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Question 118: How long, if at all, can flaxseed oil be stored / preserved in the freezer?


In one of her untranslated books Fettfibel (Fats Primer), Dr Budwig writes in regard to fish products kept frozen:

"The electronic energy of the highly unsaturated fatty acids as well as the fish's valuable aromatic compounds will gradually degrade in the freezer, so fish should not be stored for long. The freezer does not impede the gradual degradation of the free energy stemming from the electromotor power of the highly unsaturated fatty acids. This gradual degradation, electrons migrating to balance the dipolarity, even in ice, has been scientifically proven."

While Dr Budwig does write the above, she also says in Cancer The Problem and The Solution: "Fresh fish is ok. Nothing from the freezer." This could simply refer to fish, but more likely refers to any frozen foodstuffs (and indeed her cookbook does not feature frozen foods except for self-made ice cream).

Judging by the above notes on fish kept frozen, it seems likely that the electronic energy (electron charge) contained in flax oil kept in the freezer would degrade ("evaporate") at an even faster pace than the energy in fish since its electrons, unprotected by the proteins and other "bulk matter" contained in fish, would be even freer to migrate.

In fact, Budwig top expert Lothar Hirneise (the only "pupil" she ever taught personally) is categoric. In his newest German-language book "Das große Koch- und Lehrbuch der Öl-Eiweiß-Kost" [The Great Cook and Text Book of the Oil-Protein Diet] he states on page 135 under the heading "Questions re flax oil":
"Can I freeze flax oil" [Answer:] "No, except very shortly such as when making oleolux."

All that said, two German Budwig experts have no objections against freezing flax oil except for the reasons stated above - the gradual disappearance of the electron charge over time.

As with most other foodstuffs, freshest is best - so personally I would follow the "do not freeze" advice given by Lothar Hirneise. (credits: Healing Cancer Naturally)

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Question 119: Are "medicinal" mushroom powders and extracts compatible with the Budwig protocol or will the enhanced antioxidant potential of such mushroom concentrates interfere with the oxygen affinity of the flax oil?


Research done with mushrooms such as shiitake (Lentinula edodes), lingzhi (reishi), turkey tail (Coriolus versicolor), chaga (Inonotus obliquus), cordiceps and agaricus has shown a number of health and possibly cancer-fighting benefits inherent in the different nutritional elements contained. Since the chitin cell walls of mushrooms are difficult to break down in the digestive system, whole mushroom powders (concentrates obtained by hot water and alcoholic extraction) allow easier access to their (possibly) cancer-fighting properties.

I understand that many people on the Budwig protocol use mushrooms including in powdered, i.e. extracted form. While we cannot ask Dr Budwig herself anymore, for peace of mind, one may wish to take any mushroom extracts several hours away from the flax oil cottage cheese mixture.

Alternatively one might try using the whole mushrooms after blending them up in a high-power blender. This should at least allow to break up the chitin wall and enable full access to their water-soluble components. In addition, blending vegetables has the advantage of minimizing their bulk, allowing to ingest larger amounts at any one time - not as much as one would get from eating extracts / powders but still more than one would typically eat - and certainly fresher!

Compare "Since supplements with antioxidant properties would likely be rejected by Dr. Budwig, could even ingestion of too many natural foods with high antioxidant properties have a detrimental effect on the protocol" and Can the Budwig protocol be combined with medicinal mushrooms? (credits: Healing Cancer Naturally and oel-eiweiss-kost.de)

Question 120: Will using colloidal silver interfere with the Budwig protocol?


Dr. Budwig makes reference to silver in her book "Der Tod des Tumors - Band II" (The Death of the Tumor - Vol.II), on page 191. Since translating it is not easy, I will therefore paraphrase the meaning of what she is saying.
She refers to the importance of a dietary intake of electrons to maintain a resonance system which in turn will enable the body to take up sun energy (solar electrons) through resonance. She continues by saying that benzpyrene and silver among others are disruptive to this resonance-system.

This may mean very little to anyone who is uninitiated in Budwig talk and quantum physics as it relates to human health, but it is important. The disruption of the resonance-system through benzpyrene or silver, or by any other means effectively means several things as I understand it:

Interference with the way we take up electrons from sun rays,
Interference with normal life processes, i.e. with health,
Interference with the effectiveness of the Budwig Protocol.

Question 121: Can patients get worse before getting better (tumors swelling and becoming inflamed, tumor markers going up, pain, etc.)?


In most all naturopathic approaches to healing, initial worsening is an often observed and in fact welcome phenomenon - it can show that the body has "woken up" and is actively fighting the diseased elements it contains. Dr Budwig writes that increased supply of the nutrients contained in her oil-protein-diet frequently causes an initial tumor enlargement. She explains that, whatever symptoms such enlargement may trigger, "the increased wellbeing and better functionioning of all vital processes (even at the tumor site) is so striking that one can calmly await the moment at which the cancerous tissue will have renormalized." (compare Question 80 re tumor enlargement on the Budwig diet).

Generally, tissues swollen with extra fluids can cause pain. Also, as cancer cells begin to destruct their debris floods the blood which can show up in blood tests as a higher number. A RN who after nearly 40 years experience had very little confidence in the allopathic manner of practicing medicine, quoted the example of a woman who had a CA 125 blood test drawn before starting on the Budwig diet.

After following it for three months, another CA 125 test disappointingly returned substantially increased numbers. While she assumed the diet wasn't working, she was wrong - the dying cancer cells were flooding her blood. Another three months on the Budwig diet and a renewed CA 125 test showed greatly reduced numbers, which continued to go down until they reached the very low range of normal. Her oncologists at the university who had given her up to die were in disbelief.

It appears that as long as the patient is feeling physically better / has better energy the diet is working at improving his or her health.

Compare How long is it before one notices a change in a palpable tumor on the Budwig protocol and I have followed the Budwig protocol for a long time but don’t see a noticeable positive effect concerning the cancer I want to heal. (credits: Healing Cancer Naturally)

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