Breast cancer remission

Case with bleak diagnosis cured after one regression therapy session

by Trutz Hardo, translated, edited & published with special permission of the author by copyright © 2004 Healing Cancer Naturally

In Switzerland, a forty-three year old woman came to me for regression therapy. A few months beforehand, her cancerous left breast had been amputated. Additionally, cancer agents had been discovered in her blood and some tissue areas, so her prognosis looked very bleak. Marion is married, with a grown-up daughter.

As she had reached the Alpha state[1], we requested her Higher Self (HS) to lead her to a causal event in her past which was linked to her present-day cancer.

Trutz Hardo: "And when I have finished counting to three, all of a sudden you‘ll find yourself at the specific point in time and space where the cause of your cancer is found. 1, 2, 3. You are there now."

I love another man.
Do you find yourself in your present life as Marion?
How old are you?
What is this man like?
A man who arouses me sexually. Tall...
Do you already have your daughter?
What‘s his name?
Do you sleep with each other?
Yes, we do.
And how do you feel when you make love? Are you really sexually satisfied? Are all your wishes fulfilled?
My wishes are fulfilled. It‘s what I‘ve always wished for, what I had fantasized about. Yes, it is wonderful.
Do you frequently meet?
Yes, we work together. We can see each other anytime.
And when do you do it?
In between, we can do it since our working schedule allows it.
Isn't it really wonderful for you — your husband doesn't notice and you probably feel more well-balanced and able to lead a better marital life? How is it for you?
No, no, no.
But what?
I immediately told Rainer (her husband) about it.

He understood. Rainer had been drinking a lot, and had left me to myself very often.

How did things develop with you and Rainer after you had told him?

We lived together like brother and sister. We brought up our child together.

Did he also have a girlfriend?

No, he used to say that I would come back to him. And I didn't leave but stayed with him, at least in a spatial sense...

So he did love you?


Did you have any feelings of guilt?


How long did the affair with your new boyfriend last?

Ten years. I loved him so much and hoped to be together with him. But it wasn't meant to be.

Why did it end?

He was married.

Just like you?


Did you ever speak about wanting to break up with your spouses, in order to be together?


Perhaps he never truly wanted this at all. For him it was just a love affair. Am I right?


But you wanted more?


What was your greatest heartache, as you found out or realized this?

His insincerity and my weakness.

And then, after these ten years, how did things continue with Gerhard?

We continued to work together.

You continued to work together?

Yes and I wanted to have a friendship. This is so important when one has shared a part of life’s journey in this way. But he couldn't do it. He did the same thing my teacher had done with me.

And he continued to do so, even after these ten years?

Yes he did... he kept pressing me, he wouldn‘t accept. But I, I didn't want anymore.

Why didn't you want anymore?

No, it was impossible. I had understood that he couldn‘t do it the way I wanted it, and I need things to be clear-cut in my life.

And what became of the relationship at home, with Rainer? Did it change?


In what way?

We became closer again. In fact, we had never been apart.

Could you also have better sexual relations?


How come? Why didn’t it work?

I feel like I am committing incest. He is like my father. And I really would love it to be different.

Would you like to add something on how things further developed, or can we leave it at that?

Leave it at that.

Another question. Do you continue to see Gerhard today?


Are you still together with Rainer?


And your Higher Self leads you once again into the bed of clouds, where you recover from everything. The golden ray of divine light enters your body, and a feeling of complete well-being surrounds you. And you know that some hard things have happened in your present life, heavy blows of fate, as they say, and all this could naturally have a connection to your cancer. But now ask your Higher Self: “Does the real cause of this illness lie in a past life? What does it say?


And you are now allowed to find out the cause, your Higher Self is leading you back to it, far back into a past life. And your Higher Self takes you by the hand, and you are floating through a wall of clouds, crossing a long, wide vale of clouds, all coloured in pink and gold.

