Lactic-acid-fermented food treatment for cancer

More testimonials showing cultured foods have healed cancer (2)

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The following reports are translated from Dr. Kuhl's book "Dichtung und Wahrheit in der Krebsfrage [Facts and Fiction in the Cancer Question].

Melanosarcoma healed

"Melanosarcoma likely is the most malignant form of cancer known to man. A university professor of surgery had urgently advised the young patient to immediately have the entire affected leg resected, and seeing she already carried metastases in her groin to follow it up with radiotherapy. An experienced surgeon recognized the pointlessness of this treatment and referred her to me to try and apply my method with her." (which resulted in a complete cure)

Hodgkin's lymphoma

"I was also able to obtain a cure in five cases of Hodgkin's disease, an illness considered incurable by orthodox oncologists[1]. It would be incorrect and possibly misleading of course to omit that I also had failures with this illness viewed as incurable by conventional medicine."

Tumor masses in the abdomen reduced to a minimum

(from a letter sent to Dr. Kuhl by Swedish doctor Signe Danielsson MD, Stockholm, dated 25.March 1964):

"Lactic acid therapy has been succeeding in my own practice as well. I am tempted to say: if only everything were as easy to cure as cancer... I am currently treating four cancer patients. Three of them have seen large tumor masses in their stomach reduce to a minimum in as little as three weeks. Two of the four patients have been 'vegetarians' since several years."

Dr. Kuhl commented: "This goes to show that the alkalising vegetarian diet alone will not protect us from cancer." More on this under Dr Kuhl: healthy vegetarian lifestyle not enough for protecting health.

[Note: The following testimonial was contributed by Dr Kuhl's correspondent Gerhard Schröder, then head of the Deutsche Waerland Bewegung (German Waerland diet association — the Waerland diet is a vegetarian diet named after its creator Are Waerland [1876–1955]).

Liver cancer with palpable fist-sized tumors

"The 52 year old wife of master craftsman O.W. of Hamburg was seriously ill with cancer (as reported by her husband on 10 February 1961). In 1958 and 59 she had had several surgeries for intestinal ulcers but redeveloped strong symptoms in the summer of 1960. She was finally hospitalised in January 1961, where she was under observation for three weeks and discharged as untreatable on 7 February 1961. As Dr. R. confided in her husband, she had liver cancer with palpable fist-sized tumors. He should simply fulfill all her wishes and prepare for the worst.

As of 10 February 1961, she was in a "horrific" state. Due to her severe pain, the doctor repeatedly had to be called at night to give her pain-relieving injections.

On 18 February she was started on Dr. Kuhl's lactic-acid remedy Viscolacticum[2]. Her pain calmed down within a few days and her body started to show signs of recovery which soon led to freedom from symptoms and the return of her former strength. The patient had not been told the truth about her condition so she could not be prevented from quickly taking up her housework again and looking after her four-person family as before. Her husband hoped to see her completely healed by the end of summer which they would spend in their garden.

Schröder notes that this case was not an isolated incident but that he had been able to observe eight similar cases in recent years, and Dr. Kuhl over one hundred. But not each case of cancer had been a success and observation taught that both the age and reactivity of the patient played an important part.

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1 The prognosis appears to be somewhat better nowadays.

2 Viscolacticum is no longer produced but can possibly be replaced with products such as "Dr. Jacob’s Lactacholin".

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