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Destroying Tumors with Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)

Is Cancer “Just a Fungus”?

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Italian oncologist Dr. Tullio Simoncini has devised a simple, very inexpensive and apparently frequently effective cancer treatment centered around the use of sodium bicarbonate, taken orally or by infusion.

This baking soda treatment is based on the thesis that "Cancer Is a Fungus" (which is also the title of Dr. Simoncini's book). Sodium bicarbonate administered directly to the neoplastic masses is said to destroy the fungal colonies lying at the “heart” of the tumor.

Additionally, according to Dr. Tullio Simoncini, this baking soda treatment could even be self-applied in certain types of cancer, i.e. if the cancer is limited to the organ (and not infiltrating the confined [probably meaning “surrounding/adjacent”] tissue, for example in the oral cavity, oesophagus, stomach, intestine, or rectum.

The supervision of a doctor, however, is indicated. In all other cases the assistance of a doctor is mandatory (for administering the infusions etc.).

Success rates and application of the sodium bicarbonate therapy

Dr. Simoncini reports on cases of brain tumors ("both primary and metastatic in general regress or stop growing after therapy with sodium bicarbonate at five per cent solution"), intestinal cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer, cancer of the spleen, liver cancer, lung cancer, oropharyngeal cancer (mouth, tongue, palate, pharynx), peritoneal carcinosis, pleura tumors ("primary or secondary pleuric neoplasias are amongst the easiest to treat with the therapy"), prostate tumors, stomach cancer (“one of the tumors that are easiest to treat because of its easily reachable position through the mouth”), pancreatic tumors and others.

This includes successes occasionally of long standing (up to twenty years[1] — the time when to my knowledge Dr. Simoncini started using his treatment), as well as less successful experiences and outcomes. Dr. Simoncini has stated the following cure statistics:

If the fungi are sensitive to the sodium bicarbonate solutions and the tumour size is below 3 cm, the percentage will be around 90%, in terminal cases with the patient still in reasonably good condition it is 50%, and for terminal patients it is a small percentage.

And according to Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, "Dr. Simoncini routinely administers glucose with his IV treatments and this is the best indication for the use of either honey, maple syrup[2] or blackstrap molasses[2] especially for late-stage cancer patients whose cells are starving."

A note re skin cancer

According to a statement by Dr. Simoncini, the baking soda seems to be rather ineffective for skin cancer. Instead, he recommends painting on red iodine tincture/solution (another anti-fungal agent used by Dr. Simoncini) in a certain rhythm until the cancer is shed, plus "feeding the skin via a special thermal bath".

Youtube videos: interview with Dr. Simoncini and testimonials of cancer patients treated by his method

An interesting interview with Dr. Simoncini can be seen under (link current as of March 2021). The same address also features a number of impressive interviews with cancer patients treated by Dr. Simoncini’s method (formerly, one could also find a case of melanoma healing online).[3]

A discovery as old as humanity's oldest known medical system -— Ayurveda?

The authoritative treatise on Ayurvedic medicine titled Astanga Hrdayam in its first volume (of three), Sutra Sthana & Sarira Sthana, actually prescribes "alkali of strong potency" against cancer. It writes that these "should be used in diseases ... such as... cancerous growth[s] which are very difficult to cure", while "alkali of medium potency" should be used in diseases which are "not very difficult to cure". (Vol. I, p. 346)

The price Dr. Simoncini is paying

In an interview he gave to Doug Kaufmann, Dr. Simoncini was asked how he happened upon his discoveries and resulting treatment approach and very movingly recounted how in the pediatric oncological ward he was working in, he saw all these children dying under the standard oncological care of chemotherapy and radiation he had been trained to administer.

He prayed to God to please show him a way to help those unfortunate ones, and then was led to his discoveries. As probably all physicians who developed a cancer treatment of their own (see History of Alternative Cancer Treatments), Dr. Simoncini was made to pay for his initiative by having his livelihood, i.e. his license revoked.

