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Introduction by Healing Cancer Naturally

Welcome to the following articles which give an introduction to Dr. Hamer’s highly controversial “German New Medicine®”, which some consider the current cutting-edge in the healing arts, while others decry Dr. Hamer as a murderer who keeps cancer patients from their only means of salvation, i.e. “proper” (conventional) treatment.

My personal impression is that Dr. Hamer ’s “New Medicine” approach can serve to complement a well-rounded holistic physical-nutritional approach to healing cancer, which might include for instance the dietary and lifestyle approach developed by Dr. Budwig, a detoxification “program” adapted to individual needs, spiritual modalities such as those discussed in Cancer Healing & Spirituality I and II or others, as well as energetic and electrochemical/ bio-electric modalities, all in an effort to cover all bases in a person’s comprehensive path to healing cancer (or other illness). More on this important subject in my ”must-read” article: On German New Medicine positing a purely emotional genesis of cancer: on the impact of environmental toxins, nutritional deficiencies, energetic and spiritual healing influences.

Additionally, considering the great complexity of the subject, Healing Cancer Naturally encourages the interested reader to search for both negative and positive reviews, comments, websites and other sources discussing Dr. Hamer’s work, beyond the (necessarily incomplete) information and/or opinions made available on this site, in order to be continually better equipped to form their own opinion.

If you look at the history of alternative cancer treatment which talks about the treatment a number of successful herbal and other non-conventional cancer (and in fact other) therapies and their inventors have received in the previous century and to this day at the hands of the powers that be, it will come as little surprise that Dr. Hamer also has been the subject of severe accusations and repeated legal persecution. At the time of this original writing (1 March 2005) he was languishing in a France prison awaiting another trial to serve a three years prison sentence which it was feared he might not survive spiritually or even physically. Read background information here.

Dr. Hamer’s Revolutionary Brain-Emotion-Disease Studies

One Possible Cause

Discovered...by the German doctor Ryke Geerd HAMER, confirmed on December 9, 1988, at Vienna University

In the habilitation script he presented at [Germany’s] Tübingen University in October 1981, Dr. HAMER summarized his research with this statement: "I searched for cancer in the cell and I have found it in the form of a wrong coding in the brain."

Until now, cancers were illnesses of the organs and as such, purely organically-symptomatically treated. The psyche and the brain from which everything in our organism is steered, were quite uninteresting.

From his personal experience--he himself has had a cancer-and from those patients he took care of in many university clinics, Dr. HAMER established over the years that there is always a definite syndrome at the source of cancer, and not just a kind of stress. It requires a strong stimulus, a brutal psychic trauma, which hits the patient as a major event in his life, an acute dramatic conflict, lived in a complete psychic isolation. This initial syndrome, which he discovered and carefully verified in each of the ca. 15,000 cases he has examined until now, he called DIRK HAMER SYNDROME (DHS), from his son's name, Dirk, whose tragic death in 1978 originated his own cancer.

The experience of those thousands of individual cases diagnosed and treated in the last years, allowed him to bring out constants and formulate a law, always checked precisely, the Iron Law of Cancer, which has never been contradicted. This law, whose Dirk Hamer Syndrome is the main piece, the keystone, states as follows:

1. Any cancer starts with a DHS, that is to say, an extremely brutal shock, a dramatic and acute conflict, experienced in loneliness and sensed by the patient as the most serious he has ever known.

2. It is the subjective meaning of the conflict, the way the patient experienced it at the moment of the DHS, its colouring, which determines:

a) the Hamer focus, that is, the specific area of the brain, which, under the influence of the psychic trauma, suffers a breakdown and thus induces an ill-proliferation of cells (cancer) in the organ dependent on this short circuited cerebral area;

b) the location of the cancer in the organism.

3. There is exact correlation between the evolution of the conflict and the evolution of the cancer on a double level: cerebral and organic.

A second or third conflict with DHS may follow in the wake of the first DHS. For instance the diagnostic of cancer can create a sudden fear of death, with round spots in the lungs, or a conflict of self-devaluation, with cancer of the bones: these are not "metastases" but new tumors caused by new Hamer's foci in the brain, occurring under the influence of new psychic trauma.