And all of a sudden you see a wide wall of clouds before you — likewise in pink and gold. And there are many gates within it. And you are floating towards one of these gates. Now you are standing in front of it. You can touch it with your hands, and you know that the door will open in a short while.

And telepathically, your Higher Self conveys to you: "I will count to three, dear Marion, and then you will be one day before the event that is the cause of your present-day cancer. Here, take another sip from this little bottle. As you are already aware, the liquid tastes nice and it gives you the ability to not only clearly see and recognize everything in a moment, but also to feel it."

And now you take a large sip from the little bottle and then return it. And all of a sudden you begin to feel the pleasant warmth in your stomach, and you know that at the count of three, you‘ll find yourself on the day immediately before the important event X. You will perceive everything precisely. 1, 2, 3. Now you are there.


First have a look at your feet. Are you barefoot or are you wearing some kind of footwear?

I am wearing clogs.

Do they have a color or ...?

Yes, somewhat like mouldy wood; puffed up.

And the rest of your clothes? Have a look, what are you wearing?

I am wearing a gray dress, with a gray apron and a gray scarf.

The gray scarf, is it bound around the head?

It‘s bound around the head.

How old are you at the moment?

I am 41.

What is your name?

Evelyn. (It is possible that the Dutch name has a similar pronunciation.)

Evelyn, which country are you in?


What do you do, Evelyn? Just observe the daily routine at your work.

I am a maidservant.

At what time do you get up in the morning?

At 5.

How long do you have to work in the evenings?

Into the night.

Until evening, right?

Much longer. Into the night.

How long exactly?

Until it is quite dark.

Who do you work for?

... (no reply)

What kind of people are that, who you work for, whom you serve?

They are farmers.

And I am sure you also know which year you are in. 1, 2, 3. There it is!


(As we have already explained [note: in the book The Great Handbook of Reincarnation], numbers are often distorted. The chances are that she means the year 1829).

Have you ever been married or are you still married?


Have you ever had any kind of relationship with a man?

The farmer.

The farmer himself? Is he married?


Have a close look at the farmer, and tell me what he looks like.

Tall and squat, blonde and coarse-featured.

Do you like him?


Then how did he force you?

When I am in the field, he‘ll come along on his horse and climb down. I even go to meet him.

How come you even go towards him?

Because I know what he wants.

Now if you hadn‘t gone to meet him, what would he do?

Then he would hit me with his whip.

And where does he undress you?

He doesn‘t undress me. I am wearing several skirts on top of each other, but I’m not wearing any underpants.

And you lift up the skirts, and he enters you from behind?

Yes, from behind. It all happens very quickly.

Do you have any pleasurable sensation while doing this?


How often does this happen, actually?

Nearly every day.

Aren't you getting pregnant?


How come you aren‘t getting pregnant?

I am not a real woman.

How do you mean?

I think that I am simply too narrowly built. Things aren't... . I am not all right.

What do you think isn‘t all right? Have you ever been to the doctor?

No. No money.

I will now count to three, and you will find yourself experiencing the important event X. You are able to accurately perceive everything. 1, 2, 3. Now you are there.

I‘m lying in bed. A wooden bed. I am in pain.

Where is the pain located?

All over, in the stomach and in the breasts.

Have you experienced this pain for a while, or is it a recent thing?

It‘s a new thing.

How has this come about? How do you explain the occurrence of this pain to yourself?

I have the devil in my body.

How do you know that you have the devil in your body?

I feel it, it must be that way.

Why must it be that way?

Another woman would not be treated like this.

By whom?

By the man.

And this has to do with this farmer?


How does it feel to have the devil in your stomach? Explain it to me in a little more detail.

It’s a burning feeling.

Where is it burning? Inside the stomach? Also in the chest?


And you are really afraid, aren’t you?

Yes, I am really scared. And now he (?) is bringing a smoothing iron.

The farmer?

No, the wife, the farmer‘s just standing there and instructing his wife. With a hot flat-iron, filled with water, and it‘s emitting steam.

