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Dr Burk speaks out in favour of Laetrile as a cancer treatment

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Dr Dean Burk (1904–1988) held a PhD in biochemistry from the University of California. He was the senior chemist at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) which he helped establish and in 1946 became the Director of its Cytochemistry section.

He belonged to eleven scientific organization, wrote three books relating to chemotherapy and was the author of more than two hundred scientific papers in the field of cell chemistry, some in collaboration with his friend Otto Warburg.

Dr Burk was a strong advocate of laetrile and was frequently involved in intense exchanges with politicians and others in its support.

Dr Burk wrote an open letter dated 22/3/74 to Dr S. Perry, Deputy Director of the Division of Cancer Treatment of the NCI, in which he described experiments done on mice in whom a Lewis lung tumor had been implanted.

The letter was to correct reports that had been appearing in the media that there was no evidence that laetrile (amygdalin) had any beneficial effect against cancer.

The letter concluded that there was “…widespread evidence of Amygdalin MF efficacy in terms of both absolute and percent positively increased median life span, most uniformly and notably so in treatments with Amygdalin MF alone, but also in certain instances when beta-Glucosidase was additionally given.”

The experiments were carried out at the Southern Research Institute in Alabama. Mice were divided into groups of 10. Some were given amygdalin alone with doses of between 12.5 and 400 milligrams per kilogram weight while other groups were given both amygdalin (12.5 to 50 mg/kg) and beta-Glucosidase (5 to 10 mg/kg).

Every group showed an increased median life span when compared to the corresponding untreated control group. The highest increased median life span was 51%, with the majority of groups falling between 17 and 30%.

The entire experiment is described in "Private papers pertaining to Laetrile", compiled and edited by G. Edward Griffin (the author of World Without Cancer, the "Bible" on Vitamin B 17 treatment against cancer), published by American Media, 1997.


Dr Burk also vehemently spoke out and campaigned against water fluoridation which he called a form of mass murder contributing to cancer.[1]

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1 See On fluoride and fluoridation causing/contributing to cancer ff.

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