As soon as the conflict is resolved, there is an inversion of polarity, the breakdown in the brain (Hamer focus) is repaired by forming an oedema, whereas the cells whose anarchic proliferation was due to a coding error of the brain's computer, are no longer innervated by wrong codes and the tumor stops spreading (carcinostasis) and heals (peritumoral oedema), is encysted, transformed or ejected. This regrowth is often accompanied by pain* and by these peritumoral oedemas, for instance ascites (an accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity), wet pleura, periostal oedema, etc.

Due to the nerve reversal and the shift to a vagotony the whole organism begins a long phase of regrowth with an oedematous swelling throughout the body (as with a pregnant woman), a return to normal sleep patterns, restored appetite and weight gain, a feeling of well-being experienced by the patient, although tiredness, and a weariness typical of vagotony may mislead an inexperienced doctor into diagnosing it as a worsening of the patient's health.

During the healing process, all kinds of cerebral complications may occur, according to the conflict's duration and location in the Hamer focus. The most difficult areas to deal with are those next to the vital vegetative centres responsible for the temperature, respiration, heart circulation. The swelling can be controlled by complete suppression of alcohol, cortizone, diuretics, coffee, anti-inflammation medicine and ice supplied on the neck or the top of the head in some cases, helps to hold in check the untimely results of a sudden over-working of the parasympathetic nervous system. If several sites appear at the same time, with multiple swellings occurring, liquids must be strictly restricted.

Until now, doctors conformed to the unwritten law that the patient would not suffer. Considered as the worst and most terrible symptoms immediately preceding death, the pains* suffered in the healing process seem intolerable for only a four to six week phase, stopping spontaneously after two or three months. It is important to realize that the patient's sensitivity to pain is very different if he knows it is a transitory phase of his illness, and some patients keep to the minimum amount of drugs if they can see hope at the end of the tunnel.

Probably three-quarters of the cancers caused by a DHS stop their evolution before they can be suspected, the conflict being prematurely resolved. The only danger is that, in a checkup, these encysted cancers may be misinterpreted. A wrong diagnosis can then cause a panic reaction, a fear of death, that is a DHS producing round spots in the lungs. So the patient who has just escaped by chance, is thrown back into the therapy cycle.

The empirical method, and years of work leading to the iron law of cancer gives us several precious keys. Indeed, Dr. Hamer noticed that acute leukemia is exactly in accord with this iron law. It starts with a DHS and a severe conflict of self-devaluation . . . . The epileptic outburst, provided there is no cerebral trauma, or congenital malformation, is a reaction of the organism trying to stop swelling caused by the over-working of the parasympathetic nervous system, by a sudden increased activity of the sympathetic nervous system.

The New Medicine
The Body-Mind Connection

by Hanne Bom

Psycho-somatic therapy (psyche = mind; soma = body) theorizes that there are psychological and emotional factors involved in both the onset and healing of cancer and other diseases.

One of the most recent studies on psychosomatic cancer therapy comes from Germany. Over the past 10 years, medical doctor and cancer surgeon Ryke Geerd Hamer has examined 20,000 cancer patients with all types of cancer.

Dr. Hamer wondered why cancer never seems to systematically spread directly from one organ to the surrounding tissue. For example, he never found cancer of the cervix AND the uterus in the same woman. He also noticed that all his cancer patients seemed to have something in common: there had been some kind of psycho-emotional conflict prior to the onset of their disease, a conflict that had never been fully resolved.

After having examined 20,000 cancer patients with all types of cancer, Dr. Hamer has come up with some revolutionary information. X-rays taken of the brain by Dr. Hamer showed in all cases a "dark shadow" somewhere in the brain. These dark spots would be in exactly the same place in the brain for the same types of cancer. There was also a 100% correlation between the dark spot in the brain, the location of the cancer and the specific type of unresolved conflict.