And he‘s ordering her to do — what? ...

To place it there on the affected part, to ease the pain.

But the flat-iron is hot?

Yes, it‘s hot.

What do you feel as this is happening?

I am cauterized.

Do they want ... do they believe that the devil is in there and that he can be driven out by the heat of the flat-iron?

I believe so, yes.

And does the farmer believe so too?

Yes, I think so. Now I am in pain. (moaning in pain).

And now I will count to three, and then it is all over. 1, 2, 3. Now what do you suddenly notice? Are you still lying in bed? Are you feeling relieved?

I feel so ill.

(I intuitively realized that even more accumulated pain had to be released from her emotional body. Therefore:) Go once again directly into the pain. Experience it once again. Now the flat-iron is pressed directly on the chest. What kind of pain is this? Let all the pain out.

This is like being cauterized, cauterized!!!

This must hurt like crazy. How do you bear this? Aren't you screaming? What are you screaming?

I scream: "Help! Stop that!" But they aren't listening.

Have you been tied up, or what are they doing otherwise?

No, they are holding me down firmly.

Yes, they are holding you down firmly and you are screaming.

The farmer's wife is doing this, and he is holding me down firmly. Oh, God!

And how long does this last? Does it happen more than once?

No, it happens only once. Once for a long stretch of time. (expressing pain)

Now I will count to three, and it is all over. 1, 2, 3. Now it is all over.

You are lying in bed now. Are your breasts still burning?

Yes. (almost whining)

Are you crying? Are they standing there? Are they saying anything? How do the two of them react?

No, they are leaving, leaving me alone.

What are your feelings after this, now that you are alone? What are your feelings?

I am not a woman.

Why aren‘t you a woman?

Now I don't even have breasts anymore.

How could they take your breasts off you?

They have cauterized them. Cauterized through the heat.

And you feel that now your womanhood is finished.


What are you the saddest or angriest about? What are your feelings?

So humiliated. These are my feelings anyhow: lots of anger. Why do I allow this to happen to me? Why don't I have the courage to say: "I am leaving."?

Do you resolve to do anything, once you are up and about again?

I feel so small. The others are so strong. What am I supposed to do? I don't have a home. I must stay there, I must bear it. But perhaps the farmer will not harass me anymore. Now I don't have breasts anymore and my womb is deformed. Perhaps he‘ll leave me in peace now.

Why is your womb deformed?

Because I haven‘t got any children.

Why are you deformed?

I just think so.

And now what do you think of the devil inside you? Has he been expelled?

There was no such thing.

That is now quite clear to you, isn't it ...?


You just allowed yourself to get talked into it.


Who was the first one to declare that the devil is in your chest?

The farmer's wife.

Why didn‘t she fetch the priest who could have exorcized him?

That costs money.

Did the farmer's wife know that you were the person her husband was after?


Do you think she might have done it out of spite, to get you, or to spoil her husband’s fun so that from then on he would consider you useless as a woman?

I can well imagine that.

The farmer, he was sort of enslaved by his wife, she had him in the palm of her hand, or what was it like?

Yes, but only at home.

I‘ll now count to three, and then it will be one year before your death. 1, 2, 3. How old are you now?

I am 59.

Do you still live at the farm?


Where are you now?

I am a maid again.


At a judge's place.

And now very briefly experience your death, ... and now you are already dead and looking back. How did you die?

I got smallpox.

And are you glad to have died?


Have a look at your whole life. What kind of title would you give to this life?


And now if you were supposed to say: "Never again will I ..." What would that be?


Does this mean, "never again get into a dependent relationship"?

Yes. (strongly accentuated)

You feel very strongly about this.

Yes I do.


And when I have finished counting to three, you will be before the cloud gate again with your Higher Self. 1, 2, 3. You remember everything, everything has stayed in your memory. Ask your Higher Self: "Why was I supposed to live such a life of hardship?" What does your Higher Self say?

