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Kelley Eidem's recipe: habanero peppers, garlic, ginger, emulsified cod

liver oil or evening primrose oil to balance your metabolism (Dr Revici)

A powerful cure for cancer?

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Kelley Eidem, the “inventor” of a novel formula to erase malignant tumors, is the accomplished author of what I consider a very important book, The Doctor Who Cures Cancer (see bottom of this article). The exceptional physician whose outstanding achievements and lifework are thoroughly covered in this work[1] is Dr. Emanuel Revici.

Based upon what Kelley Eidem had learned when researching and writing his book on the life work of Dr. Revici, he devised a simple formula that (coupled with the serene conviction that he could do it) helped him heal what he determined to be stage 4 cancer in a matter of a few weeks. This was over a decade ago.

More recently, he started to spread the good news on his hub page[3]

While he adds that "... curing deadly cancer is probably almost as easy as curing deadly scurvy. I'm saying 'probably' because I've only recently started sharing my cure, so the results are early", he does have some impressive responses from a number of people both with cancer and other afflictions who have tried his "recipe" with varying degrees of success.

(Of course, as in many if not most cancer cures, the power of the mind as expressed in the will to live and confidence in the healing power of the human body has surely played a minor [or major] part in these improvements as well [compare stories illustrating the dramatic impact of the well-known placebo effect]).

Here is Kelley Eidem's short (but anything but sweet!) recipe.

(1) Freshly grate one habanero pepper each day and put it on bread (persons unable to tolerate peppers can substitute freshly grated ginger (never use ginger from a jar).

(2) Freshly grate two cloves of garlic each day and put them on bread (since the "potent active ingredients from the peppers and the garlic disperse quickly... they must be grated each day, and eaten immediately". The bread used by Eidem was high quality Ezekiel sprouted bread [possibly found in the freezer section of health food stores and apparently at Publix]).

(3) Take 1-2 tablespoons of emulsified cod liver oil [or in certain cases evening primrose oil, see further details below] each day.

(4) Smother the grated garlic and habanero peppers with real butter and eat it. No margarines of any type.

Capsaicin can kill cancer cells

The use of both hot peppers (which contain capsaicin) and garlic as well as ginger is actually backed up by "mainstream" scientific research as all of these have been found to have anti-cancer activity, see for instance the article "How spicy foods can kill cancers" found at and "Pepper Component Hot Enough To Trigger Suicide In Prostate Cancer Cells" published at More details found at Capsaicin, chili peppers and cancer: Research studies and Ginger and turmeric fight cancer.

Cod liver oil and evening primrose oil

Cod liver oil and evening primrose oil respectively are described as helping to balance an "off-balance" metabolism. Which of these oils to ingest depends on whether a person's metabolism is too anabolic or too catabolic.

This is based on Dr. Revici's discovery of the "dualistic" nature of cancer. According to Dr. Revici's observations and research results, cancer is caused by an imbalance between constructive ("anabolic") and destructive ("catabolic") bodily processes and hence only able to "thrive" in a person whose metabolism is out of balance, namely either too anabolic or too catabolic.

Whether your metabolism is one or the other can be deduced and/or determined by observation of your "pain pattern" and/or by your reaction to (certain) foods as well as other factors such as urine pH as observed over the longer term.

For instance someone who has “overly alkaline” urine, fluid retention, sunken eyes, diarrhea, inability to sleep, loses weight and appetite, or has a drop in his or her blood pressure, shows typical evidence of a catabolic imbalance, while someone suffering from high blood pressure, sleepiness, frequent urination, constipation and “overly acidic” urine displays symptoms of being too anabolic.

Depending on which imbalance is present, the person with cancer will have a pH (measured from urine) which is either too high or too low in a rather consistent manner (this in contradistinction to a healthy person whose pH will markedly fluctuate in the course of the day).

To help correct a catabolic imbalance, Kelley Eidem suggests using evening primrose oil, while taking emulsified cod liver oil is indicated for those who are too anabolic.

Since most people seem to be too acidic which according to Kelley Eidem "translates into being too anabolic if they stay too acidic too long", the standard recipe listed above features taking emulsified cod liver oil.

As you can see, taking the oil indicated for you is a central part of this natural treatment approach.