On the basis of these findings, Dr. Hamer suggests that when we are in a stressful conflict that is not resolved, the emotional reflex centre in the brain which corresponds to the experienced emotion (e.g., anger, frustration or grief), will slowly break down. Each of these emotion centres are connected to a specific organ. When a centre breaks down, it will start sending wrong information to the organ it controls, resulting in the formation of deformed cells in the tissues: cancer cells.

Dr. Hamer started including psychotherapy as an important part of the healing process and found that when the specific conflict was resolved, the cancer immediately stopped growing at a cellular level. The dark spot in the brain started to disappear. X-rays of the brain now showed a healing edema around the damaged emotional centre as the brain tissue began to repair the afflicted point. There was once again normal communication between brain and body. A similar healing edema could also be seen around the now inactive cancer tissue. Eventually, the cancer would become encapsulated, discharged or dealt with by the natural action of the body. Diseased tissue would disappear and normal tissue would then again appear.

Recent research in Germany, Austria, France, USA and Denmark has confirmed Dr. Hamer's findings; that emotional conflicts create cancer, and solving the conflicts in question stops the cancer growth.

Dr. Hamer is now co-operating with 100 French doctors who have formed an organization to work with his theory, and they are finding the same correlation between emotional conflict, brain function and cellular changes in the corresponding organs. These doctors are using psychotherapy as a major part of the healing process, and they claim a remission rate of 97%.

Their understanding is that cancer patients seem to be people who do not know how to share their thoughts, emotions, fears and joys with other people. They call this "psycho-emotional isolation" These people tend to hide away sadness and grief behind a brave face, appear "nice" and avoid open conflict. Some are not even aware of their emotions, and are therefore not only isolated from other people, but also from themselves. If we live our life in emotional isolation, our emotional centres will be under constant stress. If we then add a major conflict which we are not able to resolve, and which we may not even be quite conscious of, then emotional centres of our brain are in danger of breaking down.

We all experience "emotional isolation", more or less. We live in a society where we want to interact with other people in a way we have been brought up to regard as considerate. There are limits to what we feel we can say and do. We often even censure what we allow ourselves to think and feel. Having to change these lifestyle facts does not necessarily mean that we need to go out and hit our neighbour or cry in front of our friends. It is a question of how we can change our emotional patterns without creating even greater conflicts for ourselves.

It can take time to make even small changes in our habits. The important thing is that we can start healing from the moment we have understanding of our emotional conflicts so we can start acting, even if this action if merely to start talking to somebody – a friend, partner or professional. In this way, we break the loneliness of our isolation, and the pressure is taken off the emotional centres in our brain.

Cancer patients who choose psychosomatic therapy - whether professionally or with a good friend - are different from most other patients. They are not “just" being treated by others, but play an active part in resolving how and why the disease occurred. The word "patient" becomes redundant, and they enter into active co-treatment of themselves.

It is not a question of trying to follow some ideal way of living, based on other people's experiences. Each one of us must find our OWN solution - a lifestyle that works for US. We become sick in OUR OWN way - and we must heal in our own way.

Compare Dr. R. G. Hamer on the New Medicine and Developing & Healing Cancer & Your Mind.

From www.neue-medizin.com/hamereng.htm

“Dr. Hamer discovered ... a biological law (The Iron Law of Cancer), and it takes place on three biological levels, the psyche, the brain and the organ (body). Right after ... a conflict shock the "program" disease starts on these three parallel levels: the psyche is "shattered" (the thoughts revolve around the conflict), practically at the same time cerebral changes take place (Hamerscher Herd! [Hamer focus]) which can be displayed (!) by a CT of the brain, and at the same time... the tumor (for example) starts growing! And all that is not a failure of mother nature but a biological program that is useful and logical (on a biological level). Cancer is not a killer, but an archaic concept which helped individuals in ancient times to survive! Even today most patients don’t die of cancer but of the ignorance of modern medicine.”

Hamer focus picture

Ct scan of brain showing Hamer focus in someone whose “life dream” had recently been shattered, awaiting healing.

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