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While there are certainly former cancer patients who with determination, a strong life purpose, love and/or the help of other mental, emotional, energetic or spiritual qualities and influences have healed just following the nutritional guidelines, components and general structure of the Budwig diet & protocol (compare Budwig Testimonials), Dr. Budwig herself encouraged patients to proactively employ other personally helpful natural and holistic treatment modalities, thus recognizing that an active stance may be required to optimally support and enhance the self-healing process of the physical body, and that the whole person or body/mind may need to be addressed and engaged in this venture.

She writes in her book "Der Tod des Tumors (Bd. 2)" [The Death of the Tumor, Vol. 2] on page 143 on the subject of self-help and compatible treatments she endorsed:

"What other therapeutic measures are advisable, permitted, recommended? I keep replying: Everyone should do what they can — cold water treatments[1], hyperthermia[2], homeopathy, phytotherapy (herbs)[3], even psychotherapy, or sometimes even surgical intervention depending on the situation.

"However, anything that slows the vital functions is to be avoided, such as barbiturates and analgesics (painkillers). In addition to the oil-protein diet, the natural rhythm of life processes in waking and sleeping, rest and activity, as well as fresh air are considered important, as they reestablish the cytodynamics (cellular dynamics) in an organic fashion."

The fact that she highlighted the words "what they can" by putting them into italics underlines the significance she assigned to patients taking strongly proactive steps to further help themselves heal.

While discussing the question of practising yoga and sports, she also advises that "There is no one treatment that fits everyone. The patient must also intuitively sense what's good for him." See eminent holistic cancer treatment researcher Lothar Hirneise’s interview with Dr. Johanna Budwig (published in the book Cancer — The Problem and the Solution).

Incidentally, Dr. Budwig herself used helpful adjuncts in the treatment of cancer patients who called on her, such as a device she developed in the 1960s, the ruby laser, as well as Eldi oils.

Some truly foundational advice of hers with additional tips by Healing Cancer Naturally can be found under Dr. Budwig’s Treatment Advice for Very Ill Cancer Patients which any person seeking for better health might be wise to implement — seeking the outdoors and contact with the earth.

The most powerful modalities I am currently aware of which are fully compatible[4] with Dr. Budwig's protocol are listed under Greatest Hits. All of these treatments are simple, nature-derived and mostly DIYable approaches (that actually have obtained cancer remissions as a stand-alone therapy for a number of people).

Additionally, numerous detailed suggestions regarding complementary healing modalities which should be in harmony with the Budwig protocol can be found in the Budwig FAQ Question 67: Are there any self-administered supplements or protocols which can work in tandem with the Budwig diet?.

Also see the Budwig FAQ for answers to questions such as "Does the Budwig protocol require additions such as supplements and vitamins?", "Is using different therapies with it, such as Essiac, beneficial to the Budwig diet?", "Can Pau D'Arco and Essiac be used with the Budwig Protocol" and on a related note the article Budwig protocol & life energies blockages (On the question why the cancer may come back when the Budwig diet is abandoned) which I consider particularly important.

If you want to be absolutely sure to get the Budwig diet right, there is no better resource than the comprehensive book "Budwig Diet — How To Get It Right — The Ultimate Guide": Written by German Budwig scholars Michael Bierschenk and Ulla Schmid to "fill in all the gaps" and rectify the many misleading errors spread by self-appointed Budwig "experts", this important book was published in April 2023 as a Kindle ebook on Amazon and is also available as a downloadable PDF at a special introductory price. As it says on the cover: "This book will walk you through the world-famous Budwig protocol and hold your hand each step of the way."


1 Hydrotherapy applications as popularized in Germany and other countries particularly by Father Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897). Kneipp wrote that he found early-stage cancer easy to heal, mostly by using water treatments. His book "My Water Cure" can be freely downloaded (such as from www.archive.org). Among other astounding healing reports the book contains the story of a man who had suffered a major stroke and was brought back from the brink of death by simple water applications.

2 Whole-body hyperthermia can be applied as simply as by taking hot baths (see Terminal Colon Cancer Cure Testimonial: Epsom Salt Baths) or as expensively (but according to reports I have heard apparently effectively) as via the use of the Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna. (The far infrared band, while being invisible to human eyes [beyond the visible light spectrum] is part of the solar spectrum we receive via sunlight.)

Dr. Budwig wrote for instance in Der Tod des Tumors, Bd. II, re irradiation of cancer patients: “The sun is considered beneficial, as is additional support via red light, including the red light of the ruby laser.”

Another very Budwig-knowledgeable person believes that the Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna is one of the healing methods which would be complementary (well compatible) and could help the success rate of the Budwig Protocol.

As can be seen for instance from the above quote, Johanna Budwig considered the red band of the solar spectrum to possess particular healing power (loosely quoted). Additionally, according to the same source, it might be useful to combine the FIR sauna with Eldi oil treatments. In this case, make sure to protect the sauna from soiling such as by using a rubber mat cover on your seat.

For background on the healing power of hyperthermia, see Fever and Cancer Healing.

3 You can use any non-toxic, non-irradiated organically grown or wild herb with the Budwig protocol. Regarding quantities, use according to traditional recipes and/or consult herbology manuals and practitioners (most herbs should have centuries of "testing" on humans behind them).

Some of the most impressive cancer healings attributed to wild plants can be found among Maria Treben's "miracle" herbal cancer cures. Also see for instance the most impressive medicinal track record of the humble stinging nettle and this stinging nettle cancer cure testimonial.

4 with possible exceptions being "The Magnetic Answer For Cancer" and "ECT•BET•Galvanotherapy: Treating Cancer with Electricity".

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