You have to learn to look after yourself.

Let your Higher Self explain — what does this have to do with Marion's cancer? What does It say to you?

If I trust in God, then I needn‘t have any fears, then I needn't fear any kind of dependency.

And you didn‘t have this as Evelyn. This trust in God was missing in you, otherwise you wouldn‘t have had to fear anything.


But why did you have to develop cancer as Marion? Why did your breast have to be removed?

Because through that, I found God once again. I made changes in my life.

Only after the loss of your breast or already before that?

No, afterwards. I needed that.

So what has changed for you, after the amputation?

I‘ve changed everything. I rearranged my life. Personally, I did nothing. I was being guided.

What were you like before the operation, what was it like before the cancer? What kind of person were you then as compared to later on?

I was ..., I am the same person. What was different is that I suddenly came to certain decisions. I told myself that there was a meaning behind this, and I explored it, and I really looked at it as a major heads-up. Before that, I had pushed God into the background, and all of a sudden, He was there.

In what form was He there?

I saw Jesus Christ while meditating, and I felt his warmth. I could pray. And suddenly I was exactly back at the point where I had stopped earlier. And I received some sort of power that helped me to pull through everything that I wanted to. I stopped smoking, stopped drinking coffee, all that stuff. I found a straight path and also began to see the world in a different light, as well as life in general and other people.

I‘ll be counting to three again, and you’ll then be standing in front of the cloud gate again. 1, 2, 3. And now ask your Higher Self: "Is there a reason or cause for having had to experience such a dreadful life as a maid, where I even got my breasts burned or cauterized?" What does your Higher Self say?


(spontaneously:) I have cut off a thief's hands.

I‘ll now count to three, and you‘ll find yourself on the day before the day when the thief's hands were cut off. 1, 2, 3. Who are you now?


Why don’t you talk a bit about your life.

I am an African.

Which country are you in, Mustafa?

In the Congo.

In which year?


What do you do, Mustafa?

I have a large number of wives.

Are you rich?

Yes, very rich.

Are you a trader in something?


How did you get wealthy?

I am trading in cloths.

Take a look at yourself. What do you look like? Feel your body.

Physically, I am tall and really fat.

How many wives do you have?


How old are you now?


Mustafa, now go into the situation leading up to your cutting off the thief's hands. Now you are there. What are you doing?

I am counting money.


And I have to... I have been called outside to settle an argument between my wives. As I return, I see my servant Mullah bent over my big coffer and reaching into it.

And how do you react?

I am shouting at him.

And then?

I am showing him the door, and I am sitting in judgment, holding court.

How are you doing this?

With my friends and neighbors. And we decide to cut off Mullah's right hand. And since I am Mullah's owner, I am the one who has to do this.

How are you doing it?

I have a kind of machete. And with a single blow, the hand is severed.

Who‘s holding Mullah? How is this like? Is he screaming?

He‘s screaming, and the blood is spurting out.

How do you feel?


Is all this taking place in the open?

It‘s taking place in public, and people are happily applauding.

Is the servant married? Does he have children?


What‘s happening to Mullah after losing his right hand?

I‘m sending him away.


That doesn‘t concern me. Away, away, out of our village.

Go forward in time now. Do you ever hear anything about Mullah and what has become of him?

Yes, he‘s become a beggar.

In this life as Mustafa – is there anything else of importance that has happened, anything you‘ve done, perhaps an infamous act or whatever? Go there. 1, 2, 3. Now you are there.

No. I was a good merchant.


And all of a sudden, you are standing in front of the cloud gate again with your Higher Self and you clearly remember everything. Ask your Higher Self now: Why did you have to live this life as Mustafa, why?

I don't know.

Do you know that according to Islamic law it is legitimate to cut off a thief‘s hand? So you‘ve perfectly acted within the stipulations of Mohammed's law. I wonder if you still carry a feeling of guilt?


