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Excerpts from Dr. Johanna Budwig‘s book: FlaxOil As A True Aid

Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer, And Other Diseases

For a comprehensive introduction to Dr. Johanna Budwig’s revolutionary yet simple health and healing discoveries, see Dr. Budwig’s Protocol.

“...Why have fats become so very significant today? ... Anatomically speaking, heart infarction observation studies reveal nothing abnormal in the picture except for solid fat, which encircles the normally lean heart muscle, confining and disturbing the heart's action...

In rheumatic disease, the only factor which distinguishes the diseased muscles from the healthy ones is isolated fat ... the only substance which characterised the cancerous cells, as opposed to healthy ones, was isolated fat; the formation of fat in the cell nucleus, cell body and cytoplasm. It was the single distinguishing feature of cancerous cells in contrast to healthy ones.

...The majority of preservatives can be labelled as respiratory poisons in that their effect is to block the combustion of fat-its continued interaction with oxygen. When, in such a situation as described, we supply respiratory activating fats and prevent the ingestion of preservatives, which are respiratory poisons, then great numbers of patients who have been given up as hopeless cases by many clinics, will recover their health.

...In the formation of mucous secretions, it is the particular interplay of the unsaturated, surface-active fats, those fats which penetrate to the surface, and of protein, which is paramount. There is no gland, neither the liver, the pancreas nor the glands in the upper body cavities, the tonsils, salivary glands and others, nor the lower body glands, which can produce mucous, when a lack of unsaturated fats is present.

The drying out of mucous membranes is nowadays widespread and often a course of complaint. This problem is easily remedied by reintroducing the body to natural, highly unsaturated fats, and this is significant. The fats which are alien to the body block the metabolism of other fat in the delicate glands, capillaries and filter stations. Such solidified, heat-treated oils must be avoided. Only then will the vital functions return to normal-the glandular secretions within a very few days, sometimes 24 hours.

...It is not correct to regard the problem of tumours simply as a problem of too much growth and thereby to instigate all manner and means of growth-inhibiting treatments, such as radiotherapy, hormones and cortisone.[1] I am well aware, that this is a daring statement. I knew this when I said the same thing some years ago on radio in 1956. But these things must be said loud and clear so that those who are suffering can finally get effective help.

In substantiation of what I've said, and to possibly facilitate the making of a difficult decision concerning, all this, I may add: When the Zentralausschuss für Krebsforschung (Central Committee for Cancer Research) in Germany, represented by three professors, tried to take legal action against me, for just this statement I have made before you, the presiding judge said:

"Dr Budwig's documents and papers are conclusive. There would be a scandal in the scientific world, because the public would certainly support Doctor Budwig." He advised the professors to withdraw their accusations but they were obstinate and did not comply. Then even the University's Chancellor, himself a jurist, became involved. The entire case was declared null and void in order to avoid a public outcry.

If that which I maintain to be true were too far-fetched, it would have turned out very differently. It is the only conclusion which can be drawn from the remarks I have made and I flatly declare that the usual hospital treatment today, in a case of tumorous growth, most certainly leads to worsening of the disease, or a speedier death, and in healthy people, quickly causes cancer.

It is for these reasons that, when counseling on nutrition, which I often do with patients, I cannot allow other methods such as growth inhibitors, to be used. The oil and protein intake which I advise consists of simple food, mainly the most active fat I know-flaxseed oil-in easily digestible form accompanied by cottage cheese and, as a consolation for the gourmets along you, in appetizing, tasty meals.

It has been tried for many years by the Swiss who find it palatable when properly prepared. There is a cookbook available for those new to it. This simple food revises the stagnated growth processes thereby naturally causing the tumour or turnouts present to dissolve and the whole range of symptoms which indicate "a dead battery" are cured. In a short time the patient feels well again. It is preferable, however, not to wait until three or four doctors have pronounced a tumour as incurable---but rather your principal task is to recover your health completely by optimal nutrition.

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Footnotes by Healing Cancer Naturally

1 This sentence can be interpreted in several ways, one of them being that “tumours are a problem of too much growth but not only”. This is the exact opposite of what Dr. Budwig says in the German original, namely that cancer basically is never a problem of too much growth but rather a symptom of lack (of omega-3s) on the one hand and of an overload of bad fats on the other, with their combined effect leading to incomplete cell division and subseqent “piling up” of incompletely divided cells.

Correctly translated this sentence should read: “It is incorrect to interpret the problem of tumours as a problem of too much growth, and to subsequently use growth-inhibiting treatments, such as radiotherapy, hormones and cortisone.” For details see “Cytostatic versus Cytodynamic Cancer Treatment” (upcoming).

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