Terminal liver cancer cured via urine [shivambu]

and juice therapy (liquid diet)

by Himmat Somaiya, Somaiya Galery, Jawan Nagar, R. B. Mehta Road, Ghatkopar East, Mumbai 400 077, Ph: 25165161

Introductory note by Healing Cancer Naturally

The following testimonial is one of three liver cancer cures I have read about so far which are attributed to urine therapy.

In Dr. G. K. Thakkar's book "Wonders of Uropathy", the case of one Mr. Bachubhai Galia is reported who had metastasised liver cancer and who was told that his survival chances were approaching zero.

After receiving guidance on urine therapy from former Indian prime minister Morarji Desai (a strong supporter of urotherapy who lived to be 99), he strictly followed it for a few months — and was healed.

Liver cancer is not the only type of cancer (or for that matter, disease) reportedly healed with urine therapy (compare Urine therapy as a cancer cure: testimonials — a survey of healing reports in the uropathy literature).

Applicable both topically, by ingestion and enema and even in homeopathic preparation, urotherapy clearly can be (and frequently has been) "the body's own best medicine" and has thus earned its rightful place in Healing Cancer Naturally's "Greatest Hits" listing.

That said, since at least part of the below-reported impressive liver cancer healing seems to have been brought about by fresh juicing and a juicy (liquid) diet, it could conceivably be similarly effective (and more pleasant for most) to adopt a juicing and/or dietary approach in its stead.

(Although naturopath John W Armstrong in his book "The Water of Life: Treatise on Urine Therapy" emphatically states that urine in contrast to juices has additional therapeutic capacities such as rebuilding destroyed tissue. With the many highly impressive cure testimonials of people given up by their doctors including cancer patients which Armstrong cites in his book — examples on this page — one is inclined to concur with him.)

Whatever the case may be, there is an impressive number of cancer healings attributed to juicing on record (incl. via the Gerson and Breuss therapy, respectively). Take these quotes from Bob Davis for instance who healed his prostate cancer by colon cleansing/detox diet & juice fasting:

“Juice fasting can produce immediate and dramatic improvement. I have seen results producing a ‘cancer free’ condition in as little as three weeks. I have no hard numbers to quote, but my observation and opinion is that of those who diligently apply these principles have at least an 80% chance of complete remission in two months...

In my observation, the biggest problem experienced in achieving success is an uncertain and inconsistent attitude toward the program. Often a juice fasting procedure is all that is needed for successfully treating cancer. ... I have seen many people make complete recoveries from cancer by juicing alone.

... One correspondent told me recently that in his internet search, he had found over 600 people who had conquered cancer by dietary changes alone. Diet has been used to successfully treat cancer long before there was the internet."

Note: Very interestingly, liver cancer has even been treated with a simple urine compound, urea. See Urea treatment as a cancer cure.

Now over to Himmat Somaiya's account of his "miracle" liver cancer cure thanks to uropathy and a liquid diet.

Cancer does not mean cancelled. Cancer cure is certain. My own experiment on myself proves that.

If I would not have tried shivambu therapy, today, ten years would have passed after my death.

The story of my misery began in 1984. My age was around 42 then. I had thin but healthy body. My business required 14–15 hours work every day. Food, dietary habits, lifestyle everything was irregular.

Indigestion and insomnia were my constant companions. When complaints increased, I consulted a local doctor, who diagnosed as 'hyper acidity' and 'intestinal ulcer'. Treatment was started, chillies and spices totally removed from the diet for the next three months.

Zero result. On the other hand health deteriorated further, disease becoming more aggressive. Ulceration developed in the mouth and on the tongue. Chronic low fever and swellings appeared on hands and feet. Due to bitter taste in the mouth, solid food was totally stopped.

I left allopathy, left ayurveda and even tried many homeopathy treatments. But no difference. From poor, health was going to worst. From 62 kg body weight, I dropped to 40–42 kg. Energy level was also down.

On the suggestion of doctor, I got admitted in Tata Memorial Cancer Research Hospital in Mumbai. Gastroscopy and biopsy tests confirmed swelling and malignant tumor in liver.