Some testimonials (incl. at least three stage 4 [metastasised] cancer) to the helpfulness/efficacy of his "hot peppers and garlic" (or ginger) recipe published by Kelley Eidem include inter alia one or several cases involving

  • colon cancer
    One case concerned a man named Rick who had 5" and 10" tumors in his colon as well as tumors in his liver. The colon tumors had been bleeding and causing pain and gas for several months, with no treatment he tried (both natural or prescribed by his doctor) providing any relief.

    After starting on the habanero peppers and garlic recipe, all symptoms — bleeding, pain and gas — disappeared the very first day — followed by the disappearance of the colon and liver tumors several weeks later.
  • prostate cancer
  • lung cancer
  • bone cancer
  • stomach cancer (disappeared in less than a week)
  • breast cancer with lymph node involvement
  • a case of double mastectomy which two years later developed multiple tumors in the liver (virtually a death sentence under conventional treatment)
  • an inoperable 2" abdominal tumor
  • ovarian cancer which proceeded to spread all over the bowels and liver (as shown by a CT scan) and which caused severe abdominal pain (the intestines were sticking to each other leading to blockages)
  • cancer that had metastasised to the spine and had already mostly destroyed one vertebra (a death sentence for anyone using FDA-approved therapies) who is now cancer-free and continues to eat the hot peppers and garlic
  • pain from post-operative adhesions eventually cleared up[2], lots more energy
  • and the story of what happened to a suspicious mole while using Eidem's recipe.
  • Additionally, a terminal glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) brain cancer healed thanks to alternative cancer treatments included a slight variation of the above recipe.

In May 2014, Dr Gil Logatto, a physician with 27 years' experience, reported having seen wonderful results in his patients with the simple habanero/garlic/butter/sprouted bread remedy, among them

  • a 60 year old man with two prostate tumors and a PSA of 100 completely healed in just fifteen days, his tumors having vanished and his PSA reduced to nearly 1
  • a liver cancer case completely healed within six weeks, with the patient's lung cancer reduced by 30%.

    Update: The tumors — which were also in the brain — shrank a total of 38%. At this point her fiancé and a friend of hers [a nurse] encouraged her to undergo chemotherapy. Within a few weeks, the patient developed new tumors in her spine and spleen. She died six weeks later.

Some reports of "quick improvements" within days include

  • cervical and vulvar cancer of six years' standing which had started to spread: looking better, with the pus discharge having stopped very quickly
  • urination back to normal with "prostate feeling like a sixteen-year-old boy", cancer on feet halfway disappeared
  • patient suffering from a brain tumor and a cyst for an unspecified length of time, for which she had had surgery, with the cyst getting bigger. She felt a tugging tingly sensation at the location of the cyst under the bone flap (scar), going from the ear to the right eyeball and then under the incision area, which she takes as a sign of beginning healing of the scar tissue in her brain.

    Also when taking the recipe (this patient used the ginger and garlic option), seizure twitches diminished as well as hormone-related symptoms like cramping and night sweats; patient is now able to sleep through the entire night.

Most of these testimonials can be read at the page

Re prostate cancer, Don Imus, a syndicated US-American radio talk show host, has been treating his own prostate cancer with the above recipe plus an organic diet etc. and has told his listeners about the recipe and the other things he has been doing, alas without giving credit to Kelley Eidem. In an interview he did with his urologist Dr. Katz on November 17, 2011, his doctor mentioned that he had heard from many patients who were following what Don Imus was doing and were "feeling great".

Some notes re stomach cancer, hot peppers, gastritis, cayenne pepper

Paradoxical as it may seem, Kelley Eidem reports that hot peppers have provided fantastic pain relief for stomach cancers. One person with early-stage stomach cancer started using the recipe several days before his scheduled surgery, mixing the hot ingredients into yoghurt rather than using bread and butter as the support. On the day of the surgery, he was found to be tumor-free.

Regarding the use of cayenne pepper or hot peppers in cases of gastritis, experiences vary. In some cases, cayenne pepper (not in capsules) has helped to eliminate gastritis. Other people with the same issue recommend staying away from hot peppers. According to Kelley Eidem, the main point is using freshly grated peppers and eating them raw, i.e. not to use capsules (to avoid intestinal upset after eating hot peppers, it is important to mix them with saliva).

One success report involves a person diagnosed with both facial skin cancer and gastritis. Overcoming her initial fear, she started on the habanero sandwich "treatment". She was greatly surprised to find that by day 17, not only her gastritis had stopped bothering her except for rare occasions but her skin cancer had gone as well (the previously "huge" lesion had dwindled to a tiny dark spot). Her stomach was completely unaffected by the hot pepper treatment.

