Spirituality (II)

“Karma”, Life Purpose, Disease, Healing and Man’s “Energetic Makeup”

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While the first Spirituality section of this site has its general focus on impressive healing testimonials and articles illustrating the crucial link between spirituality and the healing of cancer, this second section and its pages focus on the notion of “karma” & life purpose and their relationship to disease and healing as well as man’s “energetic makeup” (for theoretical background and dramatic practical healing examples see Energetics).

Amazing material drawn from regression (“past-life”) therapy serves to illustrate the crucial-seeming link betweeen these elements.

Please note: All material on this website including occasional articles based on or including channelling are submitted for your discernment since I believe them to hold truth and value for people on a healing quest.

Only you, however, can decide what is your own personal truth and what will make for your optimum journey towards healing and lasting health.

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