Terminal cancer healed through the mind

Relaxation, visualisation, affirmation, reprogramming (Silva Method)

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The Silva Method (formerly called Silva Mind Control) was developed by parapsychologist José Silva and is a self-help technique involving relaxation, meditation and visualisation (or guided imagery) which can be learned through books or seminars.

While it has numerous glowing testimonials and astounding success reports witnessing to the effectiveness of its mental techniques, the Silva Method of course is not the only mental self-help approach shown to have powerful effects on body and mind.

The following anecdotal cancer cure report is found in José Silva's book "You The Healer" (see below).

In 1975, a 34-year-old patient with progressive paralysis in both arms and legs was diagnosed with a tumor in the cervical (neck) area of his spine.

During surgery it became apparent that the tumor had sown metastases throughout the patient's spine, making it impossible to remove. The unfortunate man was given one, at the most two years to live.

Some ten months after the fateful surgery, the patient for the first time.heard of the Silva Method and immediately enrolled in a seminar (the quickest way to learn the technique).

He began practising the method three times a day (before rising, after lunch and before bed). Deeply relaxing for about 15 minutes each (probably using both the countdown technique and progressive muscle relaxation), he visualised his tumor, and in his mind's eye, saw it shrinking a little more each day. He imagined his white blood cells (the police of our immune system, see How & Why Guided Imagery Works) attack the cancer cells and dissolve and eliminate the tumor.

He also "programmed" himself so that each time he went to the bathroom, the cancer cells would be flushed from his body. He wrapped up his inner healing "movie" with the affirmation "every day, in every way, I am getting better and better; I feel healthy and strong".

Two months into this practice, he had a checkup with his doctor. Result: no sign of a tumor. The doctor who one year earlier had declared him terminally ill now said he must have made an error in diagnosis. When the former patient informed him about his visualisation practice, he left the room in outrage.

Please note

No-one of course will claim that the same results are achievable by any so-called terminal cancer patient. It is interesting however that among the many mind-over-cancer healing testimonials featured on this site, one very similar, in fact even more desperate case of cancer also was healed thanks to visualisation and programming in a relaxed state. It can be read under Terminal cancer healed thanks to a radical shift in consciousness: reprogramming the mind for healing.


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