Important update re urine pH, catabolic/anabolic imbalance etc.

On 19 November 2010, Kelley Eidem sent out the following "critically important correction" via his newsletter:

"There are two changes you need to know about. I'm telling you this because it's more important to me that you have the facts as soon as I know them. That's more important to me rather than worrying about what would happen to my reputation by informing you of these changes.

One change has to do with how to use the urine pH readings. The other change concerns the proper way to decide which oil I would take "if it were me."

On my Hub Page you've seen me referring to urine pH and to the terms "anabolic" and "catabolic." I have since learned that the urine pH test in isolation isn't always an accurate measure of whether one is too anabolic or too catabolic. The pH pattern is often accurate on its own, but sometimes other types of tests are needed in combination to confirm it.

In summary:
Do the urine pH results let me know if I have a metabolic imbalance?
Answer: yes.
Do the urine pH results tell me if I'm too anabolic or too catabolic?
Answer: sometimes.

Because of this complicating factor, I would no longer use the urine pH to determine which oil I would want to use if I had cancer.

Every person with cancer has either an anabolic or a catabolic imbalance, and the urine pH will help to reveal that there is an imbalance, but not which specific one. The results are just not always indicative of which type of imbalance exists in the tumor itself.

Because of that, I would only use the urine pH test to tell me when my metabolism is balanced once again, not to tell me which specific imbalance I actually have.
I would use the 2 boiled eggs and a cup of black coffee to help me decide which oil I would take:

  • If that meal reduced my cancer pain or otherwise made me feel better, I would take 6,000 mgs of evening primrose oil or borage oil in divided doses each day.
  • If that meal made my cancer pain increase or otherwise made me feel worse, I would take a tablespoon or two of emulsified cod liver oil each day.
  • I wouldn't worry about being able to identify whether I were too anabolic or catabolic. Those are just names. The important thing is which oil makes me feel better.
  • If I didn't have pain and/or couldn't discern which oil to take, I'd take the emulsified cod liver oil and monitor how I felt each time I took it. Eventually a pattern of well being or of lower well being would show up.
  • If I eventually felt better, then I'd continue taking it. Obviously, if I eventually started to feel lousy I'd change to evening primrose or borage oil.

The Revici Clinic would be better able to distinguish the direction of the imbalance in complicated cases.

Having one of the two imbalances is a precondition to getting cancer. If one has one of the two imbalances, it does not mean you have cancer — it's just a required precondition.

If you have any questions about this, please ask. There might be a flood of questions that come in, so I will probably create an FAQ based on those questions rather than answer individually... I believe that now with this latest update, more miracles can happen than ever before."

Information on Dr. Emanuel Revici's approach to be found e.g. at

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    Using certain foods and food extracts/powdered spices, Dr. Li reports a 60% success rate with cancer patients, but less success in advanced cancer cases. It is quite conceivable that higher success rates would have been achieved using the same foods freshly grated.
  • Dr. Emanuel Revici Lipid Sulfur Cancer Treatment "The Doctor Who Cures Cancer" (55:29)

Book on Dr. Emanuel Revici's life work

I also warmly recommend Eidem's book on Dr. Emanuel Revici's outstanding and breakthrough accomplishments in the field of cancer and other diseases which most definitely deserve a “revival” and widespread acknowledgement. This book has my highest recommendation.

And did you know?
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The Doctor Who Cures Cancer

by Kelley Eidem

"While writing this book, several sincere people warned me that my life would be at serious risk for telling the story of Dr. Revici to the public. These people believe that there is too much money involved to let some amateur writer ruin it all." (Kelley Eidem, author)

Please note

The above book does NOT expand upon the habanaro peppers, garlic and cod liver oil recipe such as by providing research, case studies and testimonies. As explained, this recipe has been developed by Kelley Eidem inspired by what he learned about Revici's method as he was writing the book. Dr Revici himself did not create or know about the recipe.

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.


1 as well as the history of the suppression of his breakthrough discoveries not "just" in the area of cancer but also in many other fields of healing

2 Several powerful ways in which people have dissolved adhesion pain can be found under Help with painful adhesions after abdominal surgery.

3 This blog where Kelley Eidem continues to post updates regarding various people's successes or experiences with his formula and answers readers' questions contains many more details (in simplified form) and advice.

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