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Dr. Dr. Johannes Kuhl (1903-1968) is an unjustly forgotten German physician who reaped outstanding results with cancer patients thanks to a diet centered around lactic-acid-fermented foods.[1] In one of his books[2], Dr. Kuhl writes in the Preface to the 4th edition:

"Successes [with cancer patients healed] reaped in my own practice and that of my colleagues keep growing exponentially. In order not to continuously redo the typesetting, they will not be included in this edition nor in future ones to come. (They may eventually be published under their own title.)"

And he prefaced the 7th edition with the following comment: "I am firmly convinced and it's a proven fact that the daily ingestion of sufficient amounts of lactic-acid-fermented (cultured) foods, particularly from vegetable sources, will prevent cancer and may even heal it depending on the patient's individual reaction (reactivity) and by additionally administering a lactic acid fermented herbal preparation."

Complementing the many powerful cancer healing testimonials already featured under Lactic-acid-fermented food treatment for cancer according to Dr. Dr. Johannes Kuhl, here are several more testimonials translated by Healing Cancer Naturally from the above-mentioned book.

Sent home to die: terminal cancer healed (no placebo effect involved)

"On a study tour through Yougoslavia in August 1958, I met a former cancer patient... After performing on her the specific cancer test devised by Dr. Dr. Scheller (Munich), three years after she had completed her self-treatment, personally I consider her healed. Now this former cancer patient had the following story to tell:

"I had unsuccessful abdominal surgery in the specialised cancer clinic in Ljubljana (her abdomen was surgically opened but immediately closed again since it was found that the entire stomach area was cancerous including liver involvement). The doctors gave me three months to live and I expected my imminent demise. Against all expectations I did not die and today, three years later, I feel completely healthy and even fully able to work since I have no complaints of any kind. The doctors at the Ljubljana cancer clinic are scratching their heads."

What had happened? The patient who throughout her life had eaten plenty of fruits and vegetables but also plenty of flour and starch-based foods had been sent home to die as a terminal cancer patient, but, as she told me, with an irrepressible craving for sour foods. Once back home, with a ravenous appetite she threw herself on sauerkraut and its juice, fermented milk products, cultured pears which the locals there like to ferment, as well as apple cider, another product of lactic-acid fermentation. "I stayed clear of sweets such as cakes and sugar since when I didn't my troubles came back...."

When I told her that the diet she had intuitively chosen was actually a cancer-protective and healing diet, she was convinced that her own instinct and not medical science had shown her the path to health."

What makes this testimonial particularly powerful is the fact that there was no placebo involved — the woman did expect to die! The same applies to the next testimonial...

Terminal abdominal cancer with liver involvement healed

(Dr. Kuhl:) Years ago a gynecologist from the Ruhr area who paid me a visit after reading my book told me the following story:

"I now know why I was able to heal my own mother from an incurable abdominal cancer. After she left her native Silesia, shortly after the collapse of Germany, my parents who were housed in a shed where they lived on their own didn't know where their next meal would be coming from.[3] Since I had reasons to expect my 60 year old mother to die within shortly, I tried to at least improve her nutritional status somewhat. So I bought two goats for my parents which my father looked after, putting them out to graze, feeding and milking them. My mother insisted on having the goat milk only as curdled milk.

In addition, she took a teaspoon of ground flaxseed every morning, noon and night. Flaxseed oil is very popular among the people of my native Silesia as an inner remedy. I bought the flaxseed from a farmer I knew, and my father ground the seeds in a coffee grinder.[4] One year later, my mother was restored to health."

This is the opinion of a doctor and not that of a layman. He that hath an ear, let him hear!

For a wholesome diet to be both protective and curative it must always include products of lactic-acid fermentation, with products derived from vegetables being healthier than those derived from animals. More on this under Dr Kuhl: healthy vegetarian lifestyle not enough for protecting health.

That surgery is frequently unnecessary can also be seen from the following medical histories.

Lower jaw tumor healed — surgeon had suggested resection of half of the mandible

The patient, Mrs. Kl., had a tumor the size of a pigeon's egg on the left side of her lower jaw near the premolars. This tumor had quickly grown from the size of a cherry to that of a pigeon's egg and was rigidly attached to the lower jaw, i.e. could not be moved. As shown by x-ray, four teeth in the tumor area were fused with the mandible bone. The specialist surgeon suggested the patient have half of her jaw on the affected side resected. Her physician referred the patient to me "to try and do something more innocuous beforehand".

After one month on my treatment the tumor had not grown but hadn't decreased in size either. After two months into the treatment I had the impression that the tumor while unchanged in size had somewhat softened. The skin that covered it showed a blueish-red discoloration. Today, after three months, the tumor has broken through and is voiding a bloody secretion from a hole the size of a pea. There is no palpable tumor left.

A mole that turned cancerous falls off

The patient, Mr. V., had a malignant tumor on his lower left abdomen the size of a bantam's egg which had grown from a mole. After one month of treatment I held the tumor in my hand as I removed the sticking plaster the patient had covered it with. Another month later, the wound was covered with healthy skin.

Nearly rock-hard tumor the size of a goose egg in the left breast

The patient, Mrs. H., in a very poor state, had a Hb concentration of 4.0 and two lymph metastases in the left axilla (armpit). She had been repeatedly advised to undergo surgery which she kept refusing. Following treatment with my medicament[5] and my diet, the cherry-sized metastases disappeared within two months. The patient's complexion was no longer ashen but considerably healthier.

After four months, HBC testing showed a level of 8.0. The nearly rock-hard tumor the size of a goose egg in her breast was unchanged and to this day, another three months later, remains of the same size and consistency. I believe it will never disappear or shed itself over time, of which there is currently no sign. The patient prefers living with this "flaw" to undergoing surgery.

At present, this condition carries no danger for the patient. For myself this is evidence that the so-called cancer cells are not mutant cells that can't help but grow rampant. But thanks to my diet and the additional use of my medicine the patient is able to stop the poisoning of her cells with lactic acid and hence the malignant growth of her tumor. In fact, she has reversed her previously malignant tumor into a benign one.

More lactic acid healing testimonials

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1 See details and many testimonials under Lactic-acid-fermented food treatment for cancer according to Dr. Dr. Johannes Kuhl.

2 "Eine erfolgreiche Arznei- und Ernährungsbehandlung gutartiger und bösartiger Geschwülste" 9th edition. For the complete list of Dr. Johannes Kuhl's books click here.

3 After the end of the second world war, some 14 million Germans were forced by the victorious Allies to leave their ancestral homes and all their possessions in the former Eastern German territories. Around two million of them did not survive the flight, falling victim to starvation, disease (including typhus) and massacres. (There was a total of 12 million German civilians killed during and after World War II.)

4 Freshly ground flaxseed and flax oil are central components of the oil-protein diet devised by German cancer researcher Dr. Johanna Budwig which this site devotes some 100 pages to.

5 "Viscolacticum", a lactic-acid preparation developed by Dr Kuhl which is no longer sold but can possibly be replaced with products such as "Dr. Jacob’s Lactacholin".

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