a magnetometer as electromagnetic negative.

The negative magnetic field energy activated oxidoreductase enzyme catalase system is a remarkable, highly efficient system which turns (detoxifies) harmful toxic acids into harmless and biologically necessary alkali and most remarkable of all is a source of providing body cells with an abundance of necessary molecular oxygen for biological energy production.

There are multiple sources of these toxic acids such as

  1. acid reduction end-products of oxidation reduction metabolism
  2. microorganism produced acid toxins from bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasite metabolism when present
  3. acid toxins from cancer cell metabolism when present

and so forth.

Amazingly, these negative magnetic field energy activated oxidoreductase enzymes reverse these biologically death dealing enzyme toxic acids into the very breath (O2) of biological life energy making possible regulated cellular multiplication, growth, healing, destruction of infectious microorganisms and the death of cancer cells.

Robert O. Becker demonstrated the presence of a negative electromagnetic signal at the site of healing during the healing process. However, when he used an electric electromagnetic pole to treat cancer the cancer grew with either the positive or negative pole.

This was an unfortunate experiment since had he used a negative static field from a permanent magnet rather than an electric probe for producing the magnetism he would have demonstrated that the negative magnetic field kills cancer.

Robert O. Becker demonstrated that a negative magnetic field produced by the body governs healing. The final step in negative magnetic pole healing has been that of continuous exposure to the negative magnetic pole field of a permanent magnet that is larger than the lesion being treated in which case cancer cells die or are repaired and return to normal functioning human cells.

It is my opinion that with the knowledge now available medical science is prepared for rapid demonstration of the most effective way of treating cancer. This new direction of treating cancer with a negative magnetic field alkaline- oxygenation is so drastically different than the status quo of cut it out and kill it with toxins that it will logically take a while to override the resistance to change and the drive to maintain the status quo.

There are several favorable conditions that may make it easier for the physician to accept magnetics as an answer to cancer which are the fact that magnetics as applied for both diagnosis and treatment of humans is accepted and that several instruments for these purposes have been marketed with approval by the FDA and have gained a respected acceptance in medical circles.

What we are simply observing here is that an area that has already been accepted in medicine is now demonstrating a larger scope of value than originally conceived.

S. Meryl Rose demonstrated that the biological electromagnetic energy that heals also kills cancer. Robert O. Becker demonstrated that a sustained electromagnetic negative polarity is present during the healing process. I have observed that a sustained static field negative magnetic polarity from a permanent magnet destroys cancer while at the same time sustaining the normal healing process without scar formation.

These observations do not give us the right to claim a cure for cancer. It does give us a strong and solid indication as to the type of research we should be doing to discover a cure for cancer.

Only after extensive controlled studies extending over a five year or longer period that remains consistent with the present findings can a claim be made that a negative magnetic field is beneficial in the treatment of cancer.

There is still a long and hard road ahead before a claim of a cure for cancer can ethically or scientifically be made. My only claim is that we are justified in our research.

Medical science has been focusing on minutia to find an answer for cancer while at the same time glossing over the larger picture. It is something like being unable to see the forest because of focusing on the individual trees. The larger picture is that cancer only develops in an acid-hypoxia cellular tissue state.

This is true no matter what the individual influences may be such as toxic substances, carcinogenic chemicals, and so forth. The state of acid-hypoxia also has to be present in order for cancer to develop.

The development of cancer always involves injury to the DNA. This injured DNA can be repaired as long as an alkaline-hyperoxia associated with a negative magnetic field is present. Robert O. Becker M. D, demonstrated the necessity of a negative magnetic field being present for healing to occur.

Healing involves appropriate cellular division. It is of interest to note that cancer dies when in an area where healing is occurring. During the healing process the body concentrates the negative magnetic field at the site of injury in order for healing to occur. A negative magnetic field governs the normal healing process including DNA repair and at the same time kills cancer cells.

The discovery that a negative magnetic field controls cellular division during healing has also led to the evidence that the negative magnetic field kills cancer.

The National Institute of Health convened a committee under the Alternative Medicine Division to advise research concerning electromagnetism. Two physicians and six physicists composed this committee. Robert Becker, M.D. and myself were the physicians.

I am ready to change the formulation to conform to known scientific facts. I only hope that if and when my observation necessitates a reformulation of science that the basic scientist will change the presumed facts of science to fit the observed facts.

My fond hope is that the information now available will break the deadlock in cancer research and set a new direction for cancer research which will incorporate information from "Energy Medicine". I hope there will develop a proliferation of setting up Institutional Review Boards monitoring Magnetic Resonance Bio Oxidative Therapy.

We are at a very fortunate stage of the development of magnetic energy application to humans in that we have been preceded by the extensive premarketing studies for magnetic resonance imagery. This resulted in the FDA classifying the application of magnetic field energy to humans as "not essentially harmful" therefore, there is no further toxicity studies needed.

The research organization makes an assessment of the data received when there is adequate data on any one area for review. Publication in peer review literature is then sought after the committee has decided that there data justifies publication.

Dr William H. Philpott M.D, enjoyed the practice of medicine for over 40 years.
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