Why do you feel guilty?

I feel guilty towards myself. I also did not have the correct impression of this person.

Then how should you have handled it better?

I should have seen it better, looked into it better.

What should you have seen?

I should have recognized..., my knowledge of human nature should have been better.

What else could you have done with Mullah?

I couldn‘t have done anything else. The law demands it, after all.

So you were innocent?

No, I was at fault.

What do you accuse yourself of? Why is your heart in conflict with your head?

I want inner peace in my life, and this doesn‘t go with it. I also wish my servants to be part of my family.

Then what should you have done to make this happen?

I should have simply said that I refuse to accept this law.

But couldn't you have prevented right from the start that the idea of robbing you even occurred to Mullah? Why did he want to rob you?

Maybe something befell him, perhaps he didn‘t want to do it at all.

Perhaps he was misled and succumbed to the temptation?


Maybe he had debts and needed to get money by hook or by crook. Perhaps he was also angry with you and wanted to somehow even it out with you in his own way.

No, I do think that he was simply misled at that time because we are a big family, a good family.

And now ask your Higher Self: Is there still another life serving as a reason or cause for your later having your breasts burned with a flat-iron? Is there yet another reason or causal event that made it imperative that you suffer as you did as a maid? What does your Higher Self say?


I see soldiers.

I will count to three, and all of a sudden you’ll be there, having a close look at what‘s happening. 1, 2, 3.

I see a soldier on a horse.

Are you just watching him, or is that yourself?

It‘s me.

What are you doing?

I have a soldier lying on the ground below me. I‘ve stabbed him in the chest with my sword (perhaps a dagger or knife?).

Where exactly did it penetrate? Into the chest?

Exactly through the heart... He was my friend!

Then why did you drive the sword into his chest?

He took my woman.

Is your anger, your revenge satisfied now? How do you feel after committing this act?


Why do you feel bad?

Because I loved him, he was my friend.

And how do you deal with your woman now? Now you are there. What are you doing with her?

I don't want her anymore.

So what are you doing?

I am sending her away.

Where are you sending her?

Back to her family.

What country are you in?

I don't know.

All of a sudden, you get the calendar year you are in. 1, 2, 3.


And I am counting to three, and all of a sudden you know where you are. What do the people look like? Are they light or dark-skinned? All of a sudden you have the answer. 1, 2, 3. Where are you?


Are you a German, or are you a foreigner? What is you name?


Where were you born, Pit?

I was born in Sweden.

And why have you come to Germany?

Because of this woman.

What does she look like, this woman? Go to her. Have a close look at her.

She is tall and blonde.

What is her name?


What is your profession?

I am a soldier.

Who to you serve, which army?

The Danish army.

They have employed you?


What is the name of the Danish Commander? All of a sudden a name comes to you, 1, 2, 3.


Is this a general?

This is a general.

Do you like serving in the Danish army?


Where do you find yourself at the moment, in which part of Germany, where you‘ve killed your friend?

Very close to Denmark, in Schleswig-Holstein.

And your friend, what is his name?


Is he also Swedish?

No, he‘s German.

Where did you originally meet? Go to that place.

In Denmark, in the army.

What was it about Arthur that you liked so much?

(changing the topic:) Renate.

Did you both get acquainted with her at the same time?

I met her first.

And what was your relationship like at that time?

Very close, we planned on getting married.

And now, what happened with respect to Arthur? Tell me.

I had to go somewhere. I had a mission spreading over several weeks. On the west coast of Denmark. And Renate was in Germany. And Arthur went to see her.

What happened next?

They fell in love.


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1 Alpha state: a state bridging the waking and sleeping state, brain wave frequencies c. 13 to 8 Hertz. We pass through this state each time we fall asleep (sleep frequency c. 7.5 to c. 3.5 Hertz) and wake up (waking state or Beta state, c. 13.5 Hertz to 40 Hertz).

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