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Isopathic autologous serum treatment for cancer pain treatment

Astounding effects on terminal cancer pain — and possibly cancer

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Emil Fritz Scheller MD PhD[1] was a German physician and author who did extensive work with cancer patients. Among other things, he described experiments he did with a cancer serum derived from the cancer patient himself. While using the most modest of terms, the results he was able to obtain in the management of cancer pain were nevertheless spectacular. Dr. Scheller writes:

"Every poison has its antidote. In order for the antidote to work specifically and without fail, it must be directly produced from the poison. It's the dose that makes the poison an antidote (Paracelsus). Homeopathic or rather isopathic[2] dilution can turn a poison into an antidote.

We draw about 5 ccm venous blood from the cancer patient to obtain the serum, i.e. the fluid and solute component of the blood. Under sterile conditions, one ccm of the serum is diluted with 9 ccm physiological (isotonic) saline and succussed to the fourth and sixth dilution. The fourth dilution is used for more acute, the sixth for chronic cancer patients. Daily or every other day (depending on the effect), one ccm is injected into the patient's vein. During the war years, I was able to obtain some experience while working as a ward physician in the München Klinik Schwabing in Munich.

In the few cases we treated without resorting to any other medication, complete freedom from pain was achieved every single time.

We also observed a case of stomach cancer which had been diagnosed as inoperable by x-ray: after several weeks under this treatment, it completely vanished without leaving a trace. Subsequently the radiologists declared their diagnosis in error.[3]

Later in my own practice I was able to keep a patient with an inoperable sarcoma of the appendix until his fateful end entirely pain-free. For individual patients, we may need to use even higher dilutions and apply them on an alternating basis.

In any case, isopathic autologous serum treatment doesn't seem entirely devoid of promise with cancer patients."

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1 Dr. med. Dr. phil. Emil Scheller is the author of a number of books including "Krebsschutz durch Früherkennung und Ursachenbehandlung" [Cancer Prevention By Early Diagnosis and Treatment of the Causes] (Humata Verlag Blume 1965) from which translated excerpts are featured above. Scheller also developed a cancer test designed to evaluate a person's cellular metabolism (cellular respiration) to predict cancer risk.

2 Isopathy is a variation of homeopathy from which it is derived. Definitions of Isopathy vary but one could simplify by stating that while classic homeopathy cures by using "similars" ("let similar things be taken care of by similar things"), isopathy prefers using "the same" (iso=same), i.e. substances produced naturally in the body which are then prepared like homeopathic remedies by dilution and succession to potentize them. More information at Isopathy & homeopathy Helping your body heal thanks to isopathic (self)-treatment.

3 We don't know whether in this case the radiologists were correct in thinking that their diagnosis had been incorrect. Experience has shown however that such a statement can simply be used in the face of a cure that was achieved using nonconventional therapy in order to not acknowledge the effectiveness of the method employed.

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