To put this into perspective, you have to know that oncology is extremely lucrative and among the highest-paying branches of medicine ... Hats off to Dr. Simoncini since precious few are those who will risk their means of support or standard of living for what they believe in.

Other cancer and/or health-related applications of sodium bicarbonate

Baking soda, in addition to its many time-honoured applications (household and other “clean-up” purposes), is also used in baths and rinses for chelating ionizing radiation and/or killing bacteria.


Since this looks like a promising treatment and fits two of the major ethical criteria of Healing Cancer Naturally (availability to near-everyone due to being inexpensive, low to no toxicity), the reader is encouraged to visit Dr. Simoncini’s site

You’ll find much background information and research findings there incl. explanatory videos, a page giving how-to instructions for using sodium bicarbonate, etc. Sodium bicarbonate powder, thanks to its long history of both internal and external use by humans, is available in most any drugstore, supermarket and pharmacy, and of course, online (at large discounts when bought in bulk).

Also see and Additionally you may find valuable background information in this yahoo group devoted to the subject of curing cancer with baking soda according to the Simoncini protocol:

Addendum: a comment by healer Len Walker re diarrhea, using molasses and the danger of over-alkalinity

Diarrhoea is the first indication that the body is overheating caused by the bicarbonate of soda. People with cancer often see the diarrhoea as a worthwhile side effect of a cancer cure, but we don't because of the loss of healthy nutrition.

Whenever we suggest bicarbonate of soda we absolutely always tell clients to only take it in conjunction with pH testing. Acidity will kill you in the long run, but over-alkalinity can kill you quickly.

For cancer patients the only time I would suggest using molasses with bicarbonate of soda is in cases of bone cancer. Cancer feeds off sugar, the molasses is only used because of this, to make the cancer feed and therefore also take in the bicarb. This route is very unwise unless there is no other way to deliver the bicarb to the cancer! I.e. through the bloodstream, and even then it's not really the sodium bicarbonate but the change in blood chemistry that does the work.

... and for the best, easiest, and least expensive ways I know to heal cancer

after studying the subject for some twenty years, click here.

Dr. Simoncini’s book

Cancer is a FungusCancer is a Fungus
by Dr. T. Simoncini


Did you know? You can support the work of this humanitarian site at no extra cost to you by buying this book or any other item through its Amazon affiliate links.

Important addendum

This website is about Healing Cancer Holistically since it is based on the tenet that for true and lasting healing to be achieved on all levels as well as by the same token, to prevent similar or other health crises in the future, it is wisest and best to tackle a cancer and other challenges from several angles.

While the dietary/environmental aspects frequently constitute some of the most important ones, the mental/emotional/spiritual ones can also be of major and decisive significance.

I still include “non-holistic” but highly promising approaches such as Dr. Simoncini’s sodium bicarbonate cancer treatment for all those whom they might benefit in the short or long term.

That said, in order to prevent cancer, Dr. Simoncini himself advises “a healthy lifestyle, good (organic) food”, taking as little medicine as possible, exercising and paying “much attention to chronic symptoms.”


1 See for example these excerpts from a lung cancer case featured at Dr. Simoncini’s site “The therapeutic treatment is based on two essential elements: liver detoxification simultaneously with administration of bicarbonate salts orally, through aerosol and intravenously. After about eight months of bloodless and painless therapy, the mass completely disappears. Over one year after the end of the therapy, the x-rays show only a thickening of the inter-lobe separation, which is the result of healing. The patient is still alive some 20 years after the therapy.”

Incidentally, the related Country doctor cures cancer — with baking soda & maple syrup also features a case of lung cancer cure attributed to sodium bicarbonate (plus maple syrup).

2 Compare Country doctor cures cancer — with baking soda & maple syrup and Prostate cancer with osseous metastases testimonial.

3 For a different way someone healed himself of (actually “terminal”) malignant melanoma, see this herbal cancer cure testimonial. Also compare Oil of cloves and skin cancer.

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