But by this time, lack of solid food and various tests carried out on empty stomach had made me quite weak. I was advised surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Being weak due to all the treatment so far, I shuddered at those words. I knew my body wouldn’t take all those excesses.

(Note by Healing Cancer Naturally: In Dr. Thakkar's book "Wonders of Uropathy", Himmat Somaiya is more outspoken and detailed. He writes in his testimonial,

"I shuddered at the very thought of thse dangerous treatments as I had seen with my own eyes the miserable and painful conditions of my few relatives and friends who had undergone those horrible treatments. I prayed to God to save me from this predicament.

And God heard my prayer and sent his messenger in the form of one Mr. Nanubhai Chitalia whose incredible recovery story of terminal liver cancer had been published in numerous newspapers and magazines.[1] He had recovered from liver cancer by urine therapy and had healthily survived for more than ten years against the physician's prognosis of a few days.

He came to meet me in Tata Hospital to inspire and guide me to do urine therapy instead of opting for harmful treatments. I gathered courage and took voluntary discharge from Tata hospital against medical advice and doctor's warning that I wouldn't survive for more than ten days if I didn't undergo the proposed treatment.")

A dying person will try everything. I started the urine treatment. Dr Sarvesh Vora (Mumbai) arranged a mass prayer for me. This kindled a fire of faith in me. Same day I took discharge from the Cancer Hospital "against medical advice".

Though I had heard and read several things about urine therapy, I had never tried it earlier. Every day I started drinking urine 1.5 to 2 glasses. In the beginning, nausea, vomiting, bitter taste were experienced; but after 15 days, the mouth ulcers healed. The bleeding from my gums stopped. After spending thousands of rupees and months of medical treatment, this tiny relief gave me a lot of hope and increased faith.

Now I started a disciplined approach. I changed my lifestyle. Early morning took 5 to 7 glasses of Tulsi+mint decoction. Consumed all the urine produced as a result. After that, carrot juice, cabbage juice, leafy vegetable soups, fruit juices were taken every 2 hours. All shivambu produced thereby was also consumed. Thus throughout the day:

5–6 glasses fruit juices
7 glasses urine
7 glasses boiled water

Within a month, I obtained significant relief from inflammation of stomach, drowsiness, insomnia. I could pay more attention to my routine work as well as carry out daily treatment with more zeal.

After three months of this plan, a miracle happened one morning. When I visited the toilet as usual, I got blood clots similar to menstrual clots, in my stool. The entire toilet got soiled with them. I picked up some clots in a polyethylene bag and sent them to the pathology lab.

The reports arrived in ten days and stated that they were indeed tumors from my liver. Repeat gastroscopy at the Cancer hospital showed a "normal" report. I had won a long tedious war.

Health was improving at a faster rate now. Based on literature and old experience, along with liquids, I started taking Amalaki rasayan [an Ayurvedic formula containing Indian gooseberry or amla (Phyllanthus emblica)], chyvanprash [an Ayurvedic mixture of herbs, spices and other components] and coarsely ground black sesame seeds. This experiment continued for nearly 15 months without any solid food.

Today I am healthy. I feel I am 40 and not 50 years old. I have become a miracle story amongst my friends and relatives.

Above article appeared in ‘Shivambu Parivar Directory' printed in 1995, by Water of Life Foundation, India. This foundation was founded by Dr G. K. Thakkar. The directory was published by painstaking efforts by Dr Jagdip Shah, MD (Obstetrics and Gynecology). Despite being a busy doctor birthing several babies every day, he is a most active member of Water of Life Foundation, India.

The directory contains addresses and telephone numbers of several persons (Mumbai and Gujarat) who suffered chronic diseases and obtained significant relief or cure as the case may be, by using Shivambu Therapy.

The original Gujarati article translated and submitted to cancercured group by Dr Bhate.

... and for ALL the best, easiest, and least expensive ways healingcancernaturally.com knows to heal cancer

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1 Details on Nanubhai Chitalia's healing at Urine therapy as a cancer cure: testimonials — a survey of healing reports in the uropathy literature (scroll to "Dr. S. R. Gala cancer cure cases").

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