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A Note On Honesty and the Bigger Picture of Healing

What Do We Truly Know

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Health and illness and the true functioning of the human body may be among those areas of science where we are still complete beginners on this planet, with much half-baked “truth” propagated, which surprisingly (or not) can apply to both the members of the conventional and the “alternative”/holistic community...

As Sir David Weatherall, Regius professor of medicine at Oxford University and head of the Institute of Molecular Medicine, frankly and succinctly put it in a conversation with a Stanford University professor who healed himself of one of the most lethal cancers known: "What you must understand, Mr. Gearin-Tosh, is that we know so little about how the body works."

To further corroborate this state of affairs: the authoritative and encyclopedic classic German Medical Dictionary “Pschyrembel” (updated yearly) which gives a complete listing and description of all known diseases and is THE reference work for all German-language workers in the medical field, according to a source I trust states for a full 80% of all listed illnesses: “cause unknown”!

Apparently, a similar thing applies to the English-speaking world, since — and I quote Dr. Batmanghelidj[1]: "Referring to any medical textbook, you will see over a thousand pages of verbiage, but when it comes to giving the reasons for the major diseases of the human body, the statement in all cases is uniform and very brief: 'Aetiology unknown'!"

Personally when both in a conventional or alternative medical context I see phrases such as "the best to do is...", “you must...”, “always works” when talking about any one therapeutic approach (diet, medical device, drug, surgery etc.), I tend to consider the maker of such statements as not fully trustworthy.

Speaking in absolutes in areas such as healing where we humans (generally speaking) can truthfully only speak in relatives, to my feeling is likely to denote a lack of true knowledge, humility, integrity and/or honesty.

In fact, in my experience scientists and others who deeply research any one area of cognition will arrive at the same conclusion as did Socrates millenia before them: “All I know is that I don’t know.” Or, “the more I learn, the less true certainties I have.”[2]

Compare On Life, Truth & Philosophy, Negative experiences in the alternative cancer treatment field (on honesty & deception, money & manipulation, commercialism, theft of copyright, ego & “all that glitters is not gold”) as well as Modern Medicine is not a science which discusses among other things a study showing that autopsies (post-mortem examinations) revealed a large percentage of misdiagnoses (in fact, over 50%) and hence mistreatments.

So while we as the human family have so little certainties about the true functioning of the human body in health and disease, why not adopt an attitude of humbleness before the “mystery of life” coupled with a willingness to learn and the recognition expressed in the German saying Wer heilt, hat recht. (The one who heals is right.)

As I wrote elsewhere on this site, “I believe that very generally speaking, health comes from ‘natural’ [holistic] living, which means healthy expression of feelings, wholesome nutrition and clean, harmonious and loving inner and outer surroundings, in short, living as close to untampered-with nature as possible — while carefully avoiding natural and man-made toxins.

Health, even when compromised by cancer, can be restored — as evidenced by many cancer survivors — as one works at reestablishing these conditions to the best of one’s ability, cleans and heals their body, emotions, mind, spirit and environment and applies those remedies that honour the first injunction to all working in the healing field:

Primum nihil nocere (Above All, Do No Harm).”

I would like to expand here the field of application of this latter injunction, which urges us to refrain from harming:

I think in order to accomplish true healing in the larger sense of the term, we also need to discontinue harming each other, harming animals, harming nature in general and damaging the whole planet in any way. In other words, we need to not only take responsibility for maintaining/restoring our own health and well-being, but also that of the larger planetary environment and living community of which we are a part.

Wishing you the very best of health!

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1 F. Batmanghelidj, M.D., is the author of "Your Body's Many Cries For Water". Read excerpts from Chronic Unintentional Dehydration Causes Pain and Disease, Including Cancer.

2 Interestingly, the exact opposite also applies: the less someone knows in any one area, the cocksurer they tend to be of what they think is true (corroborated by modern studies and known as the Dunning–Kruger effect).

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