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Black salve treatment saves the life of terminal liver cancer patient

Tumor and metastases extracted using botanical herbs (graphic pictures)

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William Trucks had lived a life many would consider quite "normal" — eating junk food with lots of sugary, processed and fried items, and at some point drinking 10+ sugar-laden sodas a day. Coupled with a high-stress lifestyle followed for many decades he finally found himself with elevated blood pressure/sugar, high cholesterol as well as physical exhaustion to the point of barely being able to walk a hundred yards.

He hadn't even celebrated his 60th birthday yet when in 2005 he was diagnosed with liver cancer (confirmed by CT scan, MRI and a personal consultation with an oncologist). Rather than following the advice given, he flatly stated that he didn't wish to be irradiated and poisoned since he knew of too many who had already walked down that path of no return.

During the next couple of years and in spite of the serious diagnosis, Bill still only made half-hearted attempts at helping himself heal. Reading books on alternative medicine including Dr Hulda Regehr Clark's "The Cure for All Diseases"[3] inspired him to take high doses of vitamin C as well as MMS (both of which presumably helped to slow down the progression of his tumor).

Since Dr. Clark's research links cancer to parasitic infections, Bill Trucks also did a parasite cleanse as per her instructions, together with a liver and gallbladder cleanse all of which allowed him to purge gallstones and parasites from his body. Dr Clark also insists on the removal of any mercury fillings, so he had this done by a biological dentist as well.

While these measures did make him feel somewhat better, he continued to burden his body and health by ingesting the same high-sugar, processed-food cum soda diet he had consumed before. Unsurprisingly, it didn't take long after his original diagnosis for his cancer to metastasize to his pancreas and to one of his kidneys, as shown by subsequent CT scan.

At this moment, Bill had reached a very low point, feeling deadly sick, weak, irritable, barely able to function, and in fact — dying from stage 4 liver cancer.

Even his eyes had started to yellow (showing his liver and body were gradually shutting down). It was then that he became acutely aware that more drastic measures were in order if he wanted to save his life — abandoning sugar and upgrading his diet being one of the first.

During the intense period of researching how to save his life that followed, Bill happened upon a reference to "black salves" as a cancer treatment. Learning details about this approach from Ingrid Naiman's book Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment and coming across encouraging reports of people who had successfully used the treatment before, Bill felt that this was the approach his urgent condition called for. And this feeling turned out to be right.

After buying the black salve, his ever supportive wife Joyce started to apply it to his back on an area that had been constantly itching. The salve soon began to literally burrow into his back, and pus started to ooze from the wound for days on end.

Eschar formed at three weeks into Bill Trucks' black salve treatment

At a somewhat later stage, his wife began applying Yellow Healing Salve and colloidal silver to the wound for their antibiotic action. Overall, it took seven weeks of repeated applications of the salve before the eschar (dry scab) came off on its own.

Large wound left after the eschar had come away

And it took another nine to thirteen weeks until the large wound left on his back started to close completely.

This was by no means an easy process — in fact the pain became so intense that at some point Bill was unsure if he would survive the ordeal.[1] It was a work-intensive process as well, demanding daily changing of pus-soaked bandages and more.

Even after the tumor extraction process was complete, Bill continued to be very weak and was far from totally healed. His organs were severely damaged and he developed an intestinal infection.

To further his detoxification and assist his system in returning to normal functioning, he started on daily coffee enemas and taking only freshly squeezed vegetable juices, yogurt, Essiac tea and some other basic items for nourishment. It took Bill a total of about nine months to regain the strength to walk a couple of miles.

Healthy today

CT scans, HCG tests[2] and live blood analysis via darkfield microscope continue to show Bill Trucks to be cancer-free as of today. In fact Bill reports now feeling better than he had in years, and engages in gardening, running, power walking and more.

About using Black Salves (aka as cancer or escharotic salves) as a treatment for various types of cancer

Black Salve is composed of different native American plants (the main ingredient being bloodroot [Sanguinaria canadensis]), and was until recently sold under the brand name Cansema.

Black salve, applied in small amounts on the area of concern, is credited with the extraordinary ability to extract tumors and skin cancers from the body by gradually bringing them to the surface where eventually they will form a completely detached pus-laden scab, the eschar.

In addition to the liver cancer application described above, black salve has been successfully used for a variety of other cancers such as breast cancer, Ewing's sarcoma, thyroid and intestinal cancer, many skin cancers including large melanomas and more.

Typically starting with a tingling sensation or redness, the extraction process will begin by pus oozing from the wound (created by the salve "eating" into the skin). Within two to three weeks the principal tumor should be seen to surface in the form of the eschar. This scab MUST be allowed the time to come away on its own, i.e. must NOT be removed since this would leave neoplastic (cancerous) tissue behind.

Depending on tumor depth and development, even a second application may be required. The entire process is frequently accompanied by extreme pain and many will require effective pain relief at this time.

Apparently diabetics or individuals with poor circulation should not apply this treatment, and generally, noone should start on this type of radical therapy before being fully informed about possible risks and side effects — nor without the support of a knowledgeable person.

Black salve is available online. Be aware that there are quality differences since not all products on offer are effective. It is best to find reliable testimonials of successful users before opting for any one product.

Last but far from least: no cancer treatment can earnestly hope to have permanent success if any lifestyle and nutritional factors that led to the disease developing in the first place are not amended and upgraded to help prevent future relapses as well as the development of other life-style-related diseases.

How to make your own Black Salve

The above links show one possible method of making black salve at home. Another is shown on the below-listed DVD "One Answer to Cancer". Additionally, Greg Caton shares several recipes from U.S. patents going back to the 1860s in the first chapter of his book Meditopia (available in English and Spanish) for free at .

More graphic pictures of tumor extraction via black salve application can be seen e.g. at .

Books and DVD on black salves as a cancer treatment

Did you know? You can support the work of this humanitarian site at no extra cost to you by buying these books or any other item through its Amazon affiliate links.

Cancer SalvesCancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment

by Ingrid Naiman

Dr. Naiman is one of THE authorities on the subject of escharotic salves and her book comes highly recommended. Includes testimonials, illustrated case reports, instructions, formulae, history etc.

Cured My CancerCured My Cancer: How I Cured My Stage-4-Multi-Organ Cancer At Home

by William Trucks

In addition to being a truly riveting story, this book about a dramatic terminal cancer cure achieved via black salve (and lots of tender loving care of a devoted wife) features many graphic photographs documenting the progress of the extraction of the cancer using black salve, complemented by pictures of others successfully doing the same for their own [breast and other] cancer (with breast tumors having easily been extracted in this manner by patients all around the world).

The book also discusses other cancer protocols which have been successfully used. Available as a paperback and in Kindle format (downloadable version).

One Answer to Cancer: The Truth About Aldara and "Black Salve" in Melanoma Skin Cancer (DVD)

by Elaine Hollingsworth

Ms. Hollingsworth, director of the Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia and author of the book "Take Control of Your Health" was nearly killed after applying a small amount of the prescription drug Aldara on a tiny skin cancer. She as well as thousands of other Aldara victims have never recovered from the after-effects.

This DVD tells the story of two types of cancer salves: One, Aldara, is legal and widely prescribed by doctors, although it doesn't cure and has even killed. The other is black salve which has been effectively used for thousands of years but has been made illegal in many places.

In addition to telling the background of why this is so and featuring numerous amazing testimonials of people who eliminated different types of cancer (including terminal ones) with this simple remedy while giving exact instructions of just how they did it, this DVD shows you step by step how to make this natural salve at home. Running Time: c. 98 minutes.

Is there a cure for cancer? After 20 years of research

discover what this German expert thinks.

Also see Support this site.


1 Anyone interested in following a similar protocol is advised to first learn about a working pain management protocol.

2 See notes on HCG tests on Alternative Diagnostic/Screening Methods For Detection & Follow-Up Monitoring of Cancer.

3 Introduction and extensive excerpts to Dr. Clark's book can